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Default Raw Green Smoothies: Is the weight loss just about calories?

I have started having raw green smoothies throughout the day and then a hot vegan meal at dinner. I come to this after being 100% vegan so I am not totally changing my diet.

I have read so many accounts of rapid weight loss on this sort of plan (or 100% raw) and am wondering if it is because the calorie counts are lower or if it has to do with the food being eaten?

I AM counting my calories and am averaging 1500 a day and have lost 8 lbs. in 4 days (again, after eating a healthy vegan diet -- not the fast food, cookie vegan diet).

Is this sustainable? And is the rapid weight loss healthy? Has anyone else lost a large amount of weight this way?

Thanks for your replies.
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I have read many first person accounts of raw diets in another forum where people said they ate 2000+ calories of raw food and still lost weight. I am a big believer in not all calories being equal. When I eat unprocessed food I lose weight a lot faster than when I eat the same amount of calories of processed junk. And I feel better. Rapid weight loss isn't the healthiest. You have a much better chance of keeping the weight off if you lose it slowly, but that is mostly because it shows that you are making more permanent changes.

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What's in your raw green smoothies?

I recently got my husband and toddler addicted to green smoothies. I use a sunbutter in mine because my son is allergic to nuts. The smoothies really give me a warm and happy feeling in my tummy and a lot of energy in the mornings.

The weight loss could definitely be some water weight if you just started these.
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I make a blender full for two servings. It usually includes a ton of spinach (4-6 packed cups), 4 cups of frozen fruit, a half a banana and up to one cup of water. They are delicious although not easy to eat in this weather.
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That seems like a lot of sugar to have all at once everyday? Are you having one of these or multiple?
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well, that recipe is for two people and we have this once a day about 4 times a week. We usually have it as a lunch or as a dinner with a cooked veggie on the side.

I'm training for a half marathon with a goal of a full in october so fruit sugar is concerning to me at this point.
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