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Any unique ideas for veggies on the go?

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Default Any unique ideas for veggies on the go?

I'm tired of eating celery/ carrots/bell peppers and cucumbers with ranch. I am in a pretty physical job and tend to get hungry on the move. I just hate eating the same thing long term. But there's not much you can do with veggies you have to hide in your pocket and eat when convenient. If anyone has out of the box ideas they'd be much appreciated. One day I busted out an avocado I kept in my pocket from desperation.

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Hmmmmm. Well, switch out the ranch for different flavors of hummus maybe? You could also maybe get a cheapie food dehydrator (look, it is Christmas, you could ask Santa for one!) and make veggie snacks to change it up (tons of google hits for those ideas!).

More snacky variety like olives, some nuts and seeds, some dried fruits...
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thumbs up on hummus. and on roasted, seasoned chick peas. Grape or cherry tomatoes. Have you tried jicama? mild flavor, sweetly crunchy, looks sort of like a raw potato inside. also fennel/anise. has a celery-like texture but a decided anise taste. I love it, but not everyone does. raw kohlrabi is delish as well. some people like raw turnips -the really small ones [i'm not a fan].

are sugar snap peas reasonable in your area? they're very out of season here, but California is different..
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Wholewheat wraps are great.. for quick ones, just use hummus and veggies you like (if you have time, cook some sweet potato wedges the night before and put them in).. you can use peppers, carrots, chickpeas, salad whatever.

Just wrap it in aluminium foil to keep it fresh and you could have it in your pocket - it's what some vegan runners do over long distances.

Also, dried apricots, almonds, pistachios, pop chips, nakd bars (date and nut bars) are all good.

Hope this helps x

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I love (love, love, love) steamed or water-sauteed green beans (or asian snake beans when I can find them).

I like the beans with a little crunch left in them, because if they're too tender, they're too limp to eat easily with fingers. I will make a big batch and then eat them hot or cold over the course of a few days.

I like carrot sticks that way too - cooked just a little bit for a slightly diiferent flavor/texture.

I like indonesian-style dipping sauces, like:




They're very watery sauces, so a little goes a long way, and you get a lot of flavor for very few calories.
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Instead of salad dressings on cucumbers I like hot sauce or a powdered chili/lime/salt seasoning mix such as Tejin or Cocucla or Trechas or Valentina types of seasoning sprinkled on, or combo of that and a fermented hot sauce such as Cholula or Tapatio or El Pato or Tabasco oe Louisiana hot sauce etc. Or a mix of seasoning and a sauce. The first ones I listed are way best, in my opinion, the Tejin and Choulula.

A large cuke is 20 calories and filling. Sometimes I add a mix of tomato, mushroom, squash, celery, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. But just a few at a time.

You can use any veggie you like. In season I even put in raw okra.

Though cuke is my favorite I do use some of the others for variety and use different ones of the seasonings and sauces. If you don't like the spicy type seasoning then you could opt for any other type, such as an oil/vinegar type. Myself, I prefer the spicy type, never get tired of them and can mix them up for some variety and they have no calories. Or not enough to count. As far as the veggies go you could use anything you like. I cut them up bite size. These have to be chewed quite a bit which takes longer to eat which makes one feel more satisfied. I usually find this holds me three or four hours til I need to eat again. Can be put in snack or meal sized baggies and kept in a cold bag or thermos. I keep a container made in the frig sans seasonings which I add when I am ready to eat it. For the seasoning mix I might suggest you place that in a small separate baggie and sprinkle it on when you want it so the salt will not draw the liquid out of the veggies.

The others have good ideas also. Plus you could purchase bulk dried fruits by the lb at places such as Henry's or Winco if you have them in your area, and mix your own nuts, dates, seeds, dry fruits etc the way you like. I love a mix of dried fruits and nuts. You could even toss in some wheat wafers or other such dry snack food. These are much higher in calories than the veggies though but very healthy.

Good suggestions above also.

I clicked Kaplod's links and those Thai seasonings sound GREAT also, I will try some myself.

That jacima mentioned by jiffypop has no calories, less than cukes. And it takes on the flavor of whatever seasoning you use, and is as she says, crunchy.

Good luck

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My go to snack is trader joes yogurt, cilantro, chive dip with crackers or veggies. It's so good!!!
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On-the-go, I take hummus (chopped up chick peas and olive oil), along with celery and carrot sticks. Another choice is using lettuce leaves as a replacement for bread, and placing mushrooms as a replacement for meats. I wrap it up long-side like a hotdog, and use hummus as a condiment.
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