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Old 01-27-2006, 03:05 PM   #46
kitty Momo
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Lets talk soup! It was wonderful what he made. He bought this nifty crock pot and he just throws things in. So, he started with a chicken & rice family size can soup and added some chicken breast, a can of kidney beans and a packet of veggies that had carrots, onions, mushrooms and asparagus......I thought I saw some califlower too - not sure. It was good - had 3 small bowls for dinner.

Gaby has the speech thing too Katy. I really need to get her back to Kaiser for that. How old is Leigh?? IS she starting K this fall?? Gaby has another 1 1/2 to wait. Be neat if they could be in the same class!!

Jules - remember you can lose inches before you lose pounds! That is why I always get buck naked in front of the mirror in the morning to see if I am thinner - frustrating when I think I am thinnner and clothes fill looser only to get on the scale and be the same weight - it is WTHeck???

Mel - I think I will change my weigh in day to Tuesday - last day of the month - feeling like the lottery - want that 159 to roll over - lol -

Have a wonderful lunch Jane!! I think I will start tracking the miles I walk in Feb, aim for 100 a month and maybe that will motivate me?? I don't know.

back to work!

always splash in puddles,always go out in public with tangled hair, always eat chocolate for dinner,always lay on tummy to watch cartoons,always play before chores are done,and never wear a puffy coat again. ~Inspired by Gaby
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One day at a time
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Hello ladies...

MEL...I loved when the kids were that age. WTG on the work out! Now, when you are done you can come on over and clean my house, puhlease!

JANE...glad you had a nice time with Sally.

ANGIE...I want to see that movie but no one else does. Of course there is only, or was only one theatre showing it because of all the controversy surrounding it. It's just a movie! Jeez! They think people are going to get the message that all cowboys are gay!

MINDEE...hope Tommy and you have a nice evening out, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tommy!

JULES...I remember the days of laying on the bed to get jeans on. I didn't use a hanger, but sometimes I should have...broke a lot of nails! WTG on the NSV!

KATY...I think Leigh will be fine and do well in school.

SUSAN...I'm with the Momma on that one! Of course I know you can't just do that. But I bet it sure would be tempting.

Hi to everyone else.

Need to get going and run an errand real quick. Spent too much time on this thing looking up music. DD has volunteered to make me some CD's and I just needed to get the titles of the songs. There's some CD's I will just buy but these are a lot of my favorites from the 60's, 70's & some 80's. We get CD's through BMG and to tell ya the truth they are better than they used ot be, BMG that is. Just got about 7 CD's in the mail and fromt he first batch, I bought one and got 3 free. The second batch was another 3 free ones I had coming. Got Audioslave, which is VERY good! I love that! Also, Ray Lamontagne, so good! Got Nickelbacks new one but have yet to listen to it. They are coming next month, which is a surprise and shock and as much as I would love to go...I am actually thinking I would rather spend the money on something else! What is wrong with me?! Still have time to think about it and they won't sell out so...no one ever sells out here, that's why it is a surprise and shock when a big name group comes. Anyway, gotta get going.

Have a great day and weekend ladies!
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I'm baaaack

Got back from preschool and the library..Leigh's watching a Dora the Explorer video and since I just can't face cleaning house, here I am!

Well, I did something kind of impulsive. One of the knitters whose blog I regularly read has started a contest. You cast on a project during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and you have to finish it by the end of the Olympics - 16 days. So, being the crazy gal that I am, I went up and ordered a pattern for a cool jacket called Rockstar, ordered up some lovely silk/wool combination from KnitPicks, then sat back to contemplate my navel and wonder if I have truly lost it. Now today I get an email that my pattern is out of stock and MIGHT be here in time for the contest - think the fates are trying to tell me something.

Meanwhile I am plugging away at this lovely thing http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall03/PATTbpt.html ahh life is good.

Cristi - thanks for your encouragement - I think Leigh will be fine, too. I think she has a rather introverted personality which is going to be a challenge for some of her teachers as she grows up. Just the opposite of her brother :P

Susan- if Gaby goes to Maplewood, the girls will be there at the same time. Leigh has one more year at the co-op before starting kindergarten. The kindy teachers are fabulous; right now our plan is for Leigh to go into the half day program.

Jane - So glad you had a nice visit with your friend....

Mindee - Brandon's check up was great! My DS weighed that much on his first birthday - we called him Bubba..Still a big kid. That countertop dishwasher looks cute, but as your kids get older, it might be too small. Hope you and Tommy have a nice evening out for his birthday.

Well -I'm off again
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Hello ladies!

I've had to let James take control of the computer yesterday so he can transfer his stuff from the computer to his laptop. But I'm back! In fact, I'm using his laptop right now.

There is just way too much to try and catch up on today but don't stop chattin! It's great to see all the action going on in here.

Last night at work was a long one. Over an hour of over time. Then this Sunday is my scheduled weekend day. I need to go in and work 7:30 to 6:00!! How appaulling is that? Those hours suck but we're all rotating to help cover for a girl who is recouping from surgery.

I'm going to be one grumpy gal come next friday!

Ok, it's my early friday so I need to get myself put together.

Hugs to all!

"Nobody ever drowned in sweat"
-Steve Prefontaine

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be."
-David Viscott
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One day at a time
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Hiya ladies!

I'm back...

KATY....I like that, and the colors! You're making me want to learn how to knit. Of course, I don't think I would ever be that good, maybe make some afghans, blankets...seems easy enough. I bet you will win the contest! Go Katy, go Katy, go Katy... Being silly!

SUSAN...today would have been a good day for soup here. This wind is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!! Makes it a lot cooler than it really is. Can't believe you ate 3 bowls!

MARTI...those hours definitely make for a long day! How are you liking the laptop?

Anyway, was just checking in on the Challenge thread and thought I would say HI! Have a good weekend ladies!
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Hold it... hop on over to Weight Loss and Chit Chat # 164, please.... see you there!
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