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Even weirder, my previous post "appears" on page 2, but page 3 is still listed, but unavailable (when I click it, I still end up back on page 2).

Weird glitch!


Ok, this post is now on page 3, and I don't see any other posts.

Ok, so I guess, uh, never mind (turns out I wasn't missing anything).

Still strange though (of course, now it looks like I was delusional).
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You can change the number of posts per page. under "edit options" near the bottom. I set mine to 40 posts per page so there are fewer pages to scroll through.

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I believe that a large part of the obesity epidemic is caused by all of the "unnatural foods" that are part of the main stream American diet.

Most of our meat supply is shot-up with hormones and antibiotics, as well as being fed grains specifically designed to fatten the meat, but which fattens us as well. Grain fed meat also lacks the CLA which we need to preserve muscle mass and remain lean.

Our dairy supply suffers from the same problems.

Our fruits and vegetables have high pesticide levels and lack the trace minerals that we need, because BigAg doesn't care about the consumer.

Our foods are full of man made chemical additives that our bodies can't handle.

Our grains have been hybridized a few times, making them more likely to cause allergic reactions in some people.

So I think it isn't just certain carbs that are bad for us,(and yes I am aware of and watch the glycemic index of the carbs I consume), but the US food supply, in general.

In Europe, many of the things that are allowed in the US food supply were banned in Europe in 1989, so over 20 years ago. I wish the US would catch up with Europe.

I wish US labeling laws would make full disclosure in readable terms mandatory. I think we should be told what our meat is shot-up with and what our vegetables are sprayed with so we can make informed decisions. One of my pet peeves is the way MSG is hidden under so many different names in products. It can be called hydrolized protein or even natural seasoning.
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