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Maggie 03-28-2004 05:50 PM

Steel Magnolias #13
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And a lovely afternoon it is with the temp up to 71. I have to disagree with you ladies about "men" ~ mine isn't like that! :D Life is good

FAYE that is good that you are going to the gym this afternoon. You are our exercise queen for sure. I am still doing baby steps. You go girl! :strong:

JEAN misting is it. I am sure those cats get well taken care of by you while their owners are gone. You are a wonderful friend to have for them. I have always been told that 1 POINT equals 60 calories. Even my present leader has said that. You might want to ask your leader what it is. Maybe they do things different out here on the Left Coast ~ they do lot's of things different here ~ believe me. ;)

GLORIA I am glad that you got the flag pole thing fixed. I love flags too and it always puts a smile on my face to see one waving.

MAG that Weight by Date Pro sounds like a neat program. I am keeping all kinds of records during my weight loss journey. Before pictures, measurements etc.

Have a wonderful rest of the day flowers.

Jean 03-28-2004 09:01 PM

Just peeking in one more time before I call it a night. We've had fog, mist, pouring rain, and ended the daylight hours in sunshine -- such weather! It does keep us guessing. :yes:

Gloria -- Nice to see you again today! We've had lots of wind lately too. At one time our area had the largest wind mill (250+) farm in the nation. The company went bankrupt and now whenever one of them quits working, they just let it stand. Rumor has it that another company is coming and will replace these with bigger and better machines. Anyhow, it is a rare day when the blades are not moving. I'm glad you got your flag pole back up -- I like to see the flag too. :)

Maggie -- Thanks for starting the new thread! I will try to remember to check with the WW leader about the calories in a point. Maybe elevation has something to do with it. :rofl:

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

Maggie 03-29-2004 02:12 PM

Monday it is!

It is another lovely day in the neighborhood. I am sipping my coffee through a straw and deciding what to have for my first meal on this 18 point day. I guess I will have some cottage cheese with mandarin orange sections. My FOCUS is back so watch me shrink. After I eat I will do a session with my WATP program and believe me I am still moving at a :snail: pace but steady gets down the road to thin.

JEAN have yourself a lovely day at work this day. I hope the sun is shining your way.

gma22 03-29-2004 07:18 PM

Good evening! I completely missed the morning!

Well, I did it this time. I went to the gym this morning and lightly sprained my ankle and knee (I imagine trying to walk too fast!) Anyway, that is it for me with the treadmill until we get back. I can walk on it ok, but they are both really sore so I am just going to take it easy. If it feels ok, just walk in the neighborhood or do some glider work here at home. I am not going to mess myself up right before vacation when I need to not only be able to walk all over, but wear those fancy high heels for the wedding!

Maggie: I wish I could impart some great wisdom about exercising and why it comes so easy to me, but alas, I'z ain't gotta clue! :lol: Maybe because I am obsessive/compulsive that I just feel I HAVE to, who knows? I only wish I could be as dedicated to the food program. Jack and I talked tonight about it and have made a commitment with each other that as soon as we get back from vacation, we are going back to what I was doing last January, which is weighing and measuring, portions, eating at home except once a month as a treat, staying away from all that sugar etc too and getting him to go to the gym everyday, which is like pulling teeth.

Jean: Hope school was ok today. I am surprised you aren't bald from pulling your hair out with those kids. I heard on the news this morning that Memphis has the honor of being #2 in the country in crime statistics. BIG SURPRISE!

Magnolia: Good for you, hang tough and you will get there!

Gloria: I guess women should admit they don't totally understand a man either though I think they are a lot more transparent then women, feed 'em and stick 'em in front of the tube and all is right with the world!!!! :lol: The one thing about Jack is he literally cannot stand having us mad at each other, so it doesn't take long for us to work whatever grumpiness is between us. I think when you have been married as long as we have, your tifs seem to be totally about unimportant stuff, not kids, money, job etc, but things like why are you ignoring me, why can't you put your socks in the hamper, why do you throw crumbs on the floor, etc!

Well, I have waxed eloquent enough I guess!


Jean 03-29-2004 07:23 PM

Good Evening, Flowers!
It was a wonderful day at school today. One of the "yahoos" decided to skip and it is amazing what a peaceful day it was. It's too bad one onery kid can make such a difference! The sun has been shining all day although it has been a cool 45 degree day.

I'm fighting a sinus headache and hope I can fight it off with OTC meds. I don't have time for this.

Maggie -- I'm hoping your motivation will rub off on me . . . I've got to regroup or do something. I really wanted to start walking again but that will be on the back burner for awhile I'm afraid.

DH should be home soon and that means supper should be started at least. Hope you all have a relaxing evening and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

Maggie 03-31-2004 04:59 AM

Just taking a quick check before I go to bed. My eyes are half mast so I can't type much tonight. Have a wonderful Humpday folks. I am still OP just in case you are wondering. :D

Nighters all ~ type at you later.

Maggie 03-31-2004 01:38 PM


Here I am again ~ it is going to be a bit cooler today but that is fine because it is supposed to be Spring and for awhile there it felt like we had hopped right over it into Summer. The Summer heat will be here all to soon as it is. I am munching a bar as I type and later for lunch we are going to our favorite Mexican place here in this little berg and I will have a shredded beef and rice burrito and 8 tortilla chips with yummy home salsa. I always have water with lemon when we go out and lots of it. In a minute I will be on my plastic mat in the front room doing my WATP session. LIFE IS GOOD

Have a great day folks.

Jean 03-31-2004 05:53 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers!
The sun is shining but it is a cool 48 degrees in my corner of the world. I have bell choir practice tonight and we perform Sunday; we are then done until fall. :cp:

It was an interesting day at school today. "Bad dude #2" threatened to kill the BD teacher this morning. The police were notified and he is out of school until after Easter break and hopefully until the end of the year at least. He is just a jerk with lots of problems. His mother admitted, at the staffing yesterday, that she can't handle him and if they lived in Mexico he would be in a detention camp. :rolleyes:

After quite a hassle, I finally have my presurgery physical appointment set up for next week. We had the hospital OR reserved and my general doctor was booked until May! He is going to be gone all next week and finally after numerous long distance phone calls between the foot doctor's nurse, me, and the local office, my doctor is going to come in one morning next week, just for me. I even offered to go to one of the other doctors and supposedly none of them could work me in either. I'm glad it wasn't a real emergency or I'd have been in a pickle!

Maggie -- I need to dream up something for supper. A burrito sounds good! :T

Hope you all have a relaxing evening. Happy April 1st tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

Maggie 04-01-2004 05:01 PM

Weigh Day

I am one happy camper. Ya'all remember me saying that I was going to go back to square one and do what worked best for me to lose weight. Well I did an OP week and my points consumed for the week averaged 24.7 a day and I showed a loss of 6.1 which really puts me far ahead in my goal to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. :D YIPEKIO I am back on my way down the road to thin don't ya think.

Jean 04-01-2004 10:13 PM

Good Evening, Flowers!
It's been a quiet day in my neighborhood and I like it like that! :cb: I am looking forward to tomorrow because it will sort of be a shortened day in that we have an assembly at 2:00; the students put together a talent show and that is always fun. Then I have the whole next week off for Easter -- er, um, I mean SPRING break! In February some of us were trying to decide which Sunday was Easter and the :censored: school calendar doesn't have any holidays marked.

Maggie -- A BIG CONGRATULATIONS on the great loss! I'm sure you are tickled Pink! Isn't is great to see the results when you set your focus and just do it? :jig:

I need to do a search and find my black turtleneck. The faculty has bright colored T-shirts that we are all supposed to wear tomorrow. The student council had them made for us. It's still too cold to just wear a T-shirt and I'm not sure where my long sleeved shirt is so the search is on!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

Jean 04-02-2004 10:49 PM

Good Evening, Flowers!

It's been a beautiful day in my neighborhood with the sun shining brightly and NO wind. Everyone was excited about it being the last day before spring vacation and the best part was that two of the four yahoos were gone today!

I took a snooze in front of the TV tonight and am heading for bed. For some reason I am really tired tonight. We are going to babysit for Ian Sunday evening while his parents go to a Kenny Chesney (sp?) concert. I'm not sure how we are going to distract him when they leave but we'll get the job done somehow. :shrug: Other than bell choir on Sunday morning and two bridal showers, it will be the usual laundry and weekend cleaning around here. I guess I can finally put away my snowman and pull out my spring centerpiece.

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

Jean 04-03-2004 05:38 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers!
The sun is shining brightly but it is another windy day in my corner of the world. I've run the dishwasher, washer and dryer, vacuumed up fur clumps, and been to one shower today. Now I need to make a run to Wal Mart and the grocery store before I call it a day. I really need to make a list before I go so I get what I need and don't have to make a return trip tomorrow!

Maggie -- I have a CA radio station playing "oldies" -- have no clue from what part of your state though. :spin: It's played some tunes I've never heard of so I don't know if they are too old or I am! :lol:

Guess I'll go make my grocery list and get going. Hope everyone has a nice "rest of the day!" Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

Jean 04-05-2004 06:22 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers!
Just checking in to see if anyone has visited the flower patch. It's a warm 72 degrees today -- nice! I've spent most of the day getting laundry done and catching up on the ironing.

Not much newsy from my corner of the world. It was so nice to not have to rush off to school this morning. I think I could get used to that on a permanent basis!

Hope you all are having a nice day today.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa

Maggie 04-05-2004 06:32 PM


Not much happening around here either JEAN. We both went and had our hair cut this morning and I have been just gooffing around putting floppies onto cds on my computer. They sure take up less space. I am space concious becaue one day we will be traveling again and I don't want to have to do it all at the last minute.

Jean 04-06-2004 11:58 AM

Good Morning, Flowers!
It's so windy again today but the sun is out so guess it is a trade off.

I just got home from the doctor's office and am cleared for surgery next week. My appointment was the first one and I still had to wait a half hour. It's no wonder my blood pressure goes up!

I need to run some errands but forgot my $7 cat food coupon so came home to make a grocery list too. Leonard is down to his last can of food so that is the first stop on my list.

Maggie -- It's nice to see you here. It's been pretty quiet!

I think I am #14 to post so whoever visits next gets to start a new thread? ;)

Hope you have a great day!

Jean -- :flow2: from Iowa!

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