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Default Ketogenic and Vegan

My doctor recently recommended I try the ketogenic diet style but I don't know if he realized I'm vegan and will not eat eggs or meat or dairy. I don't know much about the ketogenic diet, just vague ideas, but is it even possible to eat that way while remaining vegan? I am vegan for ethical reasons, consuming meat is not an option.
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There is basically no way to be keto and vegan. If you are considering doing keto for a health/neurological condition I strongly suggest switching to a veggie or pesc diet and trying this out. It does wonders for neurological conditions, seriously, i got my life back.
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I found a link for you as I am exploring lower carb lacto ovo options


Not sure ketogenic is an attainable goal but lowering carbs is........for a vegan....I really like the app Cron o meter, too which can help you make sure you are getting necessary nutrients while cutting intake. Cut the carbs cuts the hunger by a lot. I am in the 50-100 gram range most days (not ketogenic but steadily losing weight). Also kill the bread and sugar. No bread. No flour. Man that helps a lot in controlling how much you eat.
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I think you could do it- but you'd have to eat insane amounts of avocados, nuts, olive oil, etc. to meet the fat content goals. Keto is perfectly do-able with lots of veggies (in fact, it's recommended- this isn't Atkins), so long as you stay away from the high carb stuff. The problem is going to be getting enough protein because your vegan protein options are also higher in carbs, IE beans. So yeah, it's going to be hard. Mark Sisson released his new book "Keto Reset Diet" recently and there's a support group on Facebook, it might be worth joining there and getting some advice. PM me if you need a link.
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