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Thumbs up Any one at uni?

Hi everyone!

I've decided I've had enough with the yo-yo dieting and the lack of confidence. I'm taking control of my body! So far this month it seems to be going okay and I've lost a stone.

The only issue is, I'm in my final year of university, and I'm finding it hard not to do what my housemates/friends- heavy drinking and takeaways all the time! I'm also so tired from all of these final year assessments, and usually what I would do is just eat lots of chocolate to alleviate the stress :/

Ultimately my main goal is to feel healthier and fit into a lovely dress for graduation ball in June.

I was wondering if there was anyone else at university facing the same struggles as myself?!

Happy Slimming
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I'm in my final year at uni too, though I finish in semester A next year. I can't relate to you on the partying level (because I'm nearly 30 and I've never been interested in that kind of scene), but I can relate to the stress!

I've filled the house with healthy options so that when I want to binge, there is always something sugar or fat free for me to gorge on during assignments. My partner isn't interested in healthy eating, so there is always temptation for me, but the choice is yours to whether you partake. When I sneak some of his food, it's always 1/4 of a glass (a mouthful) or a nibble of something sinful.

When you party, are there healthy versions to the alcohol? (I seriously have no idea whatsoever, no matter the country lol!) Dark chocolate is healthier and I also have sugar-free drinking chocolate if I feel a craving. Perhaps factoring in the calories you'll be consuming while partying (or not going all the time) will be easier. Doing extra workouts will help a little too. I exercise mostly so I can eat some of the foods I have a weakness for (ice cream or sugar free sprite).

Hope this helps Good luck with your final assignments, it sounds like you are close to finishing

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Hi! I'm not in the UK, but I am in the states, and I am also in my final year at a university.
I am doing a SUPER intense/restrictive diet, and I struggle every day with making the correct choices... I cannot eat in the cafeteria most days, and I cannot partake at parties because most foods I cannot eat, so it's actually a blessing to be on such a restrictive diet, knowing and telling myself I CAN'T eat or drink those things....
I wish you the best of luck! You'll have to put yourself into a mindset of what goal you want, and just stick with it... Tell you friends what you are doing, it may seem embarassing, but I promise you, if they are your true friends, they will be supportive and help you out along the way.... Ask them to keep you accountable, and to not tempt you, and hopefully they are loyal and will be good support for you.
Best of luck and I know you can do it! It will just take a lot of willpower!
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Good luck with it! I arrived at uni having lost a ton of weight, then piled it all back on (and then some) within my first year. I yo-yo'd my way through uni, lost a bit by final year...but not as much as I wanted.

The advantage of the final year stress is that you can use it a an excuse to get out of the heavy drinking. And definitely steer clear of the takeaways! Have them occasionally as a 'treat' but try and be healthy. Say you're saving money or something!

Uni housemates can be a nightmare when you're trying to diet though. I lived with a skinny guy who loved food in final year, and he was ALWAYS making things for people. When I was dieting, he wouldn't leave me alone with 'but you're not eating enough, have some cake'. And when I did a week's juicing diet...OH GOD. Nightmare. So yes, willpower, tell them what you're doing and keep that goal in mind.

It's my 25th (ulp) birthday in April, along with a big work do, so my goal is to fit back into a dress I wore when I was 17. Or something of the same size at any rate! ;-)
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