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Default I dont know what to do :(

I have been so dedicated since June 1 to lose weight and inches, and to be more fit. Well its still going strong. Still have strong focus and commitment. I have been doing HIIT since June 1. Going on 3rd month. But i just dont want to do this anymore. I want to take a break from HIIT. I can still do 3-4 miles every day but without HIIT. The main reason I am tired of giving 100% every single day. I want to take it easy. Still sweat through my workout but not dripping sweat. Gently sweat. I dont want to go 5mph jog - i want to do 3.5-4pmh walk.

I undertand maybe its time for me to take it easy this month and just listen to my body and slow down but still do it. BUT i am afraid I am getting lazier and it will go downhill from now on.

Any input?

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Is the world going to stop if you cut back? Are you suddenly going to become a couch potato because your workouts changed in someway? Or....are you just like the rest of us going through losing weight and agonizing over it. We all face challenges all the time that stress us out and freak us out and worry us to distraction. For heaven's sake, step back, re-evaluate, take some time then go at it again. You are not going to blow up overnight. It is just a stressful reaction. You have accomplished a lot and will continue to do so and slowing down is not going to hurt that, might even help put it into a better perspective for you.
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You're really not supposed to be doing true HIIT (if you're doing it correctly) more than TWICE a week if that, it's too taxing and esp to your immune syste, so listen to your body and take it easier and try doing it once a week
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Thank you. I will see if doing it 2 times a week will do the trick of wanting to do it again.

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Yeah, that definitely sounds like over training! You need to get some joy back into that exercise, I hope your reduced HIIT schedule will get it back for you!

And, not everybody does HIIT. I don't, my chronic back problems make it hard to run at a level that would qualify. Guess what? I can still lose weight. I can still maintain my loss. And I enjoy my work outs. Whatever you've got to work with you can make it work for you!
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Set yourself some goals, ones that involve cutting back on exercise, and stick to it. It doesn't mean you're getting lazy. I really like using the monthly exercise and weight loss threads on this forum to help guide my month. It keeps me accountable, and at the end of each month I can think about what I did, if it worked, and what I need to do more/less of the next month. You may decide after a month of cutting back that you want to increase your workouts again, or you may decide that you like what you're doing and want to continue!

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i want to know the bmi for health. now what can i do?
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I agree, listen to your body and give it a break if you need to.

I think we all need to know our limits and how we operate in losing weight.
For example, I typically jump into something, am very excited the first few days, and burn myself out by the end of the week.

This time I decided to start slow and simple and work my way up!
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