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Absoultely vital to my success: understanding its chemistry not character

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Default Absoultely vital to my success: understanding its chemistry not character


I found the series I linked to above most illuminating. I've had more success than I ever imagined. I was determined when I started this time to let go of all my assumptions and use science as best as I could to succeed.

I understood Americans were getting sicker and bigger FOLLOWING dietary guidelines so I really tried to keep an open mind.

I personally started by googling why I am so hungry after eating a large fast food meal. I know basic stuff. But that led me to learning a lot more about the glycemic index of whole grain products, anti-nutrients in them, and a ton more than I knew going in.

I learned the name Ancel Keys, and the 7 country study, and the lipid hypothesis. How his research was ridiculed and scoffed at as completely flawed, especially by the American Heart Association...then it became their guiding mantra. How? Why?

In any event the views Tom Naughton express are not going to work for everyone. But for me they were spot on. Once I, personally, stopped giving my body sugars and carbs and then eventually all grain, my appetite plummeted and my body burned fat on a constant basis. I am still not at my goal weight but everyone who knows me agrees I am fairly lean although BMI would not say so.

I've gained a lot of muscle along my journey. In any event I think blogs like Tom Naughton's are of vital, paramount importance. For many people calorie counting will never work, especially if it is done on a low fat diet. They just, naturally, are too hungry all the time. They are FIGHTING chemistry instead of WORKING WITH IT.

I know that above line was very true for me and they key why I succeeded now. In any event everyone needs to find out for themselves. But I urge people to take a look at the post and see if it can help them. At the bottom there are links to the top 5. And I urge everyone to research the lipid hypothesis, flaws in the 7 country study, omega 6 levels in vegetable oils, and does saturated fat actually contribute to heart disease. There is a 2010 Journal of Clinical Nutrition meta study of 348,000 people showing no linkage. You can look it up.

And this is for everyone, low carb, high carb, or not. I personally think high carb leads to inflammation for most people, and weight gain for an awful lot, but people do differ in their bodies. Whatever you are doing it is important to work with your chemistry not against it. I think any approach if you are hungry and miserable with it, that is a sign that you are fighting your chemistry. When you hit your sweet spot your body is getting what it needs, you are fueling it, and amazing things will happen.
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