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Old 05-15-2001, 06:26 AM   #1
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Thumbs down

Ok, are you happy? I am only doing this because Wabby thought it was right. I trust her in the nice department.
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fatter than U
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Default my medical condition

You guessed it - I'm healthy as horse. Not a thing wrong with me. Then how come I feel cr*ppy all the time? Could it really be June's sleep debt and lack of fruit snacks at 10 a.m? I'm giving up caffeine for good and will take up smoking instead, 'kay?
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*kiss* *kiss* *kiss*
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Default Cows who are healthy as horses

First, I must compliment Lush for her very sucinct and remarkable name for this group.

Next, I must Lush for running off Bagz, who is my favorite COW and the one who actually made blueberry pie for me.

Now let me tell you what a doll Herbie is. He drove ds and me to Tallahasse yesterday, then got stuck parking the car, missed the whole ceremony, took us to lunch, drove us back (3 hour drive) and never complained once. NOT ONCE!!!!

Then today he bought $95 (so far) of camping equipment for ds who remains in hot water for being disrespectful to Herbie.

Sugar is also my favorite COW if this faces stuff works.

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Old 05-15-2001, 03:57 PM   #4
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Default Like I could be run off.

Let me say right off that I refuse to learn how to do anything clever like making smiley faces.
I am here. Now can we lose weight? Peaches says that I am her favorite, but ever since she went to NYC she won't even speak to me. She has told me that lush is her favorite. She says Lush is funnier, more patient and sweeter than I. She didn't even EAT the blueberry pie. I hear Lush found her food she could eat with her fingers. Lush so respects other cultures.
Sugar, you are still young. Imagine how it will be when you are peri-menopausal like the rest of us.
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Old 05-15-2001, 06:45 PM   #5
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Default Shouldn't that be "we're oversensitive"?

The sticking out tongue smily doesn't work until I turn my back.

Glad Bagzie made it here. By the way, as usual nobody read my post yesterday because I put it under the other topic . Don't bother to go read it, it was just a rant about how bad my mother's day was. Did you know you can edit and delete your own posts here? Maybe I'll go back there and delete that one.

It's been raining here all week so far. That's really a good thing because the water level in the lakes/river is the lowest I've ever seen it for spring, but it kind of ruined DD's field trip today. They had 2 beautiful days last week for the first part of their field trip. Today was the day only the girls went and they had a lot of experts in various fields. Of course all I can get out of her when I ask how it went is "it was awful, it rained all day, half the people didn't eat the cookout food" How informative.

After school today, DD and 3 friends auditioned for the variety show next week. I'm so proud of her -- I know she has always wanted to do stuff like that, but she has tended to chicken out or something in the past. Then we went clothes shopping and actually found a few decent things (unusual in our cr***y local stores). I bought 2 pairs of jeans without trying them on. Daring, aren't I?

Herbie's such a good guy. No, Peach, DD is not going to her award ceremony; she's not interested (typical). Today we got something pretty cool in the mail: a letter stating she has been awarded a one-course scholarship for the Univ. of ME

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Default Together at last

Sugar P, You are just a spring chick, honey. You can't feel old and lethargic. That's my role in this crowd.

We're trying to refinance our house. Our mortgage is 3 points higher than the going rate. The thing that is really irritating is that they want us to pay an extra point at closing because we don't owe enough to make it worthwhile to do the paperwork. We're thinking of taking out a bigger mortgage so that we can buy rentals and be land barons like Frappe. This mortgage process is taking up all my excess brain space.

Peaches, you're right, Herbie is a sweetie. The closest my DH came to driving me somewhere and then waiting for me is when he stopped by the grocery store with me last week and then wouldn't come into the store. He was tired and wanted to wait in the car. Hey, so would I, but we wouldn't have had anything to eat if I hadn't schlepped into the store and bought food. Can you imagine a life where another person washed your clothes, cleaned your house, cooked your food and washed your dishes?

Kiwi, you did not deserve your mother's day. Darn that Hallmark for getting our hopes up and making us think that we will be put on a pedestal for the day.

Bagzie, are we really going to get serious about getting rid of some blubber? Tell me how to do it painlessly.
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Default I forgot to ask

Do we start a new thread every day?
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Bacon Girlie
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S/C/G: see signature

Height: 5/4

Default Hello

Just saying hello to you ladies! Seems like you've got a nice thread going here. Are you guys new? Have you met somewhere else? Seems like you all know each other but are new here...just curious. I lurk around here and there....

Are you ladies following any particular WLP?
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Old 05-15-2001, 08:15 PM   #9
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Default Daily thread....let's do it.

I think we should do a daily thread. Each day, the opener should mention some virtue shared by our group. Today, I chose sensitivity. Tomorrow, that will be someone else's job.

Sugar, I am relieved about your clean bill.....however, we should all clean up our acts. Now that my stress level is getting better, I am trying SO HARD to take care of myself again. I bought decent nail polish and soon plan to use it. I figure it is a start. I discussed walking with several people today. All of whom turned me down. You don't expect me to walk alone, do you?
Remember when we used to have a plan? Does anyone remember it? That Jeff probably LOST it.

Hi, Girlie. Yes, we know each other. We're cousins. Peaches and I are sisters. I'm the cute one.
WLP!!!!! Ha. We don't even talk about weight most of the time. We are all slobs, some of whom have nice gardens. All of whom have smart, adorable kids.

Wabby;, having tenants is such a drag. PLUS, if you do this, it is YOUR business. Trust me. Your husband will get a load of how annoying these people are and will dump this on you like last week's laundry. Frappe, support me here. I believe that if Peaches offered to take over Herbie's tenants, he'd marry her in five minutes.

We are in the same position mortgage wise. They don't even give mortgages for the balance of ours. We would have to take more.....bigger payment. We check into it every once in a while...but then back out because it costs more than we would save. This place will be paid off before the kids are in college.....I guess that is when we'll refinance.

Bagzie, it is nice to see you showed up. Please post rules.

Third Rock is on in 1/2 hour. Adjust for time zones. We're getting to the season finale. Gotta get my nacho chips ready....XXOO, L

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