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Default Grrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrr and more Grrrrrrr

I was in my local shopping centre earlier when I got stopped by a woman from Herbalife who asked if I wanted a free heath check. I agreed gave her my stats 5' 9" 140lbs and my age, she then put this into a body fat monitor thingy, I held it the readings came up 21 BMI and 38.9% body fat, I nearly died on the spot 38.9% and wait for it told me I was obsese!!!! and would I like to go on a herbalife diet. Cheeky B*t*h. She's now got me as paranoid as ****. how on earth can I be obese with a BMI of 21? where the **** did all that body fat come from?

I'm so pee'd off I've bought a bag of Maltesers, if I'm "Obese" at 140lbs there's no hope for me so I best eat them
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Wow....I bet you look great! I'm two inches shorter than you and I'd give almost anything to weigh what you do!

Think of it this way, there is no way they can measure your body fat just with your stats alone. She didn't even touch you. How would she know how much of your weight is fat vrs. muscle? And a BMI of 21 is way healthy! Her snake oil machine is just meant to allow her to prey on people's insecurities and the vulnerabilities that come with the weight loss effort. Many people will think she's an "expert" and fall into her trap.

Good for you for not totally buying into it. I do not fault you with the food...I'd do the same thing..not saying it's right but it's what helps the hurt at that exact time...

I'd even consider calling/emailing herbalife and complaining about thier practices...if anything, it may make you feel better..
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The handheld moniters aren't very accurate, You could get one from lloyds chemist for a few quid if you wanted one though I'd send you mine but I gave it to charity last week. You need a proper one at the gym for a proper test but I bet you anything it isn't 38.9, my BMI is more than that and I've had mine done and it was more than 10% lower than that so I don't believe it.

Try doing this http://www.csgnetwork.com/bodyfatcalc.html

Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with your weight http://www.bbc.co.uk/cgi-perl/health...at/bodymass.pl you are the ideal weight. DOn't let some idiot who is trying to sell something depress you
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Those monitors aren't at all accurate. If you want a real body fat test, go to a gym and have someone use the calipers on you, or do a dunk test. I just plugged your numbers into another only body fat test and it said 22.9. So, I would put no faith in anything that involves just plugging numbers in. You're actually probably really skinny with how tall you are.

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Don't be paranoid,that woman is an idiot.There is no way you are obese.I am shorter than you and weigh more and i am not obese.If she said that to me i would demand to speak to someone in charge,I would hope Herbalife wouldn't want someone so incompetant representing them.

My progress pics
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Er... she wanted to sell you a diet, that's why you're "obese"....
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S/C/G: 174/148/138

Height: 5' 9"


Cheers Guys I've calmed down a lot now and am laughing about it really funny thing was she was a little fat arsed plump lady ..... hahahaha well she can take her Herbalife and shove it!!

Looking forward to the Maltesers though .... mmmmmmmmm chocolate mmmmmm
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The best and only true accurate body fat test is the one where they submerge you into water...everything else has a big margin of error! I have one of those hand held things and I too am "obese" at 130 and 5'2 1/2... its not accurate!!!!!! plus who know how they programed you info into the thing...she was just trying to sell you!

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