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QuilterInVA 01-31-2014 01:45 PM

Steel Magnolias #71
Good afternoon, ladies! 44 degrees and more warm weather on the way. In fact, next week we are going to have rain at least 3 days which is a lot better than more snow.

I got out and went to work today. Boss is going to be gone for a month so we needed to figure out what needed to be done while he is gone.

The Y is starting a new yoga class for those with osteoarthritis and I think I'll sign up. My neck, back and hands are getting worse.

Faye, I hope things go quickly for your pre-op and the commissary isn't too crowded.

Jean, I've always been fortunate to have a good car dealer that gets my car done quickly. Mine doesn't have all the bells and whistles that are available now so its a lot cheaper to repair.

Maggie, it must be hard to part with all the nice things you have acquired since you moved to KS for I know you shopped wisely. On the other hand, how much fun is it to decide what you are taking and where you will go. I know the church and museum will miss you and Will a lot.

Have a wonderful day.

Maggie 01-31-2014 06:19 PM

Finally Friday

It snowed just a skiff last night and it is cold today. They say we have a chance of getting more snow this evening after 8pm with 1 to 3 inches. Hoorah for any moisture we can get. If that happens we can go out and play with our Jeep. :lol:

I have decided not to get that bow after all and just hone my shooting a sling shot. I have a perfectly good wrist rocket, which needs new robbers, that I got quite good with one like it as a teenager and will get some marbles and do some practice in the back yard to get my aim sharpened up again. I can kill snakes and other varmints and not have to retrieve any arrows. :cp: Will is going to make us each a nice little leather pouch to carry our ammo in. He has some very soft leather that will make excellent ammo bags. The reason being where we go tramping around we have encountered some unsavory characters of the varmint kingdom and we donít want to face any, without protection of some sort. We have a very nice backyard to practice in and get our skill up to par whenever the weather decides to co-operate. I found out I needed new rubbers when I drew back and one side snapped ~ what a surprise.

With the weather turning bad for traveling we have cancelled our quick trip to Texas so will be staying home. We have decided when we can find new batteries for the MH then when we do leave here we can go there and visit our friends. No one around here sells the MH kind we are looking for. We may have to make a trip to a big city to get some at a Camping World store.
When we can we buy locally but when we canít we go to where they sell what it is that we are after.

SUSAN How nice they started a group that you can join and help your condition. Thank you for starting a fresh thread. :p It is nice now someone else will have a turn to have fun with the nice kitchen tools I have gathered these past few years. They are all still in good condition and will serve someone well for years to come. What I am taking will do more than one thing and not be specialty items. It was fun gathering up a nice array of kitchen appliances and now it will be fun to sell them and reduce my inventory down to what I can use to do an array of jobs without them.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

gma22 02-01-2014 12:03 PM

Good morning ladies. It is overcast but a lovely upper 50's here. Poor Jay is getting more rain and sleet and ice this weekend. We talked to him this morning and they are looking forward to going to Mexico on Valentine's Day to see her dad for a week or so. I guess they have no problem taking Jackson out of school for a week. None of my business.

We had a busy and unusual day yesterday. I went to the hospital and got my preop done and boy this was great. They came to me instead of me having to trapse all over a hospital to get things done. I am all ready for Wednesday now. We then went and had lunch, then went to Macys at the mall because they were having a big small appliance sale. I have a 20 year old Oster blender that bit the dust awhile back and wanted to replace it with a good strong one and they had blenders 40% off until tomorrow. So I got one of those Ninja professional ones $150 and I paid with the savings stuff only $90 then they had $50 flat long griddles for only $20 and a $50 rotating waffle iron for $20. Of course, until we do the remodel on the dining room and make it into a big pantry storage area I have no where to put the darn things so they are sitting on the dining table. We then went to Home Depot so Jack could get a keyhole saw, to Krogers to pick up some stuff then to Fresh Market because I wanted a rotisserie chicken and some of their fresh cranberry relish, which is delicious.

We came home, unloaded and put everything away and Jack wanted to make something in the blender. I told him to be sure and wash the parts first. Well, this thing doesn't have the blades that screw into the container, but a vertical set of blades on a spindel type thing. He dropped it in the sink and it cute his right pinkie pretty deep so off we go to the ER. We spent two hours in the ER getting him fixed up. He hates needles so they didn't numb him and sew it even though I thought they should go that route as he cut it almost all the way around the finger. They cleaned it, which hurt him a lot because the cleaning stuff had alcohol and the wound was open, then they did the durabond or whatever the superglue thing is called, gave him an antibiotic prescription and pain meds and we came home and went back to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription. What an evening. They call it rapid treatment, but lie, lie, lie as we were there over 2 hours sitting and waiting after the bandaged it in the front part to keep it from bleeding onto the floor and such.

My leg is killing me today after being up on it for so long and my hip on the other side from sitting in their horrible chairs last night. I am gimping around today.

Maggie: Jack read an article online about California's draught and they have now gotten to the point where they are telling people to cut out showers everyday, hair washing, toilet flushing everytime, etc because it hasn't even sprinkled out there in over a month. It went on to show Lake Mead and the water level in Mead has dropped horribly, partly because parts of the Colorado river are drying up.

Susan: I am sure looking forward to spring for sure. One of the questions yesterday was my skeletal and muscular and she asked me about arthritis so I told her about my knee and then told her I have arthritis in my hands, shoulders and upper arms most likely from knitting all the time and she kind of chuckled at that. It can get bad where I just have to give it up for awhile. Do you find hand quilting parts difficult with needles? I tend to lean forward when I knit for some reason, which causes stress in the shoulder bone on my right side and in the ball and socket in my arm with the movement back and forth.

Well gals, I need to go fold laundry. Have a great weekend all. Faye

Jean 02-01-2014 12:55 PM

Good Morning, Flowers! The sun was shining but has disappeared. The wind is blowing slightly; the flag across the street is shredded and the solar (?) light at the top of the pole has been out for months. The guy is an EMT so you'd think he'd know better but guess there is no common sense upstairs. I made a quick run to the bank for the gift shop deposit so that's one thing I won't have to do on Monday. I have laundry going and need to vacuum. Sonny pulled the bird/squirrel food bowl off the table and I have bird seed everywhere. He's too fat to squeeze through if the chair is tight to the table, but he can sure reach a long ways!

Susan -- Thanks for starting the new thread for us! :D It would be heaven to have a 44 degree day right now! The yards are covered with snow again; we got a new 1/2" last night and maybe an 1" the day before. I'm glad you could get out even if it meant going to work. Will you have to go in every day while your boss is gone? There is a chair yoga class offered here and I've thought about checking into it. I have never ever, in my whole life, been agile, flexible, or whatever.

Maggie -- With the bad weather you are probably wise to stay home. :yes: I have a horror of getting stuck on a freeway after seeing the Atlanta mess. An airport would be bad enough but at least one would be inside out of the weather. Hope you are able to make it to the city to get the batteries that you need.

"Gma" -- Poor Jack! :sorry: I hope his finger is feeling better soon! When we took the kids to Maui, the teachers gave them the school work they were going to miss for the week they were gone. I guess the idea was that the parents could help if needed. Have fun with your new appliances but be careful of the Ninja! ;) Hope your hip and leg are feeling better as the day goes along.

I need to get busy. Bob is at the office working on taxes and should be home for lunch soon. Hope you all enjoy a super Saturday doing something nice for yourself! :wave:

Maggie 02-01-2014 06:27 PM


We went out and about last night around 10:30pm to drive about in the snow. I think by then we had a good inch which covered everything with a nice white blanket. It was so nice and peaceful for not many folks were out at that time.

We got out again today which is in the 20˚ area of coldness and drove around a bit and stopped at Wall*Mart and picked up a couple 4 qt sized small plastic boxes for me to pack some needful things in to store in the basement of the MH. I like that size for they stack neatly and aren’t too heavy when loaded to move around to get the one out one wants. The sides and bottoms are clear so it is easy to see what is in each of them and they measure about 12 x 16 inches and are 7 inches deep and have locking handles that come up over the lid on the ends. The things I have put into them are things that were in my “crafts” room closet that I will need while “out there.” I just thought I would get a start on repacking my needful things in to proper storage containers for the MH basement now that I am rather house bound. Those boxes can still reside in my closet until we move into the MH for I will be using the contents during those months. All of these things were in cardboard boxes with lids that can now contain the things we will sell in a yard sale come spring. As I come across something I don’t intend to keep it goes in one of those cardboard boxes.

I think I will take these two new boxes into the bedroom and put seasonal things in them. I have shoes that I wear only in the warm weather, etc. and they don’t have to take up room inside the MH. Well on second thought I think I just might let the shoes live in their plastic shoe boxes that they currently occupy and store other seasonal things in the boxes.

OH ~ just looked out the window and it is snowing. :cp: It probably won’t amount to much but every little bit helps

JEAN What is funny about those batteries is that golf carts use the same type batteries ~ 4 of them in fact. Will was talking to our friend that owns the gun shop and he told us to check with the golf cart folks. Sure enough they have the very battery type we need for the MH so we will be buying from "local" after all. :cp: Our weather may just be a bit colder than yours. :o We don't worry about getting stuck because of our Jeep and wench and etc.~ but the crazy other drivers on the road are scarey. They shouldn't even be out there and swerve all over the place.

DONNA FAYE Those blades are sharp! Guess he won't be doing that again. YIKES what a wake up call on handling a new piece of equipment. Poor dear. Hopefully he will heal fast. Yep, California is in dire straits, they need rain so badly out there. Sounds like you got some nifty new kitchen appliances. What fun.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

Jean 02-02-2014 02:34 PM

Good Afternoon! I'm wonder if the groundhog saw his shadow or not. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's another cold day in my neighborhood. We skipped church this morning and slept in instead. I've read the papers, have been doing laundry, and have breakfast/lunch. For some reason my washer is taking too long to fill with water on a certain cycle so when I go down to put the load in the dryer it is sitting in water with the lights flashing on the panel. I have to cancel the cycle and start over. Bob checked the filters which is what the book said to do and they are clear. If I use another setting it seems to run fine. Sometime ago Bob thought our water pressure was lower than usual so am wondering if that might be the problem. I'd like to think I am smarter than the washer, but maybe not.

Maggie -- Funny that batteries for a tiny golf cart would keep a motor home moving. :lol: Sounds like you are putting the packing plan in motion.

I plan to watch some of the Super Bowl commercials since there has been so much hype about them. Don't give two hoots about the game though. Hope you all enjoy your day today! :wave:

Maggie 02-02-2014 04:59 PM

Sunny Suncay

It is another cold day here in the ♥-Land with snow predicted for the early days this week. We sure are thankful for what we can get though in the form of moisture.

Nothing much going on today to speak of ~ just the regular Sunday things going on.

JEAN For MH’s and golf carts 2 of the deep cell 6 volt batteries last longer than the 12 volt ones do. Golf carts use 4 of the deep cell 6 volt ones and our motor home uses two of them. The deep cell 6 volt batteries are for the lights and other stuff inside the coach and the motor home takes the 12 volt to operate the engine. Hope that clarifies it for you.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

Maggie 02-03-2014 12:26 PM

Marvelous and Cold Monday

Another day in the cool to cold temps and they say we have a 90% chance of snow tomorrow. What we got the other day is gone except around the edges. I showed a ďmaintainĒ in my weight today which I gladly accept. I always did have the hardest time losing weight in the winter months and this winter is no different it seems.

The folks around here that have fireplaces sure make the air smell good but make my eyes water. :lol: I donít know how they can afford to burn wood if they have to buy it for at the station where they sell it ~ it is $5 for four logs about two feet long and 6 inches wide. I remember when we would go up into the mountains and cut wood for the stove in the church building when we lived in WY. It takes a lot of wood to keep a room nice and cozy. We also have a wood burning stove up at the cabin and I know how much it took to cook a meal. That isnít the only source of heat up there though. When we went up there we took enough food to last the amount of days we planned to be there for the nearest store is many miles down the mountain. :yes: I am so thankful that my folks bought that cabin from my fatherís brothers when I was just a young girl. It was plenty big for it has 4 bedrooms. We spent a lot of fun times up there. We could be surfing in the morning for we lived 2 blocks from the beach and up in the mountains playing in the snow the same day. From sea level to 6000 feet up in the Sierras 180 miles away. Our daughters ashes are scattered on the ridge above a meadow adjacent to the cabin overlooking a huge lake. The pulleys are still there on the trees along the meadow for the old ski lift on that hill they used back in the 20ís. The skiers sat in a chair and pulled themselves up to the top of the hill for it wasnít motorized. That, my Magnolia friends was a trip down memory lane. :yes: I love that cabin.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

Jean 02-03-2014 12:33 PM

Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly and there is hardly a breeze blowing which is nice! It's supposed to warm up to 28 this afternoon and then head back down to the - temperatures in a day or two. I am so proud of myself! We had a huge amount of money to count this morning and I didn't make any mistakes in posting! That is unusual as I usually have to go back and look for a mistake in typing numbers somewhere. I have a P.E.O. meeting this afternoon and we are meeting friends for supper in another small town nearby. Bob has practice so will go a little later than usual.

Maggie -- To me a battery is a battery is a battery. ;)

I need to change clothes and get ready to head out as soon as we eat lunch. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday! :wave:

gma22 02-03-2014 01:29 PM

Good afternoon ladies. It is chilly here and lots of accidents as we had rain, hard rain all day yesterday then it froze last night. Took Jack about twice as long as usual to get to work and though they wanted people to stay off 385, it is the way Jack needs to go on to get to the interstate without a much longer commute on surface streets. No sun so don't think it will melt anytime soon.

I got my preop done at the hospital and no one mentioned the womens' center needed the CD with the mammogram on it. I now have to keep the car tomorrow and take it out there. We could have dropped it off easily on Friday. It is such a huge complex that I imagine I am going to have to walk a lot and I am seriously concerned about the icy weather. I don't know what I am going to do. I may ask Jack if we can try and get there before they close this afternoon or something, though they close at 4 PM. What a mess.

Jack's finger bled some on Sunday, but hopefully it is sealed up well enough. He is wearing a big bandage to keep it clean at work so we shall see.

Criminy they are doing something in the condo next door and the noise is incredible. You can hardly hear yourself think.

I am down 3 lbs for the week but need to keep working really hard.

Maggie: We have people that sit on the side of the big streets with trucks full of wood and sell it by the cord or half cord, stuff like that. We don't use our fireplace, but people here do. Makes me really nervous because I have never seen any chimney sweeps every being here to clean them. It is scary to think about.

Jean: I know you loved getting it right the first time. We have a Roper washer, which works great, but makes more noise then I have ever heard in my life. It is always clicking and clacking. It has this complicated drain and spin cycle that self adjusts so it is crazy. It also makes a lot of noise filling. It always sounds like the water is falling on the floor.

Well gals, have a nice day. I am going to get ahold of Jack and see if he thinks we can deliver this thing today. Faye

gma22 02-04-2014 09:01 AM

Good morning everyone. It is again raining here to beat the band and is supposed to keep it up all day. Temps are in the 30's and only going into low 40 today then into 40's tomorrow then cold again. Looks like we aren't out of winter yet here for sure.

When I told Jack about the women's center, he took some sick time and came home and got me and we went over there yesterday and took the cd of my mammogram so we are all set for tomorrow.

I imagine I won't be in here tomorrow so say a little prayer everything goes ok. I am supposed to be there at 6 AM to have the wire inserted at the women's center then over to the admissions at the hospital and I think I am first up so should get in around 8 or so if she is ready. I just want to get it over with at this point and find out if I am ok or we have to deal with something.

You gals have a great day. Faye

Maggie 02-04-2014 11:39 AM

Snowey Tuesday

The temps today are said to be between 25˚ and 5˚ with 100% chance of Precip ~ This county has been issued a winter storm warning in effect until 6 PM and it has been snowing during the night while we slept and we have about 3 feet so far this morning. This will help save the winter wheat. :cp: We parked the Jeep out front on the street because when it snows like this it is very difficult to get out of the alley because of the drifts being very high at the end where the wind whips the snow around and piles it up. When we go out and about today Will will shovel the walk out front so I won't get my shoes full of snow as I walk out to the Jeep. :lol: Needless to say the animals are all still in the house and Cecil wasn’t asking to go out first thing when we got up today before the back door was open.

I don’t know if any of you ever get anything on the front of your clothing when you eat but I occasionally do and have found the neatest thing to clean it off right after it happens and it is the new “Tideģ To Goģ Stain Eraser™.” They are small 1⅜ ” by 1⅞“ pieces of stiff paper with a ĺ” wide strip down the middle which is the part you rub on the fabric using the folded back pieces to hang onto. You squeeze up the two outsides upward then backward to break the seal and the middle fills with fluid which you use to blot the stain up with. They work! I tried one yesterday and it lifted the chili off my blouse like a charm. They come packaged individually so they are so easy to tuck one in a pocket or purse for use “just in case.” Thank you Tideģ.

DONNA FAYE I do pray that the results are favorable for you. Keep thinking positively.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

Jean 02-04-2014 03:26 PM

Good Afternoon! It's a gloomy and very windy day with snow flurries flying every once in awhile. The serious snow is supposed to start later this afternoon. I made a WM and grocery store run this morning; figured if a storm was really going to happen they would be packed later today. I need to finish my doll sorting project and get that ready to take to Maddy. We are supposed to have lunch with my "mom" tomorrow but will wait and see what the weather decides to do. She is a little over an hour away and further south where the snow is supposed to be heavier.

"Gma" -- It's too bad they couldn't have sent the mammogram pictures over cyber space and save you the hassle! :hyper: For years our mammograms have been digitally sent wherever anyone wanted to go for further treatment. You are in my thoughts and prayers for everything to be ok. :goodvibes I hope Jack is getting along ok with his finger, and it doesn't bother him too much at work.

Maggie -- 3 feet of snow? :yikes: I have used the Tide stain removers and think they are great! :cheer:

I need to write some church birthday cards so better get at that. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :snow4:

gma22 02-05-2014 05:03 AM

Good morning gals. I am up, showered and dressed and ready to leave in about an hour so thought I would post this morning while I am sitting here.

Got a call from the Baptist Women's Center that the films weren't good enough and I needed to go in yesterday and get retakes.{{{SIGH}}} So Jack had to take half day off work again and I was there three hours. They took a set, the radiologist looked at it then back again and another set then I sat again then I had to have a sonogram. Her words were that because I had heavy breasts (translation you have big boobs) it was going to be a challenge to put in the wire this morning, but they were going to do the best they could. Wow, real encouraging that I am having something foreign put in to remove tissue from my breast and all you can say is best you can? I was already really mad about the whole thing. So, in I go this morning.

Maggie: I do not envy you all that snow for sure. You guys be careful. We are supposed to have icy conditions, but the deck doesn't look slick this morning so I am crossing my fingers. I don't do well on slippery surfaces and I have to go to the car, get out and go into the women's center, back out to the car, go to hospital admissions, then back in the car to come home and the temps are staying below freezing today.

Jean: Jack's finger is coming along. Part of that ugly look was trapped blood beneath the glue stuff. He said some of the glue is starting to peel off.

Well gals, just wanted to check in. I will let you all know how it went. Results of the biopsy won't be in for a couple days though. Faye

Jean 02-05-2014 08:53 AM

"Gma" -- :hug: Good luck this morning!

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