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Smile favorite veggie.

Found a new Love for Eggplant. Egg plant parmesan . Cut up egg plant and dip egg plant in your choice, egg whites, milk, soymilk, egg substitute, egg or oil. and bread with bread crumbs put on baking sheet spray both sides of egg plant with spray and bake at 375 degrees, turning at least 2 times until done. You can use soy cheese or regular mozzerella and melt on egg plant, Then add favorite sauce on top. One of my favorite.

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Hmm...broccoli, cucumber, tomato, peas (podded as well as not), water chestnuts, carrots, raw spinach...oh crap, we're supposed to pick one? lol. Sorry, love 'em all the same.
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I love them all as well. Since we are in the season now I am of the thought that my incredible home grown tomatoes with a tangy sweetness are my favorite (though technically a fruit?) and the yellow corn from the stand down the road - so sweet and yet corny I would not trade it for the most delectable dessert
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I like broccoli, peas, cucumbers and kale chips--and onions, especially green onions. Peppers are good too, and spinach. It just has to be the right dish (I am vegetably challenged).

I also like mushrooms a lot--but they are fungi (vegetables?).

Tommy--tomatoes are fruit but I think you can eat them like vegs...buuuuut corn is definitely a grain! I also love fresh corn, though. Yum.

Edit--I forgot cabbage! So versatile, cheap, and good!

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I LOVE Asparagus. I could literally eat Asparagus all day long. I also love green beans, squash, lima beans, and spinach.
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Green peas although I believe they are a starch?
Yellow squash, zucchini with onion steamed
Turnips and turnip greens, mustard greens
Brussel sprouts with a little butter
Spinach raw
Cabbage steamed
broccoli steamed
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Broccoli. I used to loathe it as a kid, but now I'll eat it as a snack if I'm hungry. Plus, my mother has the best recipe for a bake with the stuff.
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Squashes are the best then bitter melon
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Green beans and carrots are my old standbys, but I've been loving grilled zucchini, yellow squash, and red and green peppers lately!
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I like most veg but my favourite is sugar snap peas, raw. 2nd favourite is tomatoes but only the really tasty ones. So I enjoy them far more in the summer when I can pick them out my greenhouse.
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I've never taken the time to designate my favoirte fruits/vegetables. I've always wanted to try dragonfruit, passionfruit, and miracle fruit, though. I would like to try vegetable like leeks, kale, and brusselssprouts.
I like all fruits and all vegetables except for potatoes, but if I could only choose one of each...
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mushrooms are my all time favorite then I like red, orange, and yellow bell peppers, carrots, zucchini(I just discovered how much I like it last night), eggplant, edamame, onions...that's about all I have enjoyed so far but I am looking to expand this list

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Cooked spinach, followed by broccoli (cooked or raw) followed by onions. Nom.

And for my next trick...
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I got this
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Squash, brussel sprouts and spinach.
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