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Default A visual representation of rising obesity stats


What will the map look like in 20 years?
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I was looking at those statistics not too long ago. I can't imagine what things will be like in 20 years, its not looking good though!
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That's not a good trend at all. Hopefully more people will join 3fc and reverse this trend.
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Wow! Looks like that food pyramid was a big FAIL! As was our crazy excitement over all of those crazy no fat high sugar snacks. I'm blaming the McGovern Committee, though I do still have a soft spot for poor misguided George.

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That was positively horrifying!

Thank you for posting... it's a good reminder.
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Very scary. Such a difficult trend to reverse, and think about the health implications and the associated costs.
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Wow, very scary!

I know most of my family is contributing to those stats (as I also did for years). Eventually something has got to give but I really am not sure what.

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That's really scary. And depressing.
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Was watching either The Chew/Doctors/Dr. Oz (one of them I don't remember lol) but they had mentioned it was concentrated in the south. Guess CDC supports that. Yay Sweet Tea and fried stuff
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I think we need to rethink what the biggest threat is to our national security.
There are so many overweight young people now that recruiters are having a difficult time meeting their numbers. It's strange how this snowball has affected so many areas of our lives that we don't even think about.
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This topic is interesting in that many still feel like an alarm should be sounded as data shows the trend is plateauing.
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This is truly disturbing. I don't think the pyramid should have all the blame. Hw about fast food joints, ice cream and donut stores and the terrible food choices ppl make daily (including me)
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Wow. What state was it that rated highest not too long ago and the governor (or someone) was doing a major health campaign to become a fitter state? Or was it a city?? I'm obviously very good with history. LOL

I'm just curious about researching some followup on that to see how they did.

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Originally Posted by RRB2 View Post
This is truly disturbing. I don't think the pyramid should have all the blame. Hw about fast food joints, ice cream and donut stores and the terrible food choices ppl make daily (including me)
I give the people who made the food pyramid some credit. They were trying to help people w/o costing them a lot of money.

I personally don't fault fast food places, ice cream, or donut shops. No restaurant has ever force fed me fattening foods. They are only catering to what their customers want: extra servings, huge portions, extra cheese, extra bacon, etc...

It is all about the decisions people make. They are choosing to make terrible food choices! Many people are out there living at a healthy weight, enjoying fast food or a donut once in a while. Having a decent diet doesn't have to take center stage in your life but nourishing yourself and caring for your health should be on the priority list. It's an individual's responsibility to make sure they are eating healthy foods, not a restaurant, not the government.

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It's interesting to me that the leading edge is in the poorest states - places like Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee are the first to change color.

That tells me more is going on than just people making unhealthy choices, because people make unhealthy choices everywhere. Poorer communities are at a distinct and increasing disadvantage when it comes to access to good nutrition and nutrition education.
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