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Default How to Incorporate more Veggies in Breakfast?

Hi all,

I'm looking to spread out my veggie intake over the course of the day. I love salads and find that I get in about 4 servings a day via the salads and a steamed veggie or two.

However, I'm wondering if I'd feel better if I ate some veggies during breakfast. I don't believe in V-8 at all, and I have a juicer which is a pain in the you know what. So I'd like to avoid making veggie drinks.

Aside from the obvious omelet with veggies, do you have any suggestions? I've tried hiding spinach in fruit smoothies and it did not work.

Maybe I'm asking too much, but, if anyone out there has a suggestion, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much for reading!
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Lately, I've been eating salads for breakfast.

For the spinach/fruit smoothies, did you use baby spinach and start out by adding a small amount? I really enjoy cucumber, spinach, apple, ginger smoothies myself.

For a while, I was eating brown rice and steamed greens for breakfast. I liked it for winter but with spring, I've been feeling more like salads so that is one reason I've been eating them in the morning.
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Good thread! I would like ideas too! Thank you redsox33!
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Sometimes I like to make eggs in a nest for breakfast.

You cook down some greens (I use swiss chard), and some onion in a skillet. Make wells in them, and then crack an egg in the well. Cook it to your liking.

It's kind of like a deconstructed omelet, but the veggie ratio is much higher.
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I don't do eggs but you can also do tofu scrambles as well and they are really tasty.
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I know you said you aren't into drinks but if the current juicer is a PITA to clean, perhaps think about a more powerful blender as an option.

Take the veggies and just blender it up as whole juice. I find it easy enough to rinse and fill blender container with water, add a drop of detergent, whizz it again, and rinse out.

Started Jan 2016:
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I eat soups, stews, stir fried (no oil really, I use broth or water) vegetables and tofu or beans or quinoa and brown rice. Basically, I eat what others would eat at lunch or dinner, at breakfast! Sometimes I even have roasted or steamed veggies. Works for me.
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I'm a Frittata fan!! So many veggie items!

Preheat oven to 400. (I'm not one for preheating, but it's important with Frittatas because they don't cook long)
I like small diced veggies. I'll dice up any combination of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, bell peppers, onion, carrots, peas, etc. Cook the veggies in a skillet with about a Tblsp of olive oil for about 2-3 minutes. Whisk 5-6 eggs and pour over the veggies. Cook about 2 minutes until it starts to bubble. Add shredded cheese if desired (cheddar, parmesan, mozarella, romano). Put the skillet in the oven and cook 8-10 minutes or until firm.

I cut this up into four servings and refrigerate what I don't eat for future breakfasts.

I have topped this with tuna, added at the same time I add the cheese and I love it! I know it sounds weird. It's also good topped with diced chicken.
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Toasted tomato sandwich with lettuce/spinach
Veggies & Dip
Wrap with veggies
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Wow! Thank you for the great ideas! I love them all. :O)
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I feel the best when I have a veggie breakfast. In cooler weather I like soups- a nice broth with a ton of vegetables made for the week. Butternut squash makes it feel creamy and decadent. In summer I like a chopped salad (cabbage or broccoli slaw, cucumber, onion, carrot, some fruit) with avocado as the fat and some cubes of protein like chicken or shrimp.
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I often go very simple... scrambled egg whites with one omega-3 egg and then a big bowl of steamed veggies topped with about 14g of grated parmesan (please, not the nasty Kraft stuff, use real cheese)

Today it was brussel sprouts, snap peas, mushrooms, onion, carrot and red peppers. I use whatever is handy.

I make protein/fruit smoothies all the time with spinach, not a problem. I never taste it, and I put about 60g (two cups worth) in. But I have a good blender, a Vitamix.

I also like salads with breakfast, especially in summer. Veggie soup is another good one. I don't care if my breakfast is "traditional" or not. I've had sardine salad for breakfast, or grilled fish and veggies. Whatever appeals to me at the time, though I also do things like smoothies and oatmeal and more traditional fare.
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I know you said "aside from the obvious omelet" but I just scramble the eggs with the veggies and then put them in a tortilla with some grits. (you can leave the grits out though)

My Mom was southern and my Dad is mexican-american so we often had grits inside tortillas, which is why I eat it the way I do.

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This is a bit old but I have a friend who prefers her smoothies with kale and hates spinach. I like the spinach but hate the kale. If you don't like one you may like the other.
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