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Default Cows keyboarding

Today I met the fiance of one of Herbie's friends. She was such a better person than I am that it makes me sick. She and He were high school sweethearts who shoulda got married but He made the mistake that men make sometimes and ended up married to someone else. The mistake .. now a 30 year old woman who would light up any room ... sat next to She and they were great friends. I would still be carrying a grudge.

Both of the women had this way of making ds talk. He doesn't even talk to ME! He returned from camp yesterday with little to say. I learned at church this morning from another mom that the bus he went on had a flat tire .. broke down ... had a break fire ... and had to stop for gas FIVE times coming back. He refuses to even tell me who his tent mate was. Said it was the troop's biggest jerk but I thought they wrere all sweet.

Sandy, I am so impressed by that ice cream statement. Losing weight AND eating ice cream. Incredible!! I'm up at 12:30 munching. I did good all day almost now I can't sleep and the kitchen is ALL MINE.

Lushlina, I agree. You should sit at Wabby's puter while she sprays Roundup around your yard. She's known for that, you remember.

This morning, I woke from a detailed dream that seemed real long after I woke up. It involved me being found out that I had killed someone to steal her watch. I haven't told anyone the dream because I don't think Herbie would be interested and I won't tell something like that to ds. It was horrible. Don't dream.

I have found a benefit from growing OLD. Today I got upset with something Herbie did but I realized it was trivial and realized that at another time it wouldn't bother me so I had the sense, when he came to see why I crying, to tell him I just needed to be along for a few minutes and NOT TO BLURT out the stupid accusation that he didn't appreciate the dinner I made. I am so mature. Maybe someday I'll be like that man's finance and actually know how to act.

Night. Don't dream.
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Default boys

The second coming could happen at my boys' school and I would never hear about it. Boys don't talk to their mothers....period. Daughters do. Sometimes I think that the other way is better. When they talk to you they tend to complain incessantly about sharing the tent with the biggest jerk, etc. Isn't that what they should save for their therapists in 20 years?
Sissy I need you to explain who is engaged. Who went to High School together and who is 30 years old.
Bad dreams are so nasty. Was it a nice watch? I would hide you in NJ. I'm so sweet.
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One more time
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luscious.. your right boys will never tell their mothers anything, at least mine won't. One has kids of his own now and never would say anything to us. (talk about keeping a secret) The other one is still home and closed mouth. To get anything out of him is like pulling teeth. I just hate it..my daughters on the other hand would almost tell you everything. So thats my input for the day, its my day off and I'm suppose to be cleaning the house. Haven't done it yet do I guess i better start because the maid quit and left me all the work. She said it was too messy for her. I wish i had the money for a maid. Sandy
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Talking I never want to see a strawberry again as long as I live

Boy am I full.

Peachy! What an awful dream! I had one once where Martha Stewart called me up and said I had to appear in court as a witness to a murder. Very wierd. And I can totally relate to not being appreciated for my well-planned nutritious meals. Why, just two hours ago my family were turning up their noses at a perfectly good tuna casserole. I was crushed.

My boys don't tell me much. But then again they don't DO much, so maybe there's nothing to tell when you're so little. My SIL is about to pop any minute now and I can hardly wait to see what wierd name she's picked out for the baby. Actually, this is the SIL that I like, the other one is a nutbag and will soon be shopping for a new husband if she's not careful.

Sandy, don't tell us you're a messy too! We come from a long line of messies. In fact, that's how our weight loss group started. Moaning about our filthy houses got too boring so we started moaning about our weight. Much more satisfying.

See yous later!
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Default Trading places

OK Lush, send me a ticket and I'm on my way to do your weeding. Not that I don't have plenty of weeds of my own.

Peachy-keen, believe me, these women have nothing over you. You are the peachiest, and of course your ds won't talk to you - you're his mother, for goodness sake!

Sugar P, so glad to hear that your new best 3d friend didn't have an axe in her purse. And we know that the real reason you didn't tell her about us is that ppl tend to look at you like you're out of your mind when you tell them you have cyberfriends that you've been talking to for years. I know. I've had ppl give me that look before, so now I just keep my trap shut about you all. It's kind of like telling ppl you hear voices. They act like you should be straight jacketed and carted off.

We made our cement hypertufa thingies on sunday. It was hard work so I thing I should be excused from exercise this week. OK? We also drank alot of coffee w/ kahlua and cream. I'm sure it was low cal.
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Default Linda outs herself

Turns out that Linda now has cyberfriends that she talks to everyday. I told her she was pathetic. Identification with the aggressor. I would have been a hoot during the inquisition.

I hope Sissy is feeling better after her dream. It is awful to have bad dreams. From the time I was 18 until I was about 27 I had the same bad dream every night. Recently I saw a TV special on EXACTLY the dream I used to have. Turns out it is a physiological thing and I wasn't nuts afterall. At least not for that reason.

Did you notice how people here seem to like us? Why doesn't anyone nasty come around? Have we lost our touch?

Wabby, buy your own ticket. You are getting just as much out of the deal as I am. Let's see. You get to weed my 4 acre garden and, in exchange, I'll hang on your computer all day. What could be more fair than that?

Sugar, what are the weird German names this year? My neice just had a baby and named her Destiny. My kids love it. All the adults think it is hokey.

Sandy, we're all slobs. Hope you can stick around for a cleaning day when I post my lists. I'll expect that since you're new, you'll act interested.

I called a perfect BINGO tonight. praise, praise.
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Default my day in reality

was much better than the dream.

I think SANDY likes us. I haven't noticed anyone else liking us. I feel quite unliked actually by the managment.

Lusho, it's one of Herbie's buddies. He went to high school with the woman he's about to marry. His dd is 30. It was 30 years ago he broke up with the high school sweetheart. He strayed. He has returned.

I had a "speechless moment" today. You know how I found Herbie at this single's group. Well, this adorable girl I see a lot who is single and who has 3-4 kids asked me about it. She wanted to meet someone, she said, but didn't have the nerve to go because she's different (I fear offending Muffie here) and wouldn't be comfortable.

Today, I saw her and she complimented my hair and said, "I need to get me a man." She was 6 or 7 months PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told her she looked good too and she patted her huge tummy and said, "I will in 2-3 months." I couldn't think of a thing to say.
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