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Default Study: Virus may contribute to obesity

Interesting idea. Not sure yet what to think of this. I personally don't think this is the cause of ALL obesity because I know I got fat by eating too much and not moving enough but as a contributing factor? I dunno yet..

In the buffet of reasons for why Americans are getting fatter, researchers are piling more evidence on the plate for one still-controversial cause: a virus.

For several years, researchers have looked at a possible link between obesity and adenovirus-36.

New research announced Monday found that when human stem cells -- the blank slate of the cell world -- were exposed to a common virus they turned into fat cells. They didn't just change, they stored fat, too

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I don't know what to think of that article either. I mean its hard to tell with kids nowadays sitting in front of the game boy instead of playing tag outside. Same for adults. Instead of people going for an evening stroll, we plop down in our "lazyboys" and turn on the computer (just like I am now) or the boob tube.

This article maybe, possible, could be true for some people but IMHO for the majority of us...we are just eating the wrong stuff and not exercising. We all know how we got fat.... no brainer


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Lets say with due regards to what the scientists have found the obese people may have got a new excuse for they being in such bad shape. Yeah there are many obese persons who are determined to get over the problem but at the same time one cant overlook the ones who are always up with excuses when they are asked to perform exercises. Its plain and simple that sedentary lifestyle and wrong dietary choice makes people obese and if indeed there is a virus then it may just have a trifle role to play lets have the courage to take the blame on ourselves.
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I don't think the vast majority of fat people (at least none that I know) are sitting around looking for reasons to stay fat. They're living their lives as best the can, and either their priorities or their ignorance are keeping them in the situation that they are in. That's true of every single human being on the planet though, and not confined to fat people.

I think some people are bothered by this type of research because of a fear it might "give" people excuses. I think that's hogwash, because excuses don't find people, people find excuses, and just having a new one available doesn't increase the number of people using them, because the old "lame" ones still serve people well (I'm too tired, I'm too busy, it's too expensive, I don't like vegetables).

The excuses people make for not saving money, not spending more time with their children, not being able to save money, not having time or money to give to the charitable causes they would like to , not taking a vacation, not cleaning the house, not going to the doctor, not mowing the lawn ..... they all come from the same place. Priorities and ignorance, as simple (and as complicated) as calories in/calories out.
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