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Losing b4 Graduation!
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S/C/G: 16 stone 4

Height: 5 foot 5

Default Journey to lose 6 stone whilst finishing uni, had enough of being fat!

I have been looking at this website for so long thinking everyone else is doing so well and that I must be able to do it too!

So im 23 and in my final year of uni, over the past 6/7 years I have put on over 6 stone. This has mainly been due to drinking and student food! I went away to college at 16 and since then I have been living the student lifestyle of nights out, takeaways and hangover food.

Every now and again i try and be good but it only lasts for a few days until temptation kicks in! I live with two other girls. One girl can eat whatever she likes and stay a size 10. The other is a size 16 and also struggles with her weight. We will try and diet together but it never works as one of us always caves in and then the other gets tempted haha!

I joined the gym just before Christmas but I hated going because i was so self concious infront of everyone from uni who goes there. I have just brought an exercise bike so hopefully this well help when im at home.

I am going to my boyfriends for Easter and his mum is really good with healthy cooking etc., he also lives on a farm so we will be out and about helping all day so im hoping this will give me a much needed boost.

Im planning on walking/sitting on the exercise bike while revising in the build up to summer exams when we get back. Hopefully i can lose 2 stone for my friends wedding on June 1st. This sounds like a big goal but it is my pre-uni weight and although i'll still be fat it will feel really nice knowing I look how i did before I went away. A lot of the people there I wont have seen for 3 or four years. Im hoping to be able to treat myself to a nice size 16 dress, without having to stuggle to find one that suits my shape.

Shape wise i have quite small arms, big chest, big belly, wide hips, small bum and big legs..... i think im really hard to dress. I have always had wide hips and a big chest even when slim, so i tend to just put on weight in these areas.

I weighed this morning I was 16 stone 4, I would love to get down to 10 stone. My first goal is 14 stone for June 1st, then 12.5 for my birthday in mid-July. I will be graduating at the end of September so maybe 11 stone by then, which will give me only 1 stone to go to goal!

Sorry for the massive rambling but it feels so nice to get off my chest. I tend not to talk about my weight as i think other people will notice it less! Thank you for any advice/success stories and good luck everyone!
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Welcome and it's good that you are getting started! I just joined this site too, and I also originally had 6 stone to lose too so I feel you! I was 15 stone 10 in January 2012, and I am now 12 stone 12, and hoping to get to 9 1/2 stone eventually.

I am 24 and no longer at uni, but I know how hard it is to avoid all the temptations there, especially when you don't have much money and unhealthy food is so cheap! Hopefully your trip at Easter will give you the motivational results you need to kickstart your weight loss. Are there any societies or activities you can join that might help to get you a bit more exercise in a fun way without feeling so intimidated by all the people at the gym? There were a whole range of shapes and sizes at the beginners dance classes, for example, at my uni -maybe that would help you a bit?

Good luck and keep going! It's great that you have now got started!
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Old 05-31-2013, 07:13 PM   #3
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S/C/G: 79/79/55kg

Height: 5"5


Hello there Sophie, I just joined as well and am in a very similar situation to you! I'm 23 years old graduating in July, also have my birthday July and hoping to lose at least some of weight before the dreaded graduation pictures!

I hope to become a success story at some point which is why I joined up on here. Hope to see more posts from you, would be very motivating!
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Old 06-01-2013, 05:48 AM   #4
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S/C/G: RS:164/130/130

Height: 5'3


I'm graduating in July too, hi graduation buddies!

The grad pictures were also my biggest motivation to lose the weight, as well as the holiday snaps in August. I've got just over a month to go before mine now and I'm hoping to lose at least another 3lbs by then, but hoping to overshoot. How is everyone else doing? What are your goals?

One cheese for every 5lbs gone forever!

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