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Oh I LOVE Asparagus! I feel like crying when the season is over.
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I'm a vegetable lover. Tragedy has struck over the past couple years though and many give me stomach problems now. It's been hard giving up so many foods I love.

Currently, my fav veg that I can eat w/o getting sick is baby bok choy. So versatile and delicious.

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it depends on what its in.

im weird and oddly fussy about how i eat my veg and how they are prepped.
For example, i can only eat tomatoes i have cut myself. I only like courgette when its in half moons or quarters, i cant have a whole disk.

i love baby corn, carrots, broccoli (not roasted or stir-fried), mushrooms, beansprouts (well cooked), turnip, sweet potato, normal potato (but not roasted), onions, peas, starting to come round to bell peppers, most salad leaves (not rocket), spinach, frozen cabbage (not fresh), cucumber, mangetout and asparagus.
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40-ish and feeling fine.
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Found out avocado is actually a berry...
Cooked sweet potatoes in that potato express thing
But when I found out carrots and onions are cancer fighters
I can't eat one without the other.
Of course I just eat them all together with turmeric and pepper.

Mmmmm this thread is dangerous
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Does potato chips count?
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Just carrots, peas, greenbeans,corn.
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The humble onion makes nearly every dish tasty. Various combinations are standards for various food nationalities. Trinities (for three) vegetable combinations. The Cajun food trinity is onion, celery, bell pepper. The Spanish is a mixture of onion, garlic, and tomatoes. The French is onion, carrot, celery, The German is carrot, celeriac, leek. Onions have some medicinal use. They keep the walls of the veins and arteries flexible. What a great trade off for "Onion breath"!
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I've started experimenting a lot with vegetables (especially in soup) since I started losing weight, and I've discovered something I never expected... I flippin' LOVE vegetables!! I'm gonna have to list onions as my absolute favorite, because they're just so flavorful and add that flavor to everything they're cooked into.

I've also recently discovered enokitake mushrooms, and I'm not sure how I'm going to live without them when I get home, if I can't find them. They're fantastic raw, but cook them just the right amount of time without going underdone, and they take on this faintly buttery taste without any actual butter. ^^ Another discovery I made as of the latest soup I made was Japanese sweet potatoes. The flesh is white and dry instead of the orange sweet potato I was expecting, and when I put it in my soup, I couldn't tell the difference between the regular white potatoes and the sweet potatoes! I know they're healthier than regular potatoes, so next time, I'm going to just use the sweet potatoes and see if it makes a difference on the taste of the soup. ^^

Other honorable mentions? Bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes (YES THEY COUNT), carrots, green onions, and celery!
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Corn if I can find any non GMO.
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tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, celery
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Definitely celeriac/celery root. Very versatile and it will keep me from eating a whole freezer bag of french fries!

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