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I have a sulfite allergy, and no one ever seems to have heard of it.

I'm also sensitive to walnuts. I get a sore tongue from them. Not other nuts, just them.

So yeah. Doesn't sound weird to me.

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I'm also allergic to some fruits! My body confuses the enzymes in thin-skinned fruits with pollen, so I react to them as if I've snorted a whole bunch of allergens - itchy throat that swells shut if I don't address it in time. My doctor has told me that this type of allergy frequently gets worse with exposure to said allergens, and the last time I attempted to have an apple slice I nearly went into anaphylaxis. So fun. However, cooking those fruits seems to deactivate the enzyme and does allow me to eat them. Raw apples trigger my allergies worse than other thin skinned fruits, but I am also allergic to raw peaches, raw pears, raw nectarines, raw plums... etc. Strawberries occasionally bother me, but I'm not sure that is related to this allergy. I can eat bananas and raspberries with no issues. I also seem to have a similar reaction when consuming soymilk. I have found that the best way to get myself to eat fruits is to eat canned pears or peaches (the "50 cal") packs, bananas (frequently), grapefruit (frequently), and raspberries when they're on sale.
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Yes, I have problems with fresh fruits and veggies, too. They make the roof of my mouth swell and itch, as well as the back of my throat, sometimes. I can get some intestinal issues, as well. Best not to go into that. Suffice to say it is bad enough to make me not eat things I love.

I can eat a little bit of...
Lemos/likes - never tried to eat one, but do fine with them in water.

...but that's it. Sometimes I think smelling melons will make me sick. And I can't eat a ton of them in one shot. But if you stick them into sugary syrup, like peaches in a can, I could eat as many as I wanted.

Veggies...I just don't eat any fresh. They have to be cooked in some way.

I don't understand it all. I just know what I can and can't eat.

Some people don't believe it. They think I'm lying, creating an excuse not to eat things I don't like. As if I stopped eating bananas because I suddenly started not liking them, lol. Another example of people being dumb. It happens.

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