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Default HELP!!! Holiday ****....

Hi all,

I'm going away for 5 days from tomorrow (back Wed morning), and I'm already getting worried about the poor food choices that I'll be faced with.

The people we're staying with (2 separate sets of friends and family) have all lined up feasts - Friday night we're going for sit down chinese, Saturday night our hosts are cooking (we've been told in advance it will be homemade spag bol and cheesy garlic bread followed by chocolate brownies and ice cream); Sunday night we're going to an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet, Monday night we're going to a mexican restaurant that is renowned for its massive portion sizes, and Tuesday night is probably going to be another indian or italian blow-out.

Both sets of hosts are quite heavy social drinkers, and there will be much imbibing of wine, lager and gin...and little if any opportunity to exercise. I can probably get away with eating my usual breakfast if I take a box of cereal with me, and I'll try to have healthy lunches, but I know from past experience that if I start to slide I tend to think 'what the ****!' and just lose all control completely.

I'm a slave to routine and a huge control freak, and any change to my routine scares the **** out of me. I know I'll feel rudderless and adrift without my usual routine and my usual meal plans....and that's not a happy thought for me.

I don't want to come back on Wednesday half a stone heavier (which is easily possible given that I can gain weight for England)...but I don't want to be a party pooper either.


Any suggestions, anyone?

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When there is salads, eat lots of it before dinner and drink lots of water! Then you won't want to eat as much.

Just watch your portions and you shouldn't do too bad!

It's a tough situation, but if you really want to do things right, you will! Good luck
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Wow! This is insane! But I know you can do it. Don't freak out. Take a great big breath. I tend to freak out when stuff like this happens too so I know exactly where you are coming from.

1. stay calm..don't freak out.and remember you are in control of what you put in your mouth and how much you put in your mouth

2. when you see what is served...examine your plate. Be conscious of how much food is on the plate and make an active decision on how much of that you should eat. Maybe it might be just 1/4 of the plate if it is really fatty food...that way you can leave a little room for that dessert...even if it is just a couple of bites of the dessert. Be sure to push the food away that you decided not to eat..and then focus full heartedly on the conversation around you, or the scenery..anything to get your focus off of the food.

3. limit the alchohol. It may be hard..because I know when I went to Italy they served the stuff like it was water..but that wine has some calories in it. In fact, wine can fill you up pretty quick.

4. remember that you may gain a couple of pounds due to excess salt and such..so again..don't freak out.

5. just fully enjoy your company. Stay focused on conversation..remember..it's not all about the food and you have total control over what you put into your mouth

6. If you can, in the morning times try to get in a walk somewhere if you can..even if it is just a fifteen minute walk. Sometime before the whole crew gets wound up.

Your going to be okay. Just do the best you can...and know that this food fest isn't going to ruin your whole diet. You have done so well and you know what it takes to lose the weight..you know internally how much food you should eat and you know how your body feels when you have had enough..just focus , don't freak out..and enjoy your company..I guess that's what I would do. I wish you well.

five pounds at a time!
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Have a good time! I have no help obviously I always put on loads at hols and birthdays etc. Do the opposite to me that's my advice!
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Old 03-17-2006, 12:58 AM   #5
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I'm not much help either. Relax, enjoy, and work your butt off next week
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If you feel you can't let your friends know in advance that you are dieting while you are staying with them then I'd say that, if you are eating in their home, you should eat what they prepare for you and don't mention the D word. From personal experience I know there is NOTHING more soul destroying than spending hours preparing a meal only to have your guest tell you she/he can't eat it, whether its because of dieting, preferences or allergies. Just eat what you are comfortable with and don't feel you have to finish the entire plate full.

BUT - you can make sensible healthy choices when you go out to eat without mentioning the D word to anyone - just keep in your mind what a healthy choice would be in that restaurant, open the menu QUICKLY make your healthy choice, close the menu and look happy. Don't think about it too much because that way you get tempted. That Indian buffet sounds lovely - we eat a lot of curries and I was always go for the veggie tomato based curry options with plain basmati rice and try and avoid anything deep fried or with loads of ghee floating on the top.

Don't mention 'exercise' - just say that you feel like a bit of a walk, or a swim or horseriding or whatever's available. If anyone does say anything then you can say that since you lost a little weight you are feeling more active.

About booze, nobody should force you to drink anything - people that drink heavily are always trying to get others to drink more so that they feel less guilty about their own intake. The best plan is to drink slowly and alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water and you'll feel better for it.

Good luck! You can do it!!!
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I'm another in the "just enjoy it and make up for it later" camp unfortunately, all I try to do on holiday is to try to make choices that are a bit more healthy than what I'd have had before, but accept that I won't be perfect. Sorry I can't be more help!

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