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Hello Princesses!
I am so glad that you are joining me on this challenge. This challenge will start Febuary 14th, Valentines Day. How appropriate! LOVE YOURSELF!!!!!

You will need to be a member of 3fatchicks .com to post on this thread. This is a very safe forum as I have been coming here for year and have never had any problems. You can use this thread to try out your new ID or anything you would like in you signature. Go ahead and have fun.

A new Thread will be started every Monday so please post often.

The mini challenge will be posted by Monday morning. If anyone has an idea for the challenge, please let me know as after a few weeks my brain will start to run on empty.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

See you on the Beach,
Being fat is harder than any diet!!!
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Princess of Goshorn
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Default Three mores days till we hit the Beach!

If you didn't get a copy of the challenge, here it is.


This challenge will put you to the ultimate test and will get you ready for the summer and the beach. This challenge is made to test everyone's ability to ENDURE. It’s like a board game. If you make a mistake, you take a step back. But if you keep your head on straight, you get to move on to the next stage. And whoever finishes the last stage, FIRST, wins and is crowned QUEEN OF THE BEACH.

Now here are the rules. It's simple and short.

How do you play?

There are five stages. The stages are beer belly babe, cover up cutie, one piece wonder, tankini girl, and bikini mama. In order reach a stage, one must complete all requirements from the previous stage and the current stage. If one fails to meet the criteria on a stage, the person must stay within that stage until the requirements are met. Each person must meet the stage's criteria of weeks. You can not go to the next stage unless you have met the criteria for the prior stage for THREE FULL WEEKS. Following the criteria for 2 days one week and five days the next DOES NOT make one week. A FULL WEEK is seven days consecutively.

That's the rule. The exception is Stage One (Beer Belly Babe). We will only be on this stage for one week.

How long does the game last?

It starts February 14th and ends when someone becomes
Queen of the Beach! Whichever person reaches and finishes Bikini Mama stage first is declared Queen of the Beach.

How do we know who reach which stage?

This is strictly a trust system. It's up to the people who participate to be honest with the others participating and themselves.

I will set up a site on the internet where we can support each other and monitor everyone’s progress. Every week, each participating person is required to state what stage they are on and how many weeks they are into to it. However feel free to boast about your stage anytime.

What are the stages?

First Stage - Beer Belly Babe- This stage is just
targeted to get you started and get acquainted with everyone.
a) drink a min. of 64oz of fluids per day (excludes drinks with caffeine)
b) Complete a Mini Challenge
Only One Week for this stage!

Second Stage - Cover up Cutie - Now its time to eat right!
a) Complete all of Stage I requirement
b) Follow everyday the eating plan that you have chosen
c) Complete the Mini Challenge

Third Stage - One Piece Wonder - You're looking good for the beach.
a) Complete all of Stage I & II requirement
b) Add 90 minutes of cardio per week
c) Complete the Mini Challenge

Fourth Stage - Tankini Girl -
a) Complete all of Stage I, II, & III requirement
b) Add 60 minutes of Strength Training
c) Complete the Mini Challenge

Fifth Stage - Bikini Mama - Almost there
a) Complete all of Stage I, II, III & IV
b) Add 30 minutes of Flexibility Training
c) Complete the Mini Challenge

REMEMBER: If you mess up, you have to go back to the beginning of your current week and begin it over. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN NOT HAVE YOUR FAVORITE COOKIE. It means you have to budget it in with your calorie range/ point range or what ever plan you are following. Now if that cookie or burger or corn dog cost you to go out of your range or go out of your plan… well than you start over. What can I say? Only the true survivors will win.

Everyone starts on the Beer Belly Stage. If you meet the criteria for one week then you move up to the Cover up Cutie stage for 3 weeks and so on. IF you mess up during any stage than you can't move on. You'll have to keep repeating that stage until you have successfully completed it.

Mini-Challenges. Each week, I will post a list of
mini- challenges. You must do one mini-challenge per week. The mini-challenges are intended to increase the intensity a little and to focus on important info about weight loss, nutrition, and exercise.

Let’s get going!
Being fat is harder than any diet!!!
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Well, I got signed up and have drank? all my water for today. I need to go in a tweek my profile (Ooh), I want a picture like Ivana has. Watch out ladies, you will be addressing me as Queen this summer!
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Princess of Goshorn
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Love your user name!!!!!!
Being fat is harder than any diet!!!
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