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TooWicky 12-20-2013 12:15 AM

Blood Pressure treatment guidelines revised
On 12/18/13, the American Medical Association published new recommendations for treatment thresholds for blood pressure, which can sometimes be an issue for those of us who are obese. I'm linking it here in case anyone might be interested in this information. These new recommendations are less strict for two population groups.

Most of the news articles that are reporting about these new guidelines are highlighting the treatment changes for persons over 60 years old: previously, a bp of 140/90 or higher would be treated with medications, but the new recommendation is 150/90 or higher.

However, the AMA also revised it's recommendation for persons between the ages of 20 and 60 who also have diabetes: previously, a bp of 130/80 or higher would trigger a recommendation of medications to treat, but the new threshold is 140/90.

For all other persons, the threshold to recommend bp treatment remains unchanged at 140/90.

Guidelines on Blood Pressure Eased

delmarva 12-20-2013 12:54 AM

This is fabulous news. To your excellent summary, TooWicky, I wanted to add that, the reason the guidelines (for the over 60 age group) changed is that there is no improvement in outcomes by trying to stay below 140/90 versus 150/90. This was validated through double-blind randomized testing. So - in other words, this is NOT a SUBJECTIVE change in policy.

It means that there really weren't better outcomes by giving medicine to stay below 140 vs 150. In fact, as the AMA stated - it was WORSE to give more medicine to try to do so, because of the side effects of the medicine. Trying to shove yourself 10 points lower did more harm than good.

Very good news for folks like my Mom who have been sweating bullets when they get a little over 140. Instead, she can now focus more on lowering salt in her food and other health practices.

diamondgeog 12-21-2013 11:34 PM

Yes good news, the less medicine the better.

I had an odd BP experience last week. I gave blood and BP was 120/60. At the office they called it excellent. But online it gives an unhealthy to it. I guess the 120 was 'high. Not going to worry, lower number was good, and top can vary wildly.

Emma4545 12-22-2013 08:09 AM

I agree and disagree.

1. The idea that we should stop giving meds for BP unless there is a severe problem.. yup... good on that. In general I think everyone should really reconsider their meds.

2. But I don't want people thinking BP is just fine at 150. The basic problem is that the higher the blood pressure the more stress on your heart and... over many years... can lead to heart dysfunction. I know.. my mom was none too happy when she got heart failure due to poorly controlled BP. Thought once she got the BP down things corrected pretty well. For some reason IMHO doctors don't explain this danger.

I also don't particularly trust the "readings" of BP. My doctors are all over the place on measurement and I can see people getting readings like 140 at the doctor's office and thinking they are ok. When it could be much greater than that.

The focus needs to be one why BP is so high. Supplements that work to get it down. Getting it down without meds.

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