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happy2bme 02-01-2014 12:14 PM

Worldly Chicks - Feeling the Love for Ourselves and Our Friends in February
Ok, here we go into a new month. Even though February is short, it's my least favorite month. By now I'm frozen stiff and I don't think I'll ever warm up. Even moreso with the winter we've had. Guess it's just a good reason to make some warm, hearty soups and kick the exercise programs into gear.

Hoping for success for all of us this month.

happy2bme 02-01-2014 01:45 PM

Always a challenge trying to carry over personals from one post to the next.

Laura - happy trails and have a WONDERFUL vacation. Get some sun in for all of us! :beach: Hope you have a blast with your friends.

Ceejay - glad your labs worked out well. Boy that's some dose of Vitamin D !!!! I'd still rather be sitting on the deck in the sunshine getting it that way but oh well... If you want to count inches lost, that's great - whether it is calories or inches or just heck, counting days when you made better choices - whatever keeps you motivated I say.

Michelle - looks like you are at a conference this morning. Hope you enjoy it and leave feeling uplifted!

Annie - glad your cold cleared up. Hope you had a nice lunch with your friends.

Shad - First I give you a hand to jump back on the wagon again. If you still misbehave I'm coming after you with the prod! :lol: I did a Mel and looked up Wellington Harbour. You are right - just breaktakingly beautiful. Blue waters and mountains in the background. What a lovely place. Except for dripping ceilings. ;)

Hi Susie - hope you aren't working too hard!

Well time for me to get off the computer. I am starving and then I have to pick up a library book and then get some housework done. Been snowing all morning - they said just a trace but it's been "tracing". Oh boy - DH just announced he's making brunch - I knew if I held out long enough.... :lol: Have a good weekend ladies.

Shad 02-01-2014 01:51 PM

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Thanks Happy.
Thought I had posted yesterday but whatever, it is not there.

Laura - hope you have a great cruise. Take care and enjoy the warmth.

Happy - still freezing over there I see. We are enjoying a spell of fine sunny and temperate weather.

Ceejay - whenever we used to get run down and boils, my dad used to make us eat dried fruit - particularly currants. Seemed to work. We never had many.

Michelle - I am taking the ferry across the harbour today. I'll take the camera with me. On the other side of the harbour from Wellington is Eastbourne which is basically a dormitory suburb, but an expensive one. I am going to lunch with my nieces in-laws. Later in the month I will try to get over there for the walk to Baring Head and Pencarrow Lakes. It's supposed to be an interesting one. Lots of wildlife and for a change it is fairly flat. Most of my walking here is done on hills.

Annie - good on you for getting rid of that cold fast. Now to build up your immunity so it doesn't come back again.
Hope you had a nice lunch.

Happy is posting on top of me again I see. Thought I had lost my post, but it posted itself.

Susie - hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

My avatar, by the way is of Wellington City, in one of its good moods. I've attached some photos of Wellington. One is taken from the balcony of my apartment. Those hills to the left are where I take my walks and runs. As you can see they are fairly steep. The grey building, just behind the white building with the pink scaffolding is where I now work. Just down the road huh? and the other photo is of the front of parliament house and shows the building known as the 'Beehive'. Like all countries, we have too many politicians making too many strange decisions. And of course the last one is of the Peanut Smurf. My nieces little boy.

Gotta go. Need to do a few things before I head for the harbour this morning.

ceejay52 02-01-2014 04:16 PM

Thanks for posting the pictures. What beautiful views! Seems like mom used to have me eat raisins when I'd get boils in my teen age years.

Glad you are feeling better. My nieces husband is a firm believer in Air Borne.

It's 68 degree's today but colder temperatures are on their way. It feels like March with the wind blowing. I've been tempted to make some soup. Has there been a day with out snow on the ground this winter?

My friend has finally made it. She may stay for a couple of day's and that's okay. Nothing else is new. Need to exercise and go back out to Walmart to get some band aids and raisins.

happy2bme 02-02-2014 01:46 AM

just carrying over Annie's post from the January thread.


Originally Posted by annie175 (Post 4933968)
Laura Have fun for all of us.

I suck at personals right now. I am struggling with work. And passwords. Not related. Please forgive me.

Happy. Pork loin. Make slits in whatever roast. Cut up apple in half inch slices. Placr in slits Pour 1/2 cup maple syrup over. Put in cut up tatts. Carrots onions. Salt. Pepper. A little chicken broth like half cup. I use bullion chicken. 8 hours on low.

happy2bme 02-02-2014 02:06 AM

Shad - what an adorable little peanut - I just LOVE that munchkin smile. Your family makes pretty babies. :queen: Wow lady - if you are running, walking, trotting those hills you are getting quite the workout. If you are planning on coming over this way, please walk in sand with lead weights as I will never be able to keep up with you and I'm not even smoking any more. :lol: I'm glad you are running again - you seem to like it. Or do you? I hope you had a nice day at the harbor. All our water is white and hard right now - would love to hear some surf.

Ceejay - 68 degrees???? Oh you make me cry. I think it got up to 18 degrees today and we were happy with that. Back in the freezer again. But February marked the end of winter in the south. Soon the forsynthia will be blooming and the sneezing season begins. Still 68 degrees. :love::goodvibes:cloud9: Please enjoy some for me. I think to your question underneath it all we still have the first snow of the season from October. For the first time since we have been here (and agreed to by the locals for a long time at least), we still have the original first snow of the season that fell in October. Once it started it never warmed up enough to really melt anything. .Been a very harsh winter.

I do hope that we can make it through to the summer season without having to worry about propane. There is a huge shortage up this way. We should be ok but I am conserving anyway. Which means I've severely cut back my use of the gas fireplace in the house. I think we should be ok, it's the people who don't pre-buy their gas on contract who are singing the blues. Of course many claim that this "shortage" is manufactured by the gas companies to take advantage of the cold weather. I don't know. I saw an article on the news they are asking the president to do something that would allow us to receive propane from other states which have it in abundance. So far we are fine and if it really got bad we could always go live in the basement which has electric baseboard heat - that would keep the main quarters warm enough not to burst the pipes but no where near comfortable enough to sit in all day. OR we could clear the snow and go sit outside around the firepit like cavemen - :lol: Only 3 and a half more months of winter - lets hope for an early spring :crossed:

Nothing much happening today. DH had a headache and I got one later too so we just took an easy day at home. He made a nice brunch of scrambled eggs, maple sausage, orange juice and we had bagels too. We've been eating the biggest meal of the day at midday which is good. He just had some cheese and sausage for dinner, I had a bag of popcorn which I probably could have made a better choice. I did try the Special K popcorn chips. They are ok, perhaps with a dip of some sort. Definitely addresses the crunch factor for reasonable calories. But I'd rather celery with some light cream cheese or peanut butter.

I watched Saturday Night Live because Melissa McCarthy was hosting and the last 2 shows she had some very funny bits. This show, not so much this time around. I would have been better off watching clips online. Won't be watching the Superbowl on Sunday either. Just not a football fan. Guess that's enough babbling for me. Goodnight all.

MyChoice2bfit 02-02-2014 08:04 AM

Hello! I finally made it back. You know how my work goes. I worked until 7 p.m. Wed night, went in at 7 a.m. on Thursday, then had TOPS and then my "mom" time with my friend's girls, then Friday, I worked 8-6 p.m. I'm glad last week is over!

I posted on MFP yesterday and will today. I have a scale goal and a non-scale goal. My scale goal is at least a 5 lb loss this month and my non-scale goal is to post my food every day.

Yesterday we cleaned house and then we went to dinner...Cheesecake Factory..yummy but oh wow the calories! We did split a Cheesecake and I only ate half my meal. We had a 2 hour wait so we did a lot of walking the mall and standing. I hope it helped to burn some of those calories.

You all made me laugh with the cattle prod comment. :D It did get my butt in gear! ;)

Shad: What lovely pictures. I could feel the sunshine and warmth! And those hills! You will have such beautiful toned legs from walking/running them.

Laura: I am looking forward to hearing about your trip.

Ceejay: Thanks for explaining the Vit D you are taking. You must be really low and I'm glad your doctor is helping you.

I hope that boil clears up quickly; those can be very painful. I bet it is from all the stress you are dealing with at work. I'm not good at stress either. I just sort of shut down. Which is why I struggled the past two weeks with my DH's health issues. However I must tell myself that not eating right and not exercising is not going to change the stress issue. I'm working on that!

Happy: I have been hearing about the propane shortage. It is even in our area. Our local newspaper had an article about it and said that they are short filling tanks to try and have enough for everyone's orders. I guess that way, everyone gets something.

I have popcorn for dinner sometimes--especially when work late. It's ok every once in away.

Very nice the your DH made breakfast...good for you for holding out. ;)

Annie: We had a warm day here yesterday as well. Wasn't it wonderful?! I ran the car through the car wash and then helped DH shovel some of the snow/slush our of the drive way and off the walks. They say we will get a little more snow this week but they aren't acting like it will be a big amount. I sure hope not.

Michelle: I am sorry that I can't remember what you posted and I can't see it since it is in last months thread. I do remember that you are doing pretty well and I was thinking how nice it is that in a months time you have settled into your new job and location. It's nice to see that life does settle down in time.

Today is church this morning, need to visit DH's dad for a bit, and then I'm sending him for groceries while I take a nap! We are making chili this week so dinners are easy a couple of nights. We love the Wendy's salads (I get mine without any meat on them) and decided we will have them one night, not sure about the rest of the meals for the week. We always have a peanut butter on hand and keep a bag of raw veggies to add to meals.

We pack our lunches and they are usually those Healthy Choice or Weight Watcher meals or soup.

We will be watching the Super Bowl tonight. I'm looking forward to the commercials and the half-time show.

Tomorrow is DH's bladder scope. A bit nervous but ready to find get this done and over with for him.

He had the kidney ultrasound on Friday and he hasn't had any visible blood in his urine for 11 days.

Once they took him off the blood thinner it took exactly the amount of time that his doctor said it would take for it to go away if the blood thinner was causing it, so I'm trying to not worry and think of this as just a precautionary thing to be sure.

ceejay52 02-02-2014 12:55 PM

We had a north wind yesterday so that made the air colder even in the sunshine. I'm like you I'm ready for winter to be over with. Looks like we may get some snow tonight.
We had reports of the propane gas shortages too.

I'm not completely off the charts with the vitamin D but almost. Glad dh is improving.

I'm so glad it's Sunday and Mr. Arrogance is not here. At least I have one quiet day. I hope he goes some where else tomorrow and let me have some alone time. They are letting enough maintenance pile up to keep him busy for a week at least. We'll see how this goes. But if he is up here tomorrow I'm sitting myself in our little lab area and let him have the run of things. He's already beginning to take over. At first I was upset about the fact that he has taken it upon himself to type out a written math formula and put it in every ones box, including mine. That's okay though. He's showing his true colors. His fortitude will clash one day with the other T.J. He sure would like to have my job. And if the bosses think's he worth it without a license for water treatment so be it. And sorry T.J. I've balanced the paper work for January. You can start on February.
That's enough of a whine for now. Thanks for listening.

Shad 02-02-2014 02:11 PM

Morning all,
Another beautiful day here in Wellington. Yesterday was somewhat hazy and a northerly wind popped up while we were ferrying across the harbour, so I didn't go out on deck and take any photos. It was lovely and warm in the cabin and I had a whole banquette to myself so I spread out. The ferry stopped at Somes Island - well it is actually now called Matiu Island but the pakeha (european) name has stuck like glue so it is called both. Somes used to be a quarantine station for both animals and humans. Now it is a leisure spot. You can go out there and walk, picnic and look at the returning flora an faunu. Some of the birds out there are somewhat endangered elsewhere. So one weekend I might just take myself off out there and do some sightseeing. I was supposed to meet my niece and the baby at the wharf, but somehow we missed each other. How the heck we did that in a small beachside suburb, I don't know but we did. I got to her in-laws place and J asked me where are the others? No idea I said. So I rang the niece only to find that they were on one side of the road going one way and I had been on the other side of the road going the other way. Never the less we had a nice lunch of quiche and salad, homemade bread and apple and cinnamon muffins. Then we went walking down to the beach and had an icecream each. Mine was Nectarine and Muscovado. Absolutely yummy and probably gave me more calories in that little icecream than I had consumed in the whole of lunch. Oh well, and I just remembered I haven't put it on the tracker.

Next Thursday here is Waitangi Day - sort of New Zealand equivalent of July 4. I am going back to Brisbane on the Wednesday night and returning here on the Sunday. It will be nice to spend a couple of days at home. I am having the tooth implant checked, hope to see the optician and want to get a hair cut and colour. It will be nice to see the house again and catch up with the family and some friends.

Susie, glad to hear the DH is coming right. Seems that some drugs have some fairly nasty side effects. Not sure about my toned legs, but there are muscles there. And I don't run up them although I see the younger ones doing so. I run down them, generally due to the fact that it is easier to jog down them than walk. Large numbers of leg and back muscles come into play when going downward. It can be just as tough as going up them in some cases. I can now run all the way along Tokyo Lane which is more or less flat. It's not tremendously long - probably only about 1/4 mile.

Happy - not so sure I 'like' running. I do it because it's there and it burns calories. I try to go a little further each day, but there are days when the body just isn't right and doesn't want to do that, and other days where I feel I could run a marathon. I can't and I probably never will but that's life. I intend to bring back some of my fitness dvd's for the times I just can't make it out and about.

Ceejay - wow, this bloke certainly has made an impression on you. Hope you don't come to blows with one another.
Surprise - your mum and my dad possibly knew what they were talking about as far as boils goes. I havent had one for years and DS2 who practically lives on raisins and sultanas and ginger as his sweets has never had one and went through puberty with hardly a zit either. DS1 who always ate well, was plastered with them. Must be something in it.
Sorry to hear the job is going downhill. Just think that you have only a matter of months to go. Not long at all.

Annie - sounds like you are struggling a bit. Winter is a bad time for the blues - all that cold and lack of sun tends to wear people down.

Laura is off on her holiday. It will be over too soon for her, but I hope she has a wonderful time.

Michelle :wave:

Gotta go and get on with my day. It just looks so nice out there and I want to be out in it and not in this grey old building. Still they pay me for something so I had better go do it.

happy2bme 02-02-2014 02:26 PM

Hi ladies,

Cold but very sunny day today. Someone dropped the ball at the grocery store and did not post today's sale ad so I guess I will hold off going to the grocery store until later in the week. Not much going on in my corner of the pond.

Ceejay - glad you got a day off from Mr. Arrogant. He will no doubt rise within the organization - those types tend to and will not win any popularity contests. He can have your job - you're leaving in 2 years anyhow. :lol: And if they sweeten the pot and buy you out early, is that so bad?

Susie - glad the threat of the prod snapped you back into place :rofl: The one thing I like about winter dinners is that they are the kind you can cook up ahead of time and just warm through the week. I'm sure it's more difficult for you with the hours you keep. When you get home at 7pm, who wants to spend an hour cooking up something? I guess crock potting would work well for you. I hope DH's ultrasound comes out ok - it sure sounds like the blood thinners were to blame. Isn't he going weekly to get his blood tested? Sounds like he might have been on too much medication. Has he given any more thought to the ablation procedure?

Speaking of crock pot, how was the pork roast Annie?

Interesting that everyone is having a propane shortage - I thought it was specific to up this way and our Canadian neighbors. It has been a cold long winter for many. We are hoping there will be no short fills on our tanks as we have a contract for x number of gallons which should see us through to spring.

Poor Shad - saw you on FB - here we are with a whole Sunday ahead of us and you are back at the desk, ready to start the work week. :( But then again, you get to start your weekend sooner than us. Did you get a nice harbor walk in?

I gotta stop getting up late - slept in today because I had a beastly headache. Now I am hungry and if I eat anything substantial I will mess up dinner plans. We bought steaks the other day and need to use them up. I guess I'll go have some fruit and yogurt or a half of a bagel to tide me over. I got some new granola and might add that to the yogurt because if I eat it with just milk the carbs will only make me ravenous. Later chicks.

ceejay52 02-02-2014 05:31 PM

Just thinking about your comment. I hope they do offer me a buy out but I don't think they will. This guy will probably move up cause he is the bossy type and probably the brown noser too. I really don't care. If this happens it will be the third boss I will have trained. Don't want to do it again.

happy2bme 02-03-2014 01:03 AM

Ah Shad - I had to look up Muscovado - a molasses brown sugar COMMONLY USED TO MAKE RUM :cheers: :hat: No wonder you liked it :lol:

Very interesting history about Australia and New Zealand and how they came to be. Must put it on my list to read up on one day. Forgive me, you haven't mentioned it and I have forgotten to ask but just how is the tooth implant coming along? Are you finished with all the dental work? Was it worth the time and effort after all? Sorry you crossed paths with the niece - how funny. Lunch sounded lovely - my kind of lunch. And if you can have it outside in the sunshine, even better. Ok, so maybe you aren't loving running, but you have always been good about pushing yourself.

Ceejay - an early buyout is a dream come true - as long as the health insurance is adequately covered, you can deal with any other expense that comes your way and can live on a lot less than you think provided you don't have champagne tastes which does not strike me that you do.

Just popping in for a minute. I'm really going to try and get to bed earlier tonight. Been hitting the sack way too late although I may have to take something to get me to sleep tonight. Talk to you tomorrow ladies.

annie175 02-03-2014 08:32 AM

Good Morning All....

Indiana is in for another bad storm coming in at rush hour tomorrow evening. Mixed bag of ice and snow till midight then snow till 1 pm on Wednesday 4-7 inches accumulation on top of the ice. I may take the day off on Wednesday if it is that bad, then the weekend is bringing another snow storm in Sat/Sun. Yuck, I am over it. Right when Sassy has been going back outside to potty, here we go again. bleh

C is down with a very bad cold AGAIN. I told him if he doesn't start taking his vits regularly and get a dang flu shot I will no longer feel sorry for him or baby him, yeah right...you know I will. He slept from Friday night till yesterday at 4 pm. With the exception of working 6 hours on Sat. Not even a full day. I have him on airborne, zinc mouth spray and sinus cold medicine, something should happen.

Sissy is coloring my hair tonight. My hair is growing by leaps and bounds lately. Well I guess it has been 4 weeks since my last color. And a cut Thursday night. I love it when my hair gets messed with. lol Sissy is 5 weeks away from delivery. Yeah!! Very excited to meet Royce Micheal. Jacob asked me if I would that Jacob, Mommy, Nanna and baby brudder Royce to the zoo when it gets warmer. Well of course!!

Baby boy and wife came over yesterday afternoon, I fixed a very simply dinner, steak, baked tates, broc/cauliflower, salad, fresh snapped green beans made in the pressure cooker...all was quite yummy. BB took home steak and veggies for his lunch today. Very enjoyable evening. They stayed for the first quarter of the game that the Broncos did not show up for at all. Too bady for Peyton Manning, but honestly he stunk as did the rest of the team.

SHADDIE...I just love the pictures you post of the beautiful country, and the lil smurf man is a living doll. He does kinda of resemble happy smurf! lol Yes it will probably be nice to get home for a few days...Shaddie clicking her heals together, there is no place like, no place like home!

HAPPY...the propane shortage has been all over the Indy news stations also. That and our shortage of salt and street cleaning chemicals. We will be in the same position as some of the southern states if we don't get any back up stuff from the states that are not using all of their supplies. Make have to stay home from work. My neighborhood streets are a straight sheets of ice from the icey rain we had over night on Saturday. Major roads are clear.

LAURA...soak up that sun and bring it on back sister. I expect sunny days once you return.

CHELLE..hope your weekend went great. I am sure you had a good time at the seminar. Especially with Wayne Dyar speaking, I really like him. I have read a couple of his books and also listened to a series on tape.

SUSIE...glad DH is doing better and you have set some decent goals for yourself for the month of February. Go gettem tiger!! I don't even go to restaurants that are not WW friendly enough and I would not be able to controll myself in Cheesecake Factory. Right now I am loving Applebees and their 550 or less meals, they are filling and quite enough to eat. Tastes delish!!

CEEG....at least there is a light at the end of your work tunnell with retirement not too far down the road. Then you will not have to put up with men like the trainee. Funny you train your bosses and they get the pay for it. SOmething wrong with that picture.

That about does it for me, better hunker down and get busy. I very much dislike this place more and more....

Have a marvy Monday!!


diyana 02-03-2014 11:38 AM

Happy February ladies,

Sorry I'm a couple days late in getting here. I had a very busy weekend. I went to the "I Can Do It" conference which was held just a couple miles from my home. Wayne Dyer, and a dozen other amazing authors spoke. It was two days of positivity. Other than my wonderful 50th birthday do-over weekend last September, it was the best weekend I've had in a very long time.

When I got home both evenings, I was exhausted, and just relaxed and re-read the notes I took from the conference. There's another conference coming up in March, specifically for writers who want to get published, and I'm considering attending that one as well.

I'll try and catch up with what y'all have been up to later today. I'm sure Laura is having a wonderful time on her cruise! Sounds like Ceejay and Annie are having a rough time at work.

Sending love and hugs to all,

happy2bme 02-03-2014 12:26 PM

Good morning all,

Sounds like those of you south of me are going to get pounded with the weather. :( It never occurred to me that besides the propane shortage there might be a (road) salt shortage too. :yikes: what a toll this beastly winter is having on all of us. I remember one year in Chicago where they were having budget issues and after several mild winters, opted to buy only a small amount of salt for the upcoming winter. Turns out it was an awful winter, very snowy and of course they ran out of salt early. Roads were horrible to navigate. We're ok up here - they keep the main roads fairly clean, the roads in town are "ok" and we are the very last to get plowed on our road here. We are getting a bit miffed at that - sometimes takes 3 days for them to get to us. I shudder to think what would happen if we got a 20 incher. Seems to me that when we have a winter after an El Nino or is it Nina - one is warmer, one is colder - it always seems to have a lot more cold and precipitation. I think we will all collectively welcome spring this year. I was looking at some pictures on my computer and came across the garden from last spring. I've been looking at a white yard for so long it looked funny to see a green one. :lol:

Annie - I certainly hope you don't get all the snow they predict. :( I can understand your frustration with everything. Don't let it get to you. Sorry to hear that C is sick again. I'm not big on flu shots BUT when you have a job dealing with the public and their dirty nasty germs, I am all about getting the shot. I did this year and last because of working the popcorn place and the thrift shop and touching money which is notoriously dirty among other things. I would think running in an out of the truck in cold weather, working in stores - he is always around junk. You just dose him up with some Missus Annie's Sure Fire Cold Prevention and whack him :rollpin: if he doesn't mind you. :lol: Sorry work is a pain too - unfortunately the only thing I kept remembering was the famous saying that someone's new opportunity (starting a new job all excited) was someone ELSE's crappy job they just ditched :lol: Moral of the story - it's no better anywhere else. I thank the Lord each and every night that I am blessed to be away from that crap as I surely had reached the end of my rope with the B*S* - I wish you strength. How nice to get treated to a head spa day with Sissy! I take it the hair dye smell doesn't bother her at this point. And she does a great job from your pictures. I'm getting mine done on the 13th and I can't wait - roots seemed to pop out all at once. :o

Michelle - I'm glad you had such an uplifting weekend. Sometimes when I read some particularly good stuff, I am reminded that we all need some positive motivation no matter where we find it. And you are probably in a better location now to be able to take advantage of conferences like that. Will be nice to have the writing workshop to look forward to. I should get back to writing myself.

I changed up my weight loss goal in MFP. Had it at one pound a week and I think that's too many calories for me to lose anything. Weight was the same as last week. At least I didn't have any salt bombs on Sunday for a change :lol: Even though my knee is giving me lots of problems including pain which wakes me up in the night and disrupts my sleep, I am making a personal challenge to drink more water, less soda and incorporate more exercise into my week ahead.

With that, I'm going to start my day. Have a good one ladies. Hello to the rest of the chicks.

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