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New BMI index published - affects shorter, taller ends of spectrum

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I went from very obese to obese, I'll take it LOL
Your new BMI: 39.31
Your old BMI: 40.32
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Originally Posted by AlmostMe View Post
Here's a very geeky article on BMI http://www.maa.org/devlin/devlin_05_09.html
For those of you who aren't quite so nerdy, what Devlin says in this article is that the BMI is, in its essence, a quick and dirty way of estimating the measurement of people's waistlines given that historical medical records don't usually track that information. (I've tried this out. I've divided my BMI by my waist measurement for a number of different moments in time, and I always get close to the same number.)

Devlin's article has thoroughly convinced me of the value and limits of BMI: It's like a waistline measurement, but not as good, and subject to all the limits of waistline measurement. The thing to remember with BMI is "quick and dirty" or, to quote the BBC, "cheap and cheerful." I wouldn't even dream of using it as a the way of determining if I were healthy or fat or anything else, since I have a whole bunch of more precise measurements at my disposal for that.

Rant over. Thanks for listening.

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It says my new healthy weight range is between 36 and 48 kg.
I disapprove of that. I have been under 40 kgs once and it was visibly underweight.....
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Everyone wants to complain about BMI when its inventors - and maintainers - only meant it as a tool for populations. They clearly can't take detailed arm/waist/thigh measurements of everyone, or put them in a Bod Pod. And mortality/morbidity wise, there are trends. It gives them SOME information.

Of course personal body fat measurements and individualized attention is better for individuals. Do people expect epidemiologists and statisticians to be magicians?

I will say that I tend to roll my eyes a bit at the tendency many of us have to say "oh the bottom range of the BMI is just too skinny/I look gaunt there/the overweight range is actually healthy for me because of my big bones." You have got to remind yourself - forcibly if necessary - that you have grown up in a society where over half of adults are carrying too much fat. Your internal visual gauges are different than they would be if you grew up in Paris or Japan. Also, if you've always been over 200lbs, imagining yourself at 120 is just... foreign. 150 or 160 feels safer, more achievable, less foreign. Doesn't actually mean that you couldn't be healthy lower and that your ideal weight might not be lower. I don't know, only you being honest with yourself can know.

There is a thread in the Goal forum of a British girl who lost 100ish lbs. After the first 50, she looked great! My American eyes were very happy with how she looked, and would not have thought that she could lose another 50 and still look wonderful. Well, she did, and it really helped me reassess my own goals.
Weight loss on hold while baking baby #3!
Holding at 190ish: Goal is to stay there until delivery.

Goal 1: No longer obese - 185lbs
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Old BMI - 30.45
New BMI - 30.81
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