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Unhappy Recently Divorced - Can't Stop Eating

I am in my mid-twenties and am going through my first (and hopefully only) divorce. The turmoil it has created is unbelievable and I was hoping that there might be others out there who might be in the same boat -- needing a helping hand. Let me know!!! Late in the evenings I have begun ignoring that voice in my head saying - "you don't need that" or "you'll hate yourself if you do." I have another voice in my head now, saying, "who cares, it will make you feel better" or "you deserve this, with what you are going through." Where did that later voice come from and how do I make her GO AWAY?
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I feel so bad that no one has replied. Unfortunately I haven't been in the same situation, the opposite actually. When I got divorced I found that I didn't eat as much, and that I was eating when I was married because I was unhappy. I would eat because it would distract me from issues I should have been dealing with.

I did end up going to counseling toward the end of my marriage and it was a really good experience. Sometimes, once you start to unlayer your problems one issue at a time, the eating instead of feeling response dissapates.

I don't know if I made any sense or not, but I'd hate to see someone feel bad when they shouldn't have to. Not only do you (I'm assuming) feel bad about the divorce, but your creating a situation where you're going to start feeling bad about yourself because you're gaining weight. Not good - bad, bad vicious cycle.

So for my two cents... it might be good to talk to a counselor who isn't a part of the mix between you and your ex-husband. Unbiased third party deal.

Well, I hope you feel better soon. Please keep me posted on how you are doing.
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Hi Volley11

I agree with love3c135

It sounds like you're suffering from depression and are using food as a crutch maybe a chat with your doctor might help as well may i ask? are you glad to be ending this marriage? or do you want to stay with him? if its the latter you could be "grieving" because of the end of this relationship. Lots of people use food as a substitute for love as a comfort. Your stats are'nt bad at all you know why don't you join one of the existing threads? you don't have to be going through a divorce to want to lose weight you know we would love to have you join us on "ten pounds at a time" or any of the other threads have a look around and join in
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