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One day at a time
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Default Chit Chat #129

Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies!

We're a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us.
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One day at a time
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Hi Ladies~

I'm back...had to go and make notes of what everyone said in the last thread.

Jane~thank you so much for the beautiful BD card! That was sweet of you. I haven't been to a tupperware party in ages. Seemed like for a while there everyone was having them and then nothing. Also, in the mall they had a stand where they sold it, took orders and booked parties-haven't seen it in a while. So are you liking your new freezer? Know what ya mean about standing on your head to get something out! LOL We too have one, in the garage, and sometimes I feel like I am going to fall in that thing trying to get something out. Would like to have an upright one some day but this one works fine. I keep most freezer foods in that so the freezer in the house isn't stuffed-so much easier. Haven't tried the cinnamon graham crackers, haven't even tried the chocolate ones either. What is wrong with me?! Bet they are good though. I just really like the original ones. Know what ya mean about waiting for things to be delivered-that's the good thing about having a truck. Have a good time at the state park this weekend-it sounds like lots of fun.

Marti~the movie Crash touches on race and gender issues and I have to say I give it a thumbs up! It was good and brought tears to my eyes. I didn't really know what to expect but in the end I have to say it was worth seeing. It has Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Esposito, Brendan Frasier, Ryan Phillipe in it to name a few.

Sue~thank you! What's hubby's new project now? Is he going to build something for you or the house? Have a wonderful time visiting with all your family. I keep telling my mother we need to put together a family reunion-think it would be fun but no one wants to do it.

Terri~hope you are feeling better sweetie. Maybe when the weather gets warmer and you can get out more you will feel better. Although, it seems driving that new car around makes you feel pretty good! Guys used to do that when I had a camaro years ago, many years ago...lol. Of course my kids say I am always flirting with guys but honestly I don't. I am just friendly...if they talk to me I talk to them.

Pam~enjoy your visit to Redlands and touring the home. I like touring homes also. There was a place outside of Palmdale that was nice and supposedly haunted. I took my mother there when she came to visit and she liked it also.

Mindee~so...would you like to share the baby names with us? The theatre is the Warren Theatre-no it wasn't on tv but it is a nice one. It has a balcony with a bar, an arcade and the diner of course. They just fancied it up with curtains-the curtains raise up to show the screen before the movie starts-tried to make it look like the old theatres back in the day.

Ms. Ellen~so very glad to see you back, missed ya lady! And THANK YOU for the BD post-pink is absolutely my favorite color! I too was picturing in my mind your new living room with the new palette. Yellow is definitely a pick-me-up color and along with the other colors it will definitely be an uplifting room. One I would really enjoy!

Susan~hope little miss Gaby gets to feeling better soon so she can get back to pedaling on that trike. I just hate to see the little ones sick.

Katy~hope you are enjoying your weekend with the hubby!

Hi to everyone else!

Sorry I didn't get back on yesterday as planned, I did mean to it just wasn't happening. Was just a busy day yesterday.

Went to the docs yesterday morning and am very pleased to know that although I am overweight I am healthy as a horse! I was worried about my chlolesterol level but it was perfect! Worried about nothing. Then off to the theatre we went after a couple of other errands. Lunch was nice and the movie was GREAT! Brought tears to my eyes but it was good.

Today, we are just hanging around the house getting some things done. This weekend is cleanup your neighborhood and V took a load to the city to haul off. It only cost $4 as compared to driving 30+ miles and paying $15 at the dump. They had garbage trucks they were loading with everyone's stuff. Waiting for it to dry up a little before I head outside to plant a couple hydrangea and some shrubs in the back. It is waaaay too wet for the cement to get out here today so hoping to get them out here Monday. The guy has a friend taking over finishing the patio which I don't care as long as it gets done. Anyway...gotta go out and see what V is up to and run to get some ground cover to replace one that died.

Take care ladies and everyone have a WONDERFUL weekend!
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Good Afternoon Everyone

Hi Jane

Thats not much of a party is it , no snacks , Marie Barone would never let that happen I know they can be really pushy , good think you stuck to your guns.Your plans sound like so much fun, I haven't been on a picnic in years. I bet you find a big difference with the upright freezer, my parents had one of those,and if was so much more accessable than the other.Its not a place you want your head stuck in for a long period of time The decorating change was a huge decision, but after the winter I had, it seemed almost a necessity.Making a drastic change like that is difficult, so I am trying to figure out what I can still use in my room, my daughter will happily take some things to her new house, and the peices will work well in her home, I am looking forward to the brighter colours, my other house was bright happy colours, although it didn't help my situation there ,I think it help keep me sane. I just found out that it will take almost 2 months to get the loveseats reupholstered , they are so busy right now. I have lots of painting and papering to do , so it probably won't matter , the way time fly's by.Well I hope you have a wonderful day.

Hi Mindee

I have never tried the bologna mayo/ketchup combo, although it doesn't sound bad french's mustard is my favourite though. That hoedown sounds like a lot of fun, I like things like that, we have a craft festival, in the fall,in a little town close to me I like , but I haven't been to much of anything for a long time now. I really don't get out much, over the past few years, hopefully that will change. I am happy Brandon's excited about the baby, it sounds like you are all set up whether its a baby boy or girl, either way its so exciting,Maybe in a few years I will have a Grandbaby,I look forward to that. I hope your having a great day

Hi Cristi
Thankyou , I missed you to, I'm happy you liked your BD post Sorry I didn't get a card out to you, I am so disorganized right now, I will so happy when I get this all done , and life is calmerand hopefully brighter, and I hope I am not counting to much on the colour change to do that. I am glad your doctors appointment was reassuring, and you are healthy, thats the most important thing, I need to do that to,hopefully this time she will be more attentive than she was the last time, or I will be looking for another physician,
and I really don't want to do that. I am the kind of person that will feel bad and let my health slide,so dealing with her moodiness has a negative affect on me ,afterall thats her job to deal with my moods I love Hydrangeas , I have white ones, they first bloom green then turn white, I usually pick them when the flowers are green, and dry them for arrangements , only problem is the kitty's like to eat them. The heads on the flowers are sometimes 10" 's in diameter they are beautiful, I want to add pink ones to the garden. I haven't even thought to much about gardening yet, the weather is so chilly and damp right now.Although my son is doing a lot of landscape designs, most of the installs are on hold,till after may 24 . Your patio will be so nice when it gets done, I love sitting out on my porch ,listening to the birds sing , the squirrels scamper around, even the neighbourhood kitties come to visit me Squirrels probably hang around cause they think I'm nuts Well I hope you have a nice day .

Hello to Everyone Else
I hope your all having a lovely weekend,
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Good Saturday Afternoon!

Such a wonderful feeling of NOT having to go to work today!!

Cristi--The movie sounds good.And it sounds like a good cast, recognize all but a couple. BTW, wanted to say Hurray for the 1/2lb. It all adds up so some loss is better than none!! And VERY happy to know your cholesterol is good. I have yet to find out what my levels are. I should really have that checked.

Ellen--Your colors for you home sound beautiful!! I've seen a room done in pinks and greens. And I fell in love w/that room!! I would love to brighten up my livingroom someday. You must send us photos of it all when your finished. I bet it's going to look lovely.

Good Afternoon to everyone else today! I have some errands to run in town today, and then clean up my house. Other than that, not much going on around here.

I better get going. I may check in later on today.

Have great day!

"Nobody ever drowned in sweat"
-Steve Prefontaine

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be."
-David Viscott
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Give me strength
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Good evening Ladies
Jane, I finished the book! I didn't get to bed till after 1 am one night,,and was up at 6...yawn it was a rough day. I finished last night and spent the whole day today wishing I still had some more to read,,it was awesome,,,have to admit the first part had me feeling bad,,,when you said she reminded you of her with me,,,and well shes kinda a snot..in the beginning...lol But she more then redeemed herself.
I have the front load washer and know that when other things break down, dryer and deepfreezer we will go front load or upright. What I want if we moved and need a new fridge is the one with the freezer on the bottom.

Ellen, love the color sceme your going with. Very chirper..

Susan,,,sounds like Mike had lost it...could he be using? For him to call the ex and freak on her for no apparent reason...

Cristi, I can't wait to see Crash...

Sue, my mom's side of the family is huge and some of the aunts want to have a family reunion,,,as it stands we are having a graduation party for Brandon at my mom's since she has a huge yard and most of our family is there.

Well Brandon is at his best friends grad tonight,,,in Sylvan. Drove him down this afternoon and then spent a couple of hours with my mom,,,went shopping at Indulgence...love that store. Coolest trinkets.
Tanner is sleeping over at his buddy's. He finished his school play this past week,,,it was so awesome,,,had to many compliments from other parents and teachers on his talent. So now all he has to do is consintrate on Pippin. We have picture day tomorrow...
Still haven't heard from the tv show so I am guessing I didn't get it. STill going forth with Sure Slim though...
And I said I would help out with Evita (another dang play) I have 3 months till auditions so I do get a bit of a break.

well Im going to go start a new book....




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kitty Momo
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Good morning,

Was wanting to say hello , hope you all have a good day.

Gaby is at Dougs so I need to rush, miss her. I had to work til 1 am on an emergency , so left her there.

Anyway, taking the girls to a babyshower for my sis in law today.

Hey Ang - .......I know he has moved now. Which means he is broke or living with a lady. His father said he was broke and didn't think he would be up here (Portland) for a while , with gas at 2.50 a gallon. btw - we are talking about a 50 year old man.

I felt like saying " hmmm, gas is 2.50 everyone but I a make sure I have gas for the car. Goodness knows I must spend $60 a week alone on gas."

Anyway, Mike is a nasty man. Can't wait for the evaluation. I did get my 11am pick up!

best get!!

always splash in puddles,always go out in public with tangled hair, always eat chocolate for dinner,always lay on tummy to watch cartoons,always play before chores are done,and never wear a puffy coat again. ~Inspired by Gaby
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Hello my name is FABULOUS
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Hi JL's

WELCOME BACK ELLEN!!! Glad to see you back you certainly were missed.

Hi to everyone else. I am posting the link to my photobuck site, I have added all the pictures from Joycelyn's 1st birthday and some from Easter. They all turned out so well.

Anyway, I must run. I am at my mum's today and would like to visit for a while. I will post personals tomorrow when I have more time (At work ! LOL!)



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I can dream, can't I?
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What a chilly day here. I got ready for church and stepped outside, ran back in and changed tops so I could wear a jacket. Brrr.
Didn't do much this afternoon. Laundry, sweeping and actually finally polished the brass bed. A job I hate and put off forever.
Fixed sausage, beans and cornbread for dinner. No cornbread for me, but DH loves it.

Jane, I am afraid you will freeze at Spring Mill. I went to that park years ago and loved it. Hope it was warmer there than here.

Cristi, DH is busy out in the garage again for sure. He started a desk for DGS for his 16th birthday in Nov. It is a reproduction schoolmasters desk and really unique.

Ellen, Love the idea of a yellow room and the pink with green. I have a yellow bedroom that I love. Used alot of white and pale blue in there. It is good to have you back and I hope you will continue to feel up to visiting with us.

Pam, I bet your new teeth are doing just fine by now. Just takes time to get used to anything new.

Angie, You should have the reunion. They are lots of fun. My mom's family has one every Sept. It is here one year and in PA alternating years. All of her siblings are getting up there in years and I know we wouldn't visit as much if it were not for the reunion. I have cousins that I do not see any other time. Thank goodness for the computer though as I do e-mail with several of my family members now.

Anita, I am going to see the pics. now.

Susan, Howdy, Nice to see you. You are right about the gas. You have to make sure that is in the budget no matter how high it gets. No way around it. For a 50 year old man he is pretty childish, isn't he? Have an ex son-in-law who is just like him.

Someone was talking about birds. I have already had hummingbirds visit and lots of yellow finch. I really enjoy watching them.
Tomorrow we find out about the lot we would like to purchase to build our house on. It is between that and the condo. Decisions, decisions.

Good Mon. morning to you all.


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Sorry I'm not a Barbie
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OOOOHHHHH my god ..... I did a long pretty post with pics and everything and i lost it.. all my individualllsss loooossssttt ok i am not doing it again right now.. hope everone had a great week-end i will be back when i cool off... ttfn

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Good morning, ladies!!

Cristi - YW for the card!! I used to be able to get Tupperware at a kiosk in the mall, but they've closed it. Usually just buy the Rubbermaid stuff at Walmart, since it's much cheaper, but some things you can get only from Tupperware. You really should try the cinnamon graham crackers. They are soooo good! YAY for all good results from the doc!!

Ellen - I'm with Marie Barone, lol. I'd NEVER consider having a party w/o refreshments, lol. No way!!! Although I know you've got a lot of work to do first, I can't wait to see photos of your new colors!!

Marti - hope you had lots of fun over the weekend. Is your grandpa still galavanting around? Bet you miss him when he's gone.

Angie - that's why I was sure to point out that it was Sugar Beth's spunky personality that reminded me of you. Not the things she had done as a teen! Anyway, glad you liked the book, and I, too, was sorry to see it end!

Susan - hope you had fun at your SILs baby shower. Hope they served refreshments, lol.

Anita - omg! The pics are sooooo precious! What a sweetie you have! And you are a pretty lady, too!

Sue - yep, it was chilly at Spring Mill yesterday, in the morning. But when the sun came out, it warmed up quite a bit.

Terri - sorry you lost your post! I know how frustrating that can be!!

We had a blast at Spring Mill yesterday! We walked and walked and walked some more. I posted a separate thread with photos........

Today I have to do laundry and mop the kitchen. Later I'm trying out a new stew recipe. It isn't very WW friendly, so I'll have to be very careful with my portion, but it sounds so good!

Have a great day, ladies!! Bye for now.
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Good morning ladies--

I'm up earlier than I usually would be. James got a call to go to work in K-falls. He took a sick day yesterday to spend time w/me. I had seen him maybe a total of an hour for the last two weeks. So it was nice to have a whole day w/him.

Angie--Ok, you have me curious, which book are you two talking about?? I love books that you wish never ended!! About the not getting a phone call back...I'm sorry to hear that they didn't, Is it possible that they're still trying to figure it out?

Susan--How did the baby shower turn out? I bet you had lots of fun!!

Anita--Loved the pictures!! You little one is SO cute!! I love her smile!! Thank you so much for sharing all those w/us!! She's such a cutie, makes you wish you can just scoop her up and give her hugs and kisses!!

Sue--I hope you get the land. Having a house built would be so nice. To have a home built just for you!!

Jane--Looks like you had lots of fun! The pictures were great! I love places like that!! So glad that you had a great Sunday!!

Morning to everyone else!

My day will consist of going back to bed here in a little bit! Even on weekends I end up staying up late (even the weekends w/Jhanai) so getting up this early is too much sometimes. Yesterday got up at 9:30 and got out of the house an hour later.....James wanted to get the most out of the day!

Alrighty girls, you have a great Monday!

"Nobody ever drowned in sweat"
-Steve Prefontaine

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be."
-David Viscott
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Ok - I was all ready to post, but now my DD is wants to play a CD, sigh. So I''l get back later to chat with you all.
I had a great time in Sisters..here's a link to the museum my MIL and I went to on Saturday

Jane - really liked your pix of Spring Mill...what a great place

Tata for now
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One day at a time
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Smile A very Happy Monday Ladies!

Jane~the pics are GREAT! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I will have to get some of the cinnamon graham crackers and try them. Your stew sounds delicious! Would have been nice to have here yesterday because it was chilly.

Anita~aaaahhhhh! Joycelyn looks sooo very cute! Makes me miss mine being that age-such a great age.

Katy~loved the museum, of course I enjoy most museums and zoos! Looked like a cool place to visit.

Marti~I think it would be tough to have your schedule, the weekends would be especially hard for me. Hope you and James get to spend more time together soon.

Terri~sorry you lost your long post. I hate when that happens-with me I never remember half of what I typed. Can't wait to see your pics though.

Angie~I really liked the movie Crash. Like Marti said, maybe they are still thinking it over before they choose. Surely they will call either way, hopefully. You and Jane have me curious also about the book.

Susan~well, maybe this is the break you needed with the whole Mike thing. If he is not doing so good maybe, just maybe he will back-off of the whole custody issue. He may be tiring of it all. Still can't believe he is 50 and carrying on as he is.

Sue~the desk sounds really nice. I think it's great that your hubby keeps busy with building things. A friend of mine, her husband retired and went back to work part-time because he thought she was going to quit all her classes, volunteer work and such to stay home with him and do nothing, never thought to ask her if she was, just assumed. Has your DH ever sold any of the stuff he makes? Might be a good side business.

Ellen~I had dreaded going to the doctor for a while because I was afraid to find a new one. The one I had for years just up and quit last year. I have a yearly check-up so I was due. Anyway, DD had an earache and went to the new doc and liked her so I made an appt. She is such a sweetie, so nice and cheery and laughs all the time. I feel very comfortable with her, and her nurse. And the best thing is she is 5 mns. from where I live! The last one I had to drive 30-40 mns. because she moved across town to the west side of Wichita. It's makes it pleasant when you have a caring doc. I've got the pink hydrangeas and they are pretty-already have some blooming. Not quit 10" but they are big.

Well, I am trying to get the laundry done before V gets home. The man went and bought a new washer and dryer Saturday, which I am happy about of course. I would have kept using the ones we have because they are still good, just takes a while to dry some loads. He spent 1/2 the day yesterday building a stand with drawers to put them on so I won't have to bend at all! Yippee! Need to read the books because it is different from what I am used to. They are the Bosch front loaders and the dryer is HUGE! There is no button to choose a load, it automatically knows if it is a small load or a large load-kind of nifty. Anyway...he is taking the old ones out and painting the laundry area a light green before putting the new ones in. The laundry room is so dark I just want to brighten it up in there. Anyway that is what I am doing today after I run to Walgreens to drop off a roll of film. Meant to do that last week to share some photos with you all-that is if they turn out good. I had V take some pics of me so we will see. And...the cement truck is coming today!! We were worried it was going to rain.

Hi to everyone else! Take care ladies and have a GREAT Monday!
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God, girls, I had one of the worst afternoons, yesterday, of my life. I was witness to the coldest and cruelest act I've ever seen. Still today it's all I can think about. A few doors up this little Mexican family has this dog, not even a year old, who is very friendly and gets the wonderlust. Sometimes he hops the fence and roams about. Yesterday he was out and I put him back and closed the gate. About 10 min.later I hear barking and go out to see whats going on. I see the dog in it's neighbors yard with his dogs. The mans dog is in heat attracting males from far and wide. This man orders his dogs away and then shot his neighbors sweet dog, killing it. I start screaming that I saw what he did , that he had NO reason to do it and I was calling the police. He shouts back that the dog had tried to attack him. I yell that I'd seen the whole thing ,that the dog had done NO such thing and that I'd sware in court to it.. The police came and arrested him. Meanwhile the family comes home, the kids see the dead dog and start wailing. It was horrible. I hope I do get to testify in court. Nobody should be allowed to get away with something like this.


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Pam - I am so proud of you for standing up to such a monster! What a horrible man...glad he was arrested.

Cristi - I just got a front loading washer and a new dryer...love it! The energy usage on the washer with a gas water heater is 9 bucks a YEAR...definitely beats the circa 1978 washer I was using before that leaked when I overstuffed it, lol. Just make sure you use the right detergent and use very little....that was the biggest adjustment I had to make.

Jane- I like the cinnamon grahams, too. Kids like them as well, but I don't get them that often... want to keep them more for a treat I guess

Susan - Hope Mike's latest *&*^-up reflects on his parenting evaluation. All your troubles could be over very soon

Terri - too bad about the post....I hate it when that happens

Mindee - did you get your u/s? How's the moving going? Will you be able to get on the internet to keep in touch with us?

Marti - How's your back doing? Hope you are feeling better....

- your colors sound very pretty and cheerful. I find the colors on my wall affect my mood as well. Also the amount of light....I do better with more natural light.

Hope you gals liked the link...the museum was alot of fun. I took my son four years ago. It was nice to go through at a leisurely pace this time. We saw a very interesting presentation with birds of prey...there was also a replica of a mineshaft that was almost a little too realistic, yikes!

Anyone checking out the chatroom anymore? I've dropped in a few times and no one's been there, boo hoo.
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