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Old 11-27-2013, 08:00 AM   #31
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Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: UK
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S/C/G: 182/182/140



I'm new here - nice to see a UK section!

I want to lose 2.5/3 stone and have given up Slimming World (because I was fed up of stopping and starting constantly, thought it was time for a change) and am giving the South Beach Diet a go instead. Any of you UK girlies giving that diet a go?
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Old 11-30-2013, 03:56 AM   #32
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Location: Manchester, England
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S/C/G: 178/120

Height: 5'2''


Hello everyone! I'm from Vermont in the US but now live in Manchester. I'm new here and I hope to achieve my goals of losing between 3 and 4 stone in the coming year. I am doing an Atkins-style diet but allowing myself milk in my coffee, otherwise I'm being strict (Induction Phase). I know it's not the best time to diet, right before Christmas, but I put on 10lbs between the end of September and now, eating all the wrong foods and I don't want to put on any more weight before Christmas!

It's lovely to see you all here, best of luck to everyone!

xx K
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Old 12-03-2013, 12:58 AM   #33
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: sheffield, uk
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S/C/G: slimming world

Height: 5ft 7in


newbie and first post

So i joined slimming world on 25/11/13. After trying many fab and crash diets i kept piling on the lbs... So i got over the "i'm too fat to join etc" and i went... i had my first weigh in yesterday and lost 9 1/2 lb, my mom also lost 5lb so thats a whopping 1stone between us! i am over the moon! i still have a long way to go (8stone). Stuck to the plan 100% only using the lower end of my syns and keeping active...
I was just wondering how much weight people have lost on sw and how long it took you to reach your goal.. i know everyone is different and we all lose weight at different stages.
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Old 12-07-2013, 05:47 PM   #34
Size 12 yes please
Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: Essex
Posts: 5

S/C/G: 13.7 and my goal is 11 stone

Height: 5ft4


Hi I'm from Essex I'm also on my fitness pal add me lauralsxx I'm 13.7 was 16 want to be 11 so lots of help please xx

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Old 12-10-2013, 05:01 AM   #35
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Location: UK
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S/C/G: 240/240/175

Height: 5'6


Hi all,

This is my first day....am a bit torn between being a bit ashamed as I have finally got my figures.. and quite chuffed that I have signed up here rather than lurking behind the scenes! I want to lose about 65lbs to start with (will take me to happy healthy and 'normal') and going to need some help!! Now going to take a look about and work out what I need to do to make a start!!

Faye (West Yorks)x
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Old 12-31-2013, 10:13 AM   #36
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: Birmingham, UK
Posts: 9

S/C/G: 242lbs/239lbs/when I'm happy

Height: 5ft 5ins



Im from Birmingham.only just starting my weight loss journey (again).

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Old 01-01-2014, 11:16 PM   #37
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: East London
Posts: 5



I am CharliB East London and I am looking for someone who can be weightloss buddies with me.

192lbs 5ft 7 and 40yrs old
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Old 01-04-2014, 12:47 PM   #38
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Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Posts: 83

Height: 5'7''



I'm Kate, 22 and I live in Aberdeen. Currently 191, aiming for 140.

Nice to meet you all - having a good support network makes ALL the difference!

I'm calorie counting and doing regular exercise to try and shift the pounds I gained at Uni. I'm now a teacher and I'm trying to set routines in my life to get back to a healthier me!

K. x
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Old 01-17-2014, 10:15 AM   #39
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Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 6

S/C/G: 244/238/146

Height: 5'4"


I'm Lily from Derbyshire. I read Zoe Harcombes book and the idea that what I eat/overeat is feeding a condition really struck a cord with me. I am determined to conquer my addiction to salt and vinegar Kettle chips and achieve a healthy BMI.
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Old 01-17-2014, 07:05 PM   #40
Plodding Along
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Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: England
Posts: 26

S/C/G: 182/-/126

Height: 5'3"



I'm 20 and from London. Currently 12st 6lbs and trying to get down to 9st, although I'd be more than chuffed with 10st too!

I'm not on a specific diet, just trying to eat less of everything and only have takeaways once a month instead of three times a week. Oh, and trying to curb my ever growing caffeine and crisp addiction.

Good luck everyone, we can totes do it! x
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Old 01-19-2014, 02:36 PM   #41
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Posts: 24



I'm in South Devon (torbay) and I also use the MFP website/app to track my food. I'm not on a specific diet, just trying to eat right, with a calorie goal and ensuring that I exercise regularly.

I started my weightloss journey in the summer of 2012, when I weighed 280lbs (20 stone). I got down to 190lbs (13.5st) by June 2013. Unfortunately I have put 30lbs back on and currently weigh 218lbs (15.5 st). I am determined to get this yo-yo weight and more shifted.

I have a mini goal of getting to 199lbs by June.

I really want to lose weight to be healthier and able to run around after a toddler and generally be able to enjoy life more.
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Old 02-13-2014, 07:15 PM   #42
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Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Southampton, UK
Posts: 21

S/C/G: 279/268/140

Height: 5ft6in


Hi All
I'm from Southampton and have a massive 10 stone to lose. I am currently taking Orlistat from my GP and follow a low cal/low fat diet. I also use myfitnesspal but have absolutely no idea how to add people! Good Luck to all and I know we are all headed in the right direction xx
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Old 02-15-2014, 04:39 AM   #43
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Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Merseyside UK
Posts: 50

S/C/G: 138.6/122.4/120

Height: 5ft 5"


hi everyone!i guess u could call me a 'cereal dieter' as when i first started dietin back in 2009 i lost just over 4stone in about a year followin the then special k online diet with regular excersise-since then my weight goes up and down with thing like bdays n xmas when i basically eat unhealthy stuff lol then gain weight,go back to diet n lose it then do it all over again-iv now adapted my healthy eating as iv worked out wat works 4me personally thru experience-im also type 1 diabetic so that can make losin weight harder-my problem is that i can b really strict n follow my plan but if i fall off the wagon i can eat non stop and i eat anythin and everything-i have a big prob with binge eating-its taken me 3 attempts since jan 14 to start over after gaining 1 and 1/2 stone in 4weeks over xmas-i managed 2 weeks a few weeks ago then binged over last wknd and gained back the 1/2stone id lost-its stress mainly and i think as well as food bein a comfort at the time i think i do it to punish myself in a weird way..anyway since this monday i have stuck to it and am in a good state of mind to keep goin this time-we can all do it if ur determined and dont let anythin/one stop u!also if u do have a bad day n eat some choc it dong matter just start again afresh asap-thats what i find works ŕ me anyway n everyones different so find wat works 4u and most important-do it for u and ur happiness!lets support each other and good luck to everyone no matter what ur goal is or the journey ur on :-)
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Old 02-15-2014, 07:20 AM   #44
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: London England
Posts: 103

S/C/G: 195/188/140

Height: 5 ft. 3 inches


Hello -- I am Ruby and I am from New York, but have been living in London since 1994. Did Atkins once successfully -- just about ten years ago, and am now back where I was -- slow gain over the years... personally, I am pretty pleased that it has taken this long to put it all back on, given how bad the statistics are... Nonetheless the road ahead looks scary, and I am hoping that I can pull off again what I did once. I have been doing my version of a modified Atkins for the last two weeks, and for someone who takes a whole load of meds, I have done okay so far. But am pleased to see a UK board.... Ruby.

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Old 03-01-2014, 08:46 AM   #45
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Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: UK North East
Posts: 6


Hi, I'm from the north east UK, I've got aprox 60lbs to go and looking for friends to help keep me motivated.

Love and light peeps xx
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