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Hang In There
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Default CIRCLE of FRIENDS #5

Hope no one minds me starting a new thread, but 4 pages was a lot to load!!!

I know I've been as bad or worse than anyone else about stopping by and posting, but... then there's life!!!

Been busy going through mothers house, and getting things set up for an estate sale. We had one person come by to talk about doing it, and she basically told us it would not be worth her time or effort, because there were no antiques etc. Then last week we had another group in and it was like night and day. They ohhhhed and ahhhed over everything in the house. Of course the difference was that this was a young couple who were excited that everything was so "60's" At one point they said they felt like they had walked into a timecapsule!!! But my parents bought the hous in about 1966 and mother got rid of everything she had and bought all new furniture when she moved into the house, and has never replaced a thing. If things go as planned the sale will be the week before Thanksgiving.

Alvin has been actively looking for work for about 3 weeks now and had gottent to the depressed state because he had not had any response to anything he had done. Finally this week, things are happening and he had an interview yesterday, one today and one tomorrow. Pray for us and/or cross your fingers and hope one of them works out and he gets a job soon.

Diet and exercise is really tough with him not working, it is so hard for me to get up and get ready to go exercise when he is still in bed. And he is doing a lot of the cooking, and I'm sure not going to complain about that, but he doesn't cook the healthiest things!!!

Alvin's sister had her open heart surgery last Wednesday and is doing good, and my SIL is to have breast cancer surgery Monday, so keep both of them in your prayers too.

Well, that's a recap of my last few weeks, what's going on with the rest of you?


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Hi Barb,
I've been wondering where everyone has been too! Sounds like you've been very busy. It's timeconsuming getting a house ready to sell. Glad that you found someone to handle the sale. I hope that Alvin's interviews have been going well. It's so hard to find something. Depending on what you want to do, jobs can be scarce and there are so many applying. Companies around here are downsizing left and right. Will keep all your family in my prayers. Take care of yourself.

Things have settled down at work, but now I'm running to physical therapy for my back. I'm hoping to get some relief from my backaches. I've been through 1 week and have been really good about doing the exercises at home. Some of the Curves machines are out, but I've been going and doing the others. My eating has actually improved over the last couple days. I'm going to weigh in tomorrow...wish me luck with that.

Hey, Anne, Lucyee, Ali, and Nikki.....check in soon! Hope that everyone is okay.

Take care,
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Hi You Guys

Sorry, I've not been around. I checked the old thread and accidentally found this one. We did need a new one, that one was too long.
I've been about the same. I've also been looking for work Barb. Actually, I've been putting in applications for some time now, at least when something comes open that looks like I can do it. Talk about depressing. I applied for what I thought was the perfect job for me last week, great hours, fair pay, desk job. The gal looked over my application and resume and said, "It looks good, we will definitely call you." Never got a call and the other day, got a letter that said they couldn't offer me an interview at this time. I live in a small town and there are so few places to work here. I get mad thinking about it, they could at least give me an interview. We're doing ok, but it's getting tougher, especially with the prices of everything anymore. I just noticed at the store today that everything seems to cost about twice what it did last time this year, is it just that I don't pay close attention or what? I mean over $4 for a bag of M&M's seems outrageous. Not that I was buying M&M's , maybe it's a good thing that those things are getting out of my price range
Barb, I bet your DH has more opportunities, because of where you all live. I sure do pray for you and Alvin and hope that he lands a good job very soon
That is good news about Alvins sister and hope your SIL does well on Monday.
I loved your scared ghost at the bottom of your post. Where do you get those things?
Hi Kate, glad to hear your getting physical therapy. My eating has not been the best the past week or so. I bought the new Light and Tasty magazine (I usually don't splurge on that, as I have a stack over in the corner as I use to subscribe to it) and made a menu for the next 2 weeks using their recipes. I actually spent less on groceries doing it that way. I made a homemade sloppy joe recipe out of it for supper that was really good.
DD #1 got a kitty. She is adorable and running DD ragged. She has never been responsible for anything but herself before. I really did think it would have been better if she'd got a grown up, but she wanted a baby. She named her Sugar. She does seem sweet, but she sure is no angel
Better get off the computer and go spend some time with the old man, have a good one, Nikki
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Good morning,

Barb, thank you for starting a new thread. We surely needed one. Glad that your SIL is doing well. It's awfully tough looking for a job, there doesn't seem to be much out there, especially when you hear of companies laying off left and right. How did Alvin's interviews go? I'll keep you both in my prayers. Things are going ok here in FL. At the moment we're playing a waiting game to see when Wilma is going to hit. We're making preparations. We bought a camp stove in case we do lose our electricity, I can at least heat some soup, we've stocked up on batteries, etc. Tomorrow we'll be bringing in our bird feeders and such.

Nikki, sorry about you not getting a job interview, especially when the person said that they would definitely call you. That's awful, $4.00 for a bag of M & M's Congratulations to DD#1 on her new kitty. She's going to have so much fun with Sugar. I hope they have many happy years together.

Kate, how is your back doing? Glad that you're still going to Curves and doing what you can. Did they tell you what machines not to use? Hope your weigh in went well.

Hi Anne & Lucy, hope you both are doing well.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Hang In There
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Hello everyone. OleAlvin started a job today. Not a great job, but a job anyway. He'll be a customer service rep in a call center for an automotive glass company. Other than the fact that it is a JOB, it is a large national company, and hopefully they will have some good benefits. I don't know about that yet. When we refinanced out home about 3 years a go we financed it for 15 years thinking things were going to stay about the same, or get better. We never considered the jam we would be in today. Anyway I've tried to refinance now to get our payments lower, and were told with oleAlvin not having a job, it would not be possible. But one company said as soon as he got a job and a paystub, they could do it for us and lowere our payments a lot. That's what I'm hoping for.

That's about all I know. What's going on in your lives? Ready for Halloween?


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