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Onward and Downward
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Default Latest Obesity Statistics for the U.S.

Hard to believe with all the weight-loss hype, but this studdy says that Obesity (and many of the related diseases like Diabetes) are increasing rather than decreasing on the majority of the states. . .


How does your area rank?
And here we go for 2009 . . . Onward and Downward . . .

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I guess Minnesota is right there in the middle since it isn't mentioned. The state fair is starting up soon, I could make my own count
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Maintaining :)
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Michigan is 10th (which is actually better than it was last year). We have a LONG way to go ...
But, DH and I are doing our part to move that number in the right direction

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It really is getting out of control.

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I guess Texas is in the middle too... It is awful really... I was thinking just earlier that it is amazing that we are winning out of total count in the Olympics since we are so overweight and obese over here.
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These "studies" (usually funded by diet companies or pro-diet organizations) come out every other week. They aren't worth the paper they are printed on and shouldn't be given careful, nuanced consideration.

In the 90s weight standards changed and overnight some 30 million or so went to bed "overweight" and woke up "obese" without so much as gaining an ounce.

As my dear friend the bad *** oncologist once remarked when I asked why there were so many fat people on the cancer ward:

"All the thin ones died."

I am a little tired of the "obesity" hysteria. It does not help people remained focused on HEALTH, but instead has them fretting about thighs that touch, ribs that show and things that have nothing to do with having a strong, healthy body. Neither end of the weight extreme is good for long term health, but a little chub is not going to kill anyone. ****, it is much better to maintain a steady albeit chubbier weight than to yo yo from fat to emaciated over and over again.

This link is rubbish.

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The thing is there are some studies that indicate that being mildly overweight can have some health advantages (I'm not trying to fool myself that 200 extra pounds is a good idea - the only advantage I would have is in a nation-wide famine, which doesn't appear to be on the horizon any time soon).

But being mildly overweight may have some immunity advantages, for example.

Now, I don't think that's a reason for people to intentionally gain weight (unless they're below a healthy weight), but it's also not a reason to get panicky over a few extra pounds either.

But we've got to be a bit more reasonable about such things too. If a person is in excellent health, but is a couple pounds over the "perfect" BMI, is that something to obsess over? Also, talking about weight as if it's the only health issue, could make things worse. If suddenly everyone who is overweight, decides they must go on crazy crash diets to "solve" the obesity problem; health problems could get worse, not better.

Do we have an "obesity crisis" in this country, or a "sitting on the couch, eating crap crisis?" But it's a lot easier to tell people to lose weight, than it is to tell people to change their lifestyle.
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Burning it away
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In the uk statistics show that half of people are overweight and the other half arent a healthy weight but actually underweight. I dont think people who research these obesity statistics consider A) how many overweight people are trying to lose weight and B) wether those who arent overweight people are actually healthy. I totally agree here that health is the main concern and I think something needs to be done rather than news reports and the words 'dilemma' being used. The problem is if you mention closing down a huge amount of fast food places people complain thats its 'not fair and going against their human rights' and in my experience its USUALLY thin people who say this.

Really... other than news reports, what is being done to help us overweight people?
- Lauren

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Burning it away
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I didnt mean 50% each, i just meant the other (we'll say) group of non overweights were underweight.

All I'm trying to say is that even those who arent overweight are uneducated in food and health or just choose to be ignorant. Something on a global level needs to be done for the sake of EVERYBODIES health because sooner or later this is going to affect the everybody.
- Lauren
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Lauren, You make some very good points..I'd go a step farther and say this already affects everybody in some way...We'd be hardpressed to find any family that doesn't include someone who is obese, purging or not eating at all. The control over food is our easiest way to self medicate ourselves regardless of our choice to restrict or to abandon all restriction over it's consumption.
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