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Default Hi

Well My name is Jen and Im a chef from northern England. Im 25 and have had PCOS since i was 16. Ive tried every fad diet and crash diet.. I was 180 when i got married a few years ago.. but i got there by doing things that werent good for my body i did a mixture of:


you name it i did it. I am back at my 236 and i want to get back down to my 180-175. I get frustrated NO ONE seems to understand my weight issues im a skinny looking girl till you get to the mid section. the PCOS makes it hard to lose weight i can eat salad and gain 10lbs.

So ya im a tad depressed and discouraged. Im lookng to meet locals or woman who understand where im coming from and dont give me the regular doctor answer
"Eat better and excersize your fat"

Im on the list for IVF because as you can imagine with the PCOS etc i can not conceive. Ive been on metformin and all sorts.

Anyway enough blabbering.
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Slow and steady
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Hi Jen,

Welcome...this forum will helpyou with all sorts, everyone is fantastic on here, and everyone gives all the suport needed, not critisism as we're all in the same boat...just grab a paddle and start rowing along.

I have heard about PCOS, there were a few chicks on here a while back that suffered with it too, but I don't know if they still post, I think there is another forum on the site about it though? Correct me if I'm wrong

Come join the September chat, we all natter about all sorts not just fat, thin, food and drink, although they are mentioned Welcome aborad...

I'm healthier, I'm happier and I'm older.

Size isn't what matters, it's the healthy aspect that's important.

Weight is just a number, I will not let a number on a scale set my mood for the day.

I shall be happy and smile anyway
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That's the elusive PCOS section!

3FC has saved my life Befoer I joined I had a really formularised view of weight loss. I knew that I had to change my lifestyle, but had no idea where to start, and honestly didn't think I could.

There are so many of out there doing our own thing, or following formal diets, all of us changing the way we live long term.

I think the biggest thing, especially when you have PCOS is that the scales are NOT your friend.

I weigh infrequently but take measurements and have my body fat measured at my gym.

The progress can be slow, it can be frustrating, but it can also be pretty wonderful. I don't know of anything more satisfying than dropping dress sizes and buying nice clothes that don't have Evans in the lable!

Honestly, I have never met so many fantastic people, and have met three in real life now!!!! And have yet to meet an axe murderer
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Hiya and welcome, glad you've come here for support. 3FC has been a great place for me, the support I recieve here has been the only thing that's kept me sticking to my weight loss. We're almost the same weight, so maybe we could support each other too.

Nice to meet you

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aka Superwoman!
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S/C/G: SW:226/16st - about 50lbs lost

Height: 5'8"



Welcome and jump in, we're lovely!
Just. One.. More... Rep.... space Eat rubbish, FEEL rubbish!

Tune In Eat When You're Hungry Eat Whatever You Want Sit Down, Put It On A Plate And Focus Enjoy! Stop When You're Satisfied
Own Your Body Move Support Yourself Be Your Own Guru

The perfect weight for your body is the weight which it settles at naturally when you are eating a balanced diet and exercising moderately
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