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discoloration 03-24-2010 11:23 AM

Childhood Obesity In the News
Hello all. A friend sent me this link for a story on CNN. I just wanted to know what other think. I don't know what to think....


SickCycleCarousel 03-25-2010 10:19 AM

Did anyone see the show on Tuesday? I would be interested in hearing the girl's back story. Anyone who becomes obese at such a young age cannot be held responsible. A three year old doesn't control what food she has access to nor how much she gets. It's great to see that now that she is older and has some control she is wanting to make a healthy change.

There was someone that commented that parents of grossly obese young children should be held accountable and be punished in some way. I somewhat agree. Illness and death related to obesity are major problems. If a child was being physically or sexually abused by parents or if they were given harmful substances like alcohol or drugs, the parents would get in A LOT of trouble. Isn't overfeeding your kids to the point of gross obesity equivalent. I would veer toward saying it is. What do you think? Oh... and for those who think punishing the parents is too extreme, what about something like mandatory parenting and health classes? I can be sympathetic to parents who just don't know any better because they were never taught right themselves.

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