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haggy-saggy aprongutarse
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Default hello major tank-heifers

how are you all today---still vacationing and EATING up a storm---the weather is crappy so what else is a fat cow to do????what are you all doing ---I must hear your vacation plans!!!!Has anyone heard from FRAPPE?????Thank you Wabby for your e-coli information---my husband said that we should have all rushed to a restaurant right after we ate the undercooked burgers----ordered up MORE burgers and hoped for the best!!!!okay---after today,no more CHIPS!!!!!that is my mantra for the week.....
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Default My new plan

I can't seem to stop eating uncontrollably so I've decided that this week I'm not going to try. However, I'm going to write down everything that I stuff in my mouth. I don't know if this will have any effect whatsoever, but at least its something new. So far today (by 10 am) I've eaten 2 lemon cookies, 2 cups of coffee, 1 cup of cappucino, 2 Reeses p-nut butter cups & 1 glazed donut. Do you think I may have a problem???

I have to wear my glasses today because I seem to have scratched my eye or my contact lens. Everyone says they look fine, but I know better. My friend told me my glasses looked kinda cute - but her 4 yr old granddaughter said "OOOOhhh you look weird in those glasses!!!! Who do you think I should believe? They wouldn't be so bad, but they're about 3/4" thick. Oh well, at least ppl will notice how ugly my glasses are, and they won't even notice my fat *ss.

I'm sending Frappe an email.
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Default Which is worse?

Wabbit's new diet of, um, nutritionally impaired food , or mine -- mostly I drink coffee. I get up too late to bother with breakfast and lunch is pretty sporadic. So I eat everything I can at dinner and snack all evening. Blecch. I think my new hair makes me look fat. Or maybe it's the extra 5 lbs I gained in the past 6 months.

I'm ignoring your hairbrained insult, Peaches, except to point out that if you want to edit your posts after you have submitted them, you could press the edit button.

I have been sooo busy.. I was recruited by the rels to make a banner for my stepfather's surprise party. They informed me of this on Monday and the party is Saturday, which sounds fine, except they live 1200 miles away and I'm not going to the party. So I spent the usual too much time on it (if it's worth doing, it's worth being a picky little perfectionist about it) and express mailed it out today. Actually I made 2 banners and a computer generated card with old photos on it. Damn I'm clever.

I'm going to a Blues Festival this weekend down on the coast. Frankly I could care less about blues, but it sounds like a good party, and we're going to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday. I got him a really ugly shirt at the 2nd hand shop today. I need to think up more bad gifts. DH is no help at all and it's his friend.

How's Mom, Bagz? I loved that little cottage of hers -- such a nice setting.

Happy DH's birthday, Wabby! One day early.

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