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Cerise , I'm so excited for you! You're going to love it. [Tell Ramon that he has me to thank. ]

wsw, I say again that your friends are jewels!

Amarantha, Vent away! Do not hesitate.

Wildfire, if it's any consolation, your daughter's going to be so embarrassed about all this someday. [I know that I was! ]

I'm off to have a nice breakfast out this morning. I'll try to keep it reasonably healthy. I've got to keep chanting 'Fruit, fruit....'
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Hello all!

Sorry I didnt stop by yesterday! I thought I had... in fact, wrote a long post about something I can't remember... very energetic .. very motivational...


As promised,
( actually, if yesterday's post didn't make it here, you may not know that I promised to use it.... I would've used it yesterday but had already sent my
Good Morning Thought of the Day email out....
ANYWAY, Cerise...
I really like Philo's quote... Now I want to know more about Philo... In fact, you have inspired me for another speech..... ( OH GEEZ!! DOES IT NEVER END WITH KAYLETS>>> YAK< YAK YAK!! )

Trumpets Blaring please
Today's Thought of the Day is:

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."
-Philo of Alexandria
Question of the day :
" When was the last time you felt someone else got a "lucky break" that you deserved?"
---Table Topics by the Pampered Chef

Empress-- YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I swear, I wrote for nearly 45 minutes yesterday am! and posted a monster post here! Writing a big part of my life again... In fact, DH wonders if he's created a monster! ( YAK>>YAK YAK>>>)!!

Wildfire.-- So sorry DD is pushing the boundaries again... can relate in so many ways...especially this week... We are here for you... its safe to holler and throw things in here...

Zadie-- Are you anywhere near Our Lady of Assumption Church in St Paul???
That's where my Aunt's funeral was held Thursday.... technically, not her parish but only 4 miles away and she really held a "
dual" membership.... My greatgrandparents were married there, grandmother and greataunt grew up in that church and great aunt married there... lots of history and my aunt thought the choir better than her parish church... we all believe it pleased her to be there...
Mom says you had such a warm spell Thursday and Friday, you could hear snow melting in downspouts, gutters, off roofs, etc, etc, wherever you went...
Your new neice makes me feel the wheel turn as we remember my aunt....

Cerise-- Hmmm.. emotions are a good thing... sometimes scary but then again...now don't get me wrong, I 'm not talking about femme fatale fainting....

WSW-- ITS GETTING CLOSER!! It won't be long now!
AND CONGRATS on a pound down! You inspire me!

Speaking of inspiration, DH and I went to Atlantic City yesterday for an ice show.... we stopped at the library to grab a book I had reserved that came in... I read a lot on the way up and finished it this am....yes, it was that good...
Please consider reading "Passing For Thin" by Frances Kuffler... Its a true story... of losing 170 lbs.... very, very well written... I am a very hard sell for a "good read" and if it kept my interest ( I was trying to read in the parking garage at 10 pm last night!) then it must be riveting.....

DH just got up ( we're not used to be up till 1am anymore... must be two OF ( Old F**rts!) if what kept us up was an ICE SHOW!!!!
so I must break away...

Made Lifetime 05/16/2005
Relapsed but figuring this out, one meal at a time.

Today is the day!
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Hmmm? K, where be that 45-minute postie? Maybe it got lost ... or maybe I'm nuts and you did post it and I don't even know what day it is ... that's actually a good possibility with this sinus infection.

Anyway, guys, I lost a pound and posted the equinox exercise thread and WILL BE TOTALLY CRUSHED AND DEMOTIVATED if no one participates. I will be sad. I will whine. I will threaten to go away ... I NEED SOME EXERCISE COMPANY (oops, giving away the selfish nature of my action in posting the thread)!!!!! I know the 360 minute challenge I'm doing is why I'm losing weight. It sure ain't the eatin' good part!!!

Let's go!!!!!! Yowza!!!

Wsw: Did I congratulate thee on a pound down? I AM confused ... anyhow, congrats ... you be the best and are going to have a great time in your new place!!!

Eydie: I'm past venting today 'cause I lost a pound!!!! Yowza! Will post my menu tonight on the food thread ... being vigilant against Sugar, except I had a tablespoon of turbinado on the oatmeal again ... still ...

Ok, got to go back to work. I do not intend to have to do this c*** on Monday ... Kaylets, I actually hate writing but I get paid to do it ... I wish I felt the way I used to about it ...

Ok, bye!!
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amarantha-congrats on the lb. down!! hope your sinus infection gets better a.s.a.p. it sure has been hanging on much too long now. they can be so miserable!

eydie-i agree:my friends are jewels. they told me this afternoon that moving day is the 29th. they are rushing to finish things up, because they found someone to sublet my apt. from mar.1-may31st(when my lease is up, since i could not get out of it), so---at this time next week, i will be in my new place. i am very excited about it. i did kind of think i would have longer to get stuff packed, but now that i have a definite deadline, i will push into high gear (well, higher gear, anyway.) i am so nervous about it, which is silly, since i will literally be "among friends" but i am not feeling organized enough by this point, plus the last time i moved (2 years ago), i could get around "on my own steam" much better than now, so everything takes me a lot longer than it used to, which is frustrating at times, particularly now. oh well! i will just do the best i can. the subletter wanted something furnished just to be able to finish out the grad shool year, and my friend who put the ad in the paper for my sublet said yes to this guy and is moving in his extra bed, table, etc. that he has in storage in his basement AND is moving it out again may 31st all because he wants me to not have to be out the rent money through the end of the lease. mind you, my friend did this without telling me so that i wouldn't let him go to all this trouble for me! ---my wonderful friends! cerise-i sure hope i am half as good a friend to them. i certainly can be a good anchor, but i'll tell you---at moving time, all bets are off! right now i feel like a raving lunatic. the good news is that in one week, i will be in much better shape again. kaylets-i try to remember some of your wise words regarding just taking things in small chunks of time and that helps when i look around here and see all the things still left to do.

now i really need to committ to staying op and keeping up with my exercise. this is a time which i could easily use as an excuse to not pay attention, and i know if i do that, i will be up the creek. i did well today so far. i stopped over at the new condo. and 3 of my friends were working there. they asked me to go to lunch with them for a break, and i had already eaten. i did go with them to visit, but just had water. actually, it was pretty easy because it was just at a sub place which isn't all that tempting for me, but any time i don't use a situation like this to overeat by developing "amnesia", is a moral victory! it felt good. hopefully, i can keep it up.

well, i am thinking of you all. take care.

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Talking Sis, boom, bah!

Wsw, it's so good to hear thee sounding so happy!!!! I wish thee the best in thy new place ... if thou be going to exercise, please come to the Vernal Exercise Fitness Faire and post what you are doing ... we really need the boost of thy good spirits!!! Congrats on thy "moral victory" at the submarine sandwich shop!

Dang, Wsw, we're all making some great strides in positive directions this year ... I can feel the new spirit in this ly group ... have a wonderful night!!!!

Ok, troops, let's all get out there to the exercise faire and win one for the Gipper!!!! Yowza! Sis, boom, bah!!! Huzzah!!!! It's just a click away from the palace!!!!! Be there or be square ...

Last edited by Amarantha2 : 02-22-2004 at 10:41 PM. Reason: Good morning, she saith, in anticipation of it being Monday sometime soon! Huzzah!
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Hello all!!

Sometimes Monday's show up so quickly!!
Lady on the radio said,
"But its just 4 days till the weekend!" ....

I am going to try and keep that perspective in mind....just 6 more days to my next official weighin... etc, etc....
Interesting how "a week" sounds so much longer than 6 days.....hmmmmmmmmm......

This morning's weighin shows a pound up....hmmmmmm....really need to reconsider a different activity added to my program...I don't want to spend as much time in this weight range as I did the last one...( almost a year!) ....I've been using the weather as an excuse... both my dog and I could use some more activity....

Also very seriously thinking about joining a meeting near the house to motivate me to get to goal....Looks as though a big March weighin is in the works w/ free registration... I figure whatever works, right??

So my friends....

"Here we go Monday, here we go!"

Lets have a Journal Check In ...
and .....
let's see what activity I can do more of today than yesterday....
hee hee, I already know I need to be at work at an hour longer to make up for an hour my speech ran over last week! But an hour sitting at my desk is not what we have in mind!

Thought of the day:
"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."
--Thomas Alva Edison

Question of the day :
"What book have you read lately?"
-- Table Topics by the Pampered Chef

Made Lifetime 05/16/2005
Relapsed but figuring this out, one meal at a time.

Today is the day!
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caffeine free!
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Well, after high hopes of checking in durring the weekend, it got away from me, so here I am back at my work desk.

QOD: recent books...well I have three I am reading right now. My book club is reading "Night and Day" by Virginia Woolf, my night reading book as I go to sleep is "The Mauritius Command" which is one of the Patrick O'Brien ship books, adn my bus reading book is "The Bostonians" by Henry James. It all sounds rather lofty, but I reality tend to alternate between good books and total crap.

Amarantha - thank you for starting the exercise challenge. I am bummed that I missed the saturday thingy. O well, maybe next time. congrats of the pound down

wsw - I am so excited for you with the new place. Good luck with the speed packing. It is sometimes kind of nice to have longer to pack, but then again every time I have to move I end up procrastinating with the packing. I am glad that you have a legion of helpers.

Kaylets - Was it the Assumption that is in downtown? If so that is about 10 blocks from my house. I pass it on the bus sometimes. Yes, it was a very spring like couple of days. It is an interesting time to think about the life of people who have left us, when new life is begining.

Cerise - Yes, Leif is a big blond Viking type person. He can grow a full beard in about a week and he wears a lot of plad flannel. More the scruffy hairy type of Viking than the modern day nordic blondie. Yeah, he is pretty smart and also very musically talented

SO (in very small sheepish embarased voice) I just bought "The non-runners marathon trainer." I am still in "i could never do that mode" but I am going to start the pretraining in March. This sould set me up well for the running park of the Danskin tri and if I follow the program I can run the twin cities marathon in October. I feel a bit embarased, like I am thinking way out of my league.

At any rate, hello to all types, both posting and non-posting but still reading.
zadie k
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Spreadin' the luv.
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Talking Not as bleary as I thought...

G'monin', y'all. I am reading "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and have deciced that southern people are cooler than anybody else. To that end, I will now begin speaking in a bayou accent, complete with Acadian patois, and will address everyone as "Chere". OK, not really. If you haven't read that book, do it.

Zadie, my next book is "Orlando" by Virginia Woolf. I was drawn to it because of a movie preview by the same name that looks fascinating, about a young person in the Elizabethan era (I think) that spend the first half of their life as a beautiful young man and the 2nd half as a powerful woman. Ramon and I had a protracted argument about whether the actor was male or female. Brilliant stuff. It'll be the first Virginia Woolf book I've read.

Um, Leif sounds de-friggin'-licious. Whew. Anyway (wrenching my mind back to Seattle, Ramon and other pure thoughts. Don't be too offended. You're the one who described him in detail, probably not knowing that I have a bit of a thing for the guys in that movie, "The 13th Warrior".) ...where was I? Oh, yeah. I'm with you about feeling sheepish and out-of-my-league with the triathlon thing. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly. And good on ya for doing it yourself, without the helpful (and forceful) influence of a trainer/coach SIL who's not taking "no" for an answer from me!

Kaylets, I thought of you (Kettle is On) when I sat down with a pot of rooibos tea and Billie Holiday last evening. I had a lovely hour by myself. Sorry about the pound up today; I have a feeling after my weigh-in tomorrow I'll be able to commiserate with you in a very real way. That quote from Thomas A. Edison really hit me between the eyes, my dear. That's exactly how Ramon and I feel when we've screwed up yet again (especially with the monthly budget). Learning to forgive ourselves and to look for even the tiniest hint of progress has been a wonderful thing for us.

wsw, it's hard to imagine you in a state of frenzy, but I can definitely sympathize. I hate moving, even though every move we've made has brought us to a cool new place. Still hate it. If you don't mind my asking, how do you get your cardio in? Especially in the winter. My SIL (phys. trainer) is working with a person with technical difficulties and is pretty baffled. Can you share a tip perhaps?

Amarantha, congrats on the pound down!!! It was the hike that did it, I just know it. Did you get your yucky writing done before today? Don't worry, I'll be down to the excercise thread in a minute, chere. Feel better soon...

And Kaylets, Philo of Alexandria seems to have been a contemporary of St. Paul. He's thought of in the Christian philosophical world (no, that's not a contradiction in terms) as a great guy, and has influenced theology a lot. You know, the philosophical and theological side of Xianity is the only thing that makes it palatable for me...

Onward, dearests. Have a lovely week on me!!
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Yo, ma cheries, or something like that! Hmmm. My brother wants me to study French because he's obsessed with it for some reason ... anyhow, I'm about ready to go take a nap again because my head still hurts ... but I did feel better for awhile ... then ate TWO huge donuts, details on food thread!!!!!

Zadie, thanks for coming and participating in the exercise challenge. You won a blue ribbon (but it looks like a yellow banana)!

Kaylets and Cajun Queen Cerise ... have lots to say to thee both, but head quite throbby!!! Also the internet be wacko here today because of storms!!!!

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HEllo all!

I too have a head that is throbbing... even runny nose at work forced me to take sinus meds .... Dh is taking a few vacation days and taped Oprah for me which was a real gift as it was her Pop Idol final as well as lots of neat "Dreams made true"... So, I got emotional and made my nose start running again....

We are at a new impasse w/ DS.... Right this minute, he is late to meet DH and 3 days late regarding 3 days worth of 12 step meetings he is supposed to be attending.
It will be interesting.

Need good vibes this way please.... USPS says package delivered to our bank this am... bank says, not true... they even walked the floor for me as I had the time of delivery to the minute. Bank says USPS must mean their office, not the banks... at this point, since, its not going to be posted till tomorrow, I will just be grateful for that.... You can imagine what I'm thinking,... that I forgot to put the check in the envelope, lost on someone's desk.... YIKES!!
I sure hate when the bigger checks are live ones! I have gotten too used to electronic transfers!


I also have rooibos tea... I forget... does rooiboos mean the area its from??

I must hit the showers... time to just let go ....

Take care all!
Made Lifetime 05/16/2005
Relapsed but figuring this out, one meal at a time.

Today is the day!
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Yo! K, I don't take any sinus medication as it makes it worse, I'm convinced. Refuse to take antibiotics as I don't have a fever ... did for one day. I'm just staying away from people and hoping to feel better ...

Sorry about the ds problems but maybe it'll turn out for the best?

Sending good vibes re the check ... : ... I never mess with real checks anymore ... too nonvirtual!!!

Cerise, thou mentioning Billie Holiday made me think of good vibes for Kaylets just now ... remembering Billie's birthday and I was up in the mountains to do a meeting but there was no meeting as I'd driven up the wrong day (I do stuff like that sometimes) ... so talked to people for awhile and it was really late when I drove back home through dark lonesome canyons ... but I didn't mind because the moon was full and they were doing a Billie Holiday special ... no talking, just Billie and old accoustic jazz ... felt very happy ...

Later, gators!
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Hot Stuff
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Amarantha, have you tried saline nasal mist? There are no drugs in it, just moisture which can help loosen up sinuses. A friend had great success with it this winter when he refused to take antibiotics due to a gut problem. Your drive in the canyons with Billie sounds magical.

Kaylets, hope you aren't coming down with the crud! Hope everything works out with the cheque.

wsw, just think, a week from now you'll be in your new (and newly decorated!) place, finding the perfect home for all your things. All the stress will be over, and you can take your time getting settled. Though, I imagine those incredible friends of yours will be helping you unpack, too!

zadie, I'd forgotten about your triathlon! I'm impressed all over again!

Hola Cerise!

Hi Eydie!

'Scuse me a moment, will you? *ahem*

Where the heck is Punkin???? This is SO unlike her.

Okay, NOW I'm going to read the Running Room mag.

PS> My second interview is tomorrow at noon....keep your collective for me, please???
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Wildfire-- Starting now, positive good energy being emitted towards your direction....in fact, this is a great opportunity for a long distance experiment....
Who's with me??

Robert Hansen of Chicken Soup fame did this many times and claims he had many positive results.... He would notice a harried clerk, receptionist, customer working/waiting . He would begin to "send" them thoughts of how "delightful" they were...just that simple thought, " You are delightful, people enjoy being around you. You know how to make the best of each situation and make it delightful.....etc" . Invariably, he would begin to see the intended begin to lighten up, lose stress and begin to enjoy themselves although things were still, just as busy....

so....shall we collectively send "you are delightful" energy to the folks Wildfire is meeting today?? Not sure where to aim Wildfire so I personally will send to you and you can redirect....oK??

Empress....no antibiotics... mostly just a weather change ( might snow today) that I was feeling.... I have heard amazing things from folks about a saline wash.... too early to describe tastefully.... but have heard that folks have been able to discontinue allergy meds they used for years....

WSW-- 15 minutes... 15 minutes.. 15 minutes.... don't forget that cycle includes a "break" .... moving is just as stressful physically as mentally...
You're friends are so inspirational to me... I hope my friends believe I am 1/2 as good a friend.... although I would be hopeless for most of a remodel... but I am an excellent washer, wiper, duster, etc....
And if I'm reading the sublet post correctly, you won't have to move everything all at once?? The subletter will need some things for awhile??

Eydie! First batch of yogurt came out edible... now we are looking at bigger batches... see folks on the web are using coolers and hot water to "incubate" ...which appeals to me in a very "Little House in the Big Developlment near the Interstate" kind of way....I have dehydrated starter but see everywhere that live cultures from "premade" yogurt can be used too...
Comments all?? I had extra 2% milk.... many of the instructions list dry milk...one or two even use soy milk... what did you folks use who made your own?? some recipes talk about freezing starter in icecube tray size cubes....??

Cerise: DVD's arrive yet??
Did you mention Sambuca a little while back?? That's a flashback to my bartending days....Used to be my favorite....now just the memory makes me laugh at how much my tastes have changed.... ah well...

Zadie-- yes, you're right...that's the church... and yes... the circle continues...
I didnt realize walking was allowed in the triatholon.... Are you part of a team?? or are you going to do all 3 events ??
Ever wonder how many other women are also considering this event? For the very first time ?? And wondering if they are totally certifiable??
Its a little like me and my speeches ( CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE IS GOING TO DISCUSS THIS AGAIN!! ..>>yak, yak>> yak,yak )
Less than 2 yrs ago, I could hardly sit thru a meeting for fear they'd ask me more than my name.... now I've won a contest, spoken away from my club ( ok, so it was highschool girls in uniforms who wouldnt even dream of getting up and leaving) and actually have VISUAL AIDS for my "speeches"...
Point is this: ( FINALLY! )
We never know where for sure the first step will lead.... but until we make that first step... we are being led rather than leading...

Not all of us will give speeches or participate in marathons or write articles and books or inspire folks by just sheer persistence .....
Some of us will have the harder job... the most important job really, in my opinion...those of us who choose to applaud and cheer...And then even harder....those of us who do both...it can be a tricky dance sometimes...

Thought of the day:

"Out of difficulties grow miracles."
-- La Bruyre

Question of the day :

"If you could change your hair color what would it be?"
--Table Topics from the Pampered Chef


Kettle is on!
Made Lifetime 05/16/2005
Relapsed but figuring this out, one meal at a time.

Today is the day!
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Is it Friday yet?
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Default Here I am.....

Hello everyone!

No, I did not desert you... My absence was due to a plethora of mishaps:
~ my mom's dead computer (she was using mine 1/2 the day)
~ our self audit has been very time consuming
~ computer at home has no virus protection and I WON'T turn it on until it does!
~ we've changed some procedures that've left me with less free time until they're smoothed out
~ this f$%(&@ site sometimes WON'T load on my computer (my computer is also do for a crash, ahem, I mean, maintenance soon too)
~ I've been busy, busy, busy!!!!!!

But, I think about you guys every morning, when I'm normally able to read the posts and am not able to because of this, that, or the other... I've missed being here and all of you SO much! And my weight has suffered too...

I've decided that next year, health insurance or not, I should probably go on an anti-depressant during the winter months. I just get SO down and blue - this year I had to fight like **** to not fall in to that too familiar abyss. I think I made it, but the residual "why am I even alive" feeling is still there juuuust under the surface. The closer spring gets, the better I feel, so I'm sure it's a seasonal thing, for sure.

Believe me, I know it's aaaaalllllll about brain chemistry - it's got nothin' to do with how I feel about myself, my friends and life in general. 98% of the time I'm a "happy-go-lucky ain't life grand and ooooh look! Flowers!" kinda gal - but winters since moving to the Pacific Northwest have changed me. I've been prone to depression for the last 20 years, so I don't need bleak winters to help me!

Weight wise, I'm up. 14 pounds from my lowest (that would be 214) and I have a weight check with my Doc in 2 weeks. I plan on being as honest as possible with what's happened - that I simply imploded a bit and needed to put all my stresses down and pick them back up to deal with one at a time. I know she'll be supportive, but there's still that "I've failed" feeling - even though I KNOW that ONLY gaining back 6 pounds since my last visit in November is a HUGE victory over what damage I *could've* done over the holidays. I'm still down almost 50 pounds. THAT is worth focusing on.

Anywho, barring computer snaffoos, I WILL be back. I need you guys. I miss my daily pep talk from you all...

Amarantha, thank you for your PM, it is what made me get back here!

It looks like Zadie is a new Auntie - congrats!

Frogger, I agree, your boss is sadly mistaken if she thinks she can fire you for being pregnant. That's been illegal for decades. Whatta' $^%&#!

Wildfire, I'm sorry DD is pushing her limits, again. I just got off the phone with my brother who's lamenting the raising of his 13 year old... I can't imagine how tough it must be to love someone so much and want to choke the crap outta them at the same time!

Well, the mums is back and I must free up the modem line.

Toodles for now!
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caffeine free!
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Computer is all messed up. I have now lost two long posts, so here are the cliff notes:

punkin - welcome back

kaylets - yep, i am doing the whoel thing. actually i will be running, but the book is designed for people who have never run before.

QOD: my hair is dark brown and that seems to work best. used to dye it: black, red, blue, green, purple. Now it stays brown becuase of work.

wildfire: good luck with the interview

cerise: yes, i like big brawny men. i was glad that i was in a long term relationship while in law school becuase there were no mountain men there. serious lack of eye candy Our book club is going to read Orlando in a couple o months. I like the movie. Isn't Tilda Swinton the lead?

Amarantha: French? Mon Dieu! I took french about a billion years ago and now can only say "may i please sharpen my pencil?" O well, some day it may come in handy.

exercise going great. eating going ok. weight loss absolutely non-existent. o well, hopefully it will all kick in at once in a couple o weeks.

thus endeth the cliff notes post.
zadie k
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