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Default Saturday

Good morning. I have waited all week to sleep a little late. Of course I have been awake since 4:30. Never fails.
I realize that the gastric by-pass has been a last result for Severely overweight people. I have a problem with those that use it as an easy out. It can be dangerous and there can be many side effects. I knew that TOPS had dropped the rules on artificial help etc. But I was still disappointed in this last TOPS News where bypass surgery was endorsed in the ? section. We are called TOPS. Take Off Pounds Sensibly. If someone has REALLY tried everything and they are 150# over weight then you have to do whatever is best for you.
And I will admit I have a real problem with someone winning awards etc after this surgery. You could have one person that loses 100# the old fashion way and another 105 the bypass way and beats the other out for Queen. How can that be fair???
I feel badly that this bothers me. I will have to do an attitude adjustment on myself. I know there are good people that "have to have" this surgery. It's when people do this as an easy out that it really bothers me. As you can see I am struggling with this issue. I have 150# to lose and it would be so easy to just not be able to eat and the weight fall off. And it does work great for some people. I knew a lady that did it and kept the weight off for 20+ years.
Well enough of that.
I had a turtle but wish it could have been some kind of loss.Even 1/2# would have been nice. But maybe next week.
My daughter has invited us to her house for supper tonight. It is nice when they get old enough to have the parents over to eat.
Well I better get busy. I am up early so maybe I can get stuff done.
We are starting to get members back for the winter.
Oh My typing class is over except for a written test. I was very disappointed as I expected I would be able to type good when I finished . I could have saved myself $145 and learned at home. Live and learn. Ido better than I did but not nearly as good as I wanted
Have a good weekend all

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Hi everybody

Summer thanks for the info. I did not realize that TOPS has changed their rules. It is going to be a tough group to be in, I am sure there will be mixed emotions if her weight begins to fall off. I will keep this entire TOPS group in my prayers.

Eleni enjoy your night out! We are having a birthday party for my daughter today, and I am making dinner for all the Aunts and Uncles. I will have a houseful soon, so I have to go.

Have a great day all

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Gastric Bypass is such a tough subject. Having worked and gone to school in the medical field, I can't imagine a doctor ethically recommending this without medical reasons and TOPS does not endorse this surgery.

Let me explain further. In the TOPS News, Feb 2000, page 4, Betty Dominoe, President of TOPS Club, Inc states, "This does not mean that we have dropped the SENSIBLY from our name. A basic food exchange plan and moderate exercise, along with good advice from a reputable medical advisor, should help members reach and maintain their weight goals. Our name still reflects our philosophy. We want you to TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY. TOPS is an addition to professional care. Each member has different hopes and dreams, different health conditions, and different weight-loss goals. You and your medical advisor determine how you will measure success. We Are Here for You!".

The guide book that TOPS publishes, The Choice Is Yours, pages 19 and 20, touches on some of the different ways that have been used to lose weight from gastric bypass to drugs. It mentions the dangers of these. TOPS does not endorse them. However, on page 38 of this book it states 'TOPS strongly recommends the Exchange System to it's members as the starting point of a weight loss program.'

The article referred to in Eleni's post above is in the TOPS News, Nov 2001 issue pages 12 & 23. Dr Kissebah, TOPS Medical advisor, advises the writer 'to go along with what your doctor advises' and acknowledges that 'it is very important to discuss these benefits and side effects in detail with your physician and operating surgeon before agreeing to undergo this surgery.'

I care a lot about what TOPS can offer all people and I just wanted to let newer members know that TOPS at one time did not allow members to be recognized for weight loss when it was lost under any 'artificial means'. This was such a broad subject that even things like Slim Fast, Dexatrim, Ayds {anybody remember those 'candies'???}, Metabolife, phen-fen, etc... fell into the same catagory as the medically advised surgery. TOPS realizes that there are those individuals with severe, life threatening obesity... and only their doctors can recommend what is best for them in getting healthier.

TOPS is a support group that was started 53 years ago to support, encourage, and cheer others on to healthier lives through weight loss and management. Even though I lost my weight 'naturally' and was state Queen Runner-up in 1995, I would not have minded if someone else had edged me out of that honor. As long as we would have gotten healthier....that is the main goal, in my opinion. KEEPING OFF the weight is the hardest thing......and unless one changes their ways, the weight will not stay off, with or without surgery.

I wish everyone success (with your doctors guidance) in your journey for better health.

TOPS Hugs,
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I don't feel TOPS should accept the by-pass way to lose weight. I don't feel it would be right for all the other members of the group. It is call Taking Pounds of Sensibly. To me the by-pass is just a easier way out. I have a friend that had it done. She has lost 100 lbs since June 2001. She has about that much more to go. I am happy for her. But she was doing WW. She had lost 45 lbs. on that. But she stopped going and gained back her 45 lbs. Said WW didn't work for her. I think using the Slim fast bars or the points from WW is ok. But not the by-pass.
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