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Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
Just to be clear, the plaintiff isn't asking for 5 million in damages for herself. She's looking to start a class action suit, with many people who purchased the supplements, the total damages associated being less than 5 million (so, for example, if 10,000 people purchased the supplement and joined the class action, she anticipates that the judge would award them less than 500 dollars each).
the truth is that the only people who make any money off of class action law suits are the plaintiff attorneys. The members of the class get a nominal amount, usually a few dollars at most and sometimes not even cash, but just free products or something like that. And the attorneys get a couple of million in attorneys fees.
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I think the woman is silly if you struggle with weight all your life it has nothing to do with appetite. Appetite doesn't change emotional eating or bad eating habits.
and just to add to the supplements thing. JM has always been a supporter of supplements that increase fat burn and energy (ie: caffeine aspirin stack) and she talks about them through out her radio show career; but no pill will work w/ out a wonderful exercise and calorie counting and for some alil self therapy.
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Originally Posted by TwynnB View Post
The woman is not stupid, she knows there's no magic pill. I'll wanna smack the judge if she wins, much less millions. Ridiculous.
Yes, can we sue her for being stupid?
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I agree if the woman is overweight, chances are she is struggling with emotional eating, and will never find her answer in a bottle. I love Jillians tough love and have learned so much from her over the years, however I wished she hadn't marketed herself so much.


"When your belief in you and your dream, is greater than your belief in other people's opinions, you will have mastered your life."

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If the woman is stupid, she's a very common kind of stupid. Celebrities sell and endorse products because people buy stuff that's pushed by celebrities (they believe what celebrities say). As an advertising strategy it works, Which makes everyone who has ever bought a product because it was endorsed, marketed or even allegedly used by a celebrity that same kind of stupid.

Sadly, I have been that kind of stupid in my life (mostly in my teens and twenties, but I can't say that I've never been swayed by a celebrity endorsement more recently).

I've never considered suing, because I recognized that each time I fell for it, I had been stupid to believe the claims in the first place (but for a long time, it didn't make me less susceptible to the next one).

Sadly, for many years, I didn't even speak up when friends talked about trying the same products. I didn't want to admit that I was so stupid as to have tried them. I didn't want to admit it, because I secretly feared that the product was wonderful - it was I who was broken (that I never had a friend succeed any better than I had, should have been a tip of that the product wasn't effective, but it never made me feel any better).

Product after product after product, I eventually learned that all the celebrity-endorsed crap is just that CRAP. But when you voice that out loud, someone accuses you of being jealous of the celebrity, or bitter because the product didn't work for you - or that you're stupid because you didn't realize that exercise in diet had to be involved (and they never believe you about how hard you're working - they only see how badly you've failed).

Advertising is powerful, and false claims should not be protected. If you can't deliver the promise you make or imply, you should be held accountable. Maybe eventually advertisers would stop making promises they can't keep. And I'm not at all impressed with television ads in which fine print disclaimers flash that are too tiny, and pass by too quickly for most people to read, that essentially say "you can't sue us, because you should know that we're lying."

It's like the child's game of crossed fingers behind the back. A lie is a lie no matter how you say it, and whether or not you warn people not to believe you.

Most people are too ashamed for making the mistake to sue - but that only makes diet product sellers bolder. They know that being a celebrity (or using a celebrity endorsement) has a powerful influence on consumers - and that because most people will be too embarassed to sue, they're pretty safe. Even if a few people sue and win - the marketers remain confident in the fact that the embarassed majority will keep their mouths shut out of shame. The customer's pride is worth more than their money - and companies that sell diet products are banking on that (literally).
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She's a grown up and should have used her common sense and realized that there's no such thing as a magic pill. It bothers me that people make consious decisions and then when they don't work out the way they want they find somebody else to blame. It's time they take a look in the mirror and start being accountable for their own actions instead of saying "Jillian said it would work" or whatever they tell themselves so they can sleep at night.
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