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Originally Posted by McMurphy View Post
I am a lacto-ovo

As far as ethics are concerned, what is the point of semi-vegetarianism?
Well I guess that depends on your ethics... Some would argue that by simply reducing meat consumption it would have positive effects on the environment and in reducing world hunger, as well as ultimately reducing the number of animals raised for human consumption... So the less meat that people eat, even if those people aren't vegetarians... the better it is for the animals and the planet as well...
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Default Hello!

I'm new here. I've been an omnivore since I can remember. There was about a decade of my life where I didn't eat mammalian meat (more for change in taste than anything else). Even as recently as a few months ago, I've had a bad experience with tasting meat (on occassion), but I love cheese!

A few weeks ago, my mother told me about "The End of Diabetes" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of "Eat to Live." I learned about nutritarianism and have since adopted the fundamentals of the diet. I'm currently working through Phase I, which is vegan in basis. Phase II allows for some meat (if desired) but not much, more as a condiment. Were I in the US, I'd be more apt to go full-on vegan for this, but I've discovered living abroad in a place where bacon and mayo are not seen as coming from animals, it is nearly impossible to do. Thankfully, I can pick the bacon out... but as of today's lunch, there was a little mayo in the cabbage salad I ordered, even after requesting it to be left out. :/

That said, I've lost 2 kg in the first week of this new way of eating. My blood sugars have been better than ever, and my blood pressure is dropping as well.

I look forward to learning what I can from you all. Please be patient with me, as this is my first post on 3Chicks.
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Default New Here: Semi-vegetarian

Hi, all

I am new to this site. I am currently a semi-vegetarian who is married to a vegan. I've been cooking vegan for about 10 years. My husband is doing great! He's been down to his ideal weight since he started eating this way. I've got about 60 lbs to lose. My weight is causing a lot of health issues. I am a snacker...snacking on the wrong things. I have recently started eating red meat occasionally (only when we eat out) because I have severe iron deficiency anemia. Having some tests done next week to try and figure out why I'm anemic. Hope to find some supportive veggie folks here as we'll as the occasional new recipe!
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I'm a pesceterian I was full on veggie but decided life was too short to not eat seafood which I enjoy.
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Default New here

I'm a new lacto ovo vegetarian. Best thing I have decided to do in a long time. I feel so much better since I've stopped eating meat
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Aloha nui loa
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I'm a semi-veggie. I don't eat much meat, but I do have fish about once a week. I also have the occasional dairy. Considering where I live, it would be sacrilegious to eschew all dairy Hahaha!
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Hi peeps!

I am a fairly strict vegan. I started eating a vegan diet a year and a half ago mainly because I really enjoy eating rice and vegetables (although I used to <3 having two fried eggs on top!). I am in line with all the ethical concerns and find that the longer I am vegan the less I want to even be around meat. That being said, people stopping being a vegan all the time so....

There are some things that I will eat such as on some packaged foods it might say it may contain dairy. Most of the time I wouldn't but sometimes I will. Also, if I go to someone else's house I am not going to make a fuss. I wouldn't eat a slab of meat but I might eat something that has milk or eggs in it.

At any rate, when I started eating this way I initially lost weight...55 lbs. But after six months I think I realized you can binge on vegan food just as easily as any other. Now, a year later, I am counting calories on my vegan food and no big surprise, the weight is coming off again.
Glad to find this forum! There is a wealth of information and support.
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I've recently became semi vegetarian but striving to go to ovo-lacto and then maybe further. Really my issue is giving up proccessed junk food. I also want to try to eat more naturally too.
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I'm new to be ovolactovegeterian, but I just consume yogurt and once in a while chesse, also I don't use eggs everyday, mostly like 2 eggs per week

Goal 1: Halfway (217 lbs) ACHIVED 05/13/12
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Goal 4: Out of the 180's
Goal 5: Ideal weight ( 165 lbs)
Ultimate goal weight: 141
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Based on eating grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, eggs and dairy products.

I have been a vegetarian for around 5 years now and I will never go back to eating meat. So glad to see so many people like me.
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I guess I am Vegan. Milk and Cheese are not my friends. My Arthritis kicks up if I eat anything remotely related to animal products. Can't do Whey Protein. So I didn't choose to be Vegan, It chose me.

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Originally Posted by friaya View Post
I'm new to be ovolactovegeterian, but I just consume yogurt and once in a while chesse, also I don't use eggs everyday, mostly like 2 eggs per week
What do you drink for a milk supplement? Anyway, I'm a bit on the fence, I don't eat my white meat and fish everyday but I have maybe considered a flexitarian diet where I eat basically any type of meat I want but very rarely but last time I tried to be a veggie. I was an ovo-lacto veggie for 13 months and when I decided to go back to meat I went overboard. I don't know what to do about my diet, I still struggle with getting enough fruit and veggies and too much dairy and junk food problems. I don't know what to do.
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I'm vegan (except for honey) for 15 years or so.

When I'm away from the country, I'm eating sandwiches or pizza with cheeze sometimes for convenience
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