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CallumITV 02-03-2014 05:54 AM

Severely overweight and can't get work?

I was wondering if someone could help. I hope I am not breaking any forum rules posting this.

I'm currently researching for a TV documentary idea about the links between severe obesity and employment and looking to find some case studies on the subject from people who would like to have their story told.

Has anyone on this forum found it difficult to get a job or remain employed because they are struggling with their weight? Or do you perhaps know of anyone who can relate to this issue?

Or maybe you are severely overweight and quite happy not to be working? Either way I would love to hear your story.

Thanks very much,

362to262 03-23-2014 12:45 PM

Yeah I was turned down many times.

Being on TV is just too intrusive and embarrassing.

doingmybest 03-25-2014 03:44 AM

Just another perspective . . . I was hired twice partially because I was being interviewed by two female managers who were very overweight. I think they felt comfortable with me and it worked to my advantage.

I never had any problems getting or keeping a job because of my weight. Basically, I was hired by each place that I interviewed.

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