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QuilterInVA 12-27-2013 08:42 AM

Steel Magnolias #68
Good morning, ladies! A sunny day but cold at 29 degrees. Ice on the windshields this morning.

I'm going to English Paper Piecing today and that will be a lot of fun.

Faye, Glory has Tricare for Life and its terrible when you are a widow. She's on the bottom when it comes to getting an appointment at Langley. She's signed up for a Medicare supplement so she can get the care she needs. We have a Commissary at Langley and had a Quick Stop on the Bethel Base Housing that they closed 2 years ago. With Obama Care beginning Jan 1 I think we are all in for a rough time medically. They discontinued all Medicare Advantage Plans so my supplement has gone up a lot.

Jean, Cupid was a one-woman cat and whenever anyone came to the house, he'd go upstairs until they left. Casper is entirely different. He knows they came to see him and can't wait until they sit down so he can sit on their laps and get petted.

Maggie, have fun with all your food gift cards. It's nice to have them.

Have a wonderful day!

Jean 12-27-2013 02:44 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's a WARM 51 degrees according to the Weather Bug. It doesn't feel that warm because of the wind. I left a little early for the gift shop this morning; there wasn't a lot of Christmas items left to sell and they were all on shelves clearly marked with 50% off sale signs. There were several who asked about items not even closely related to Christmas, "are these 50% off?" Anyhow, the volunteer director scheduled three of us to work thinking one would come in this afternoon and she came this morning. There isn't enough space for three of us so I volunteered to come home and will go back in a little while. I should be able to bring the money home with me and get that deposited tomorrow morning. Otherwise, it's been a lazy day although I did do a load of laundry.

"Gma" -- I feel for you if the government succeeds in reducing Jack's Navy retirement benefit. :( I think the President and Congress should be the ones to take a cut in pay and benefits -- BIG time cuts! I have cleaned or done some task thinking about something else at the time, and when I finish, later wonder if I really did do the chore. That's age related or losing my multi-tasking ability. :lol: Ernie and Sonny are catching up on their missed sleep; both are snoozing in the recliner. What would happen if you would call whatever doctor, about your headache, every hour and be a pest about getting some sort of answer from someone? This is beyond ridiculous!

Susan -- Thanks for starting the new thread again! :cheer: Our very first cat would head to the closet or under the bed whenever anyone outside of family would come. She did like my mom though, because my mom got up early and would feed her. :D Every cat we've ever had has had a different personality, just like people. Have fun at English Paper Piecing!

I need to change back into my morning slacks and head back to the gift shop for a couple hours. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

gma22 12-28-2013 07:25 AM

Good morning to you all. It seems comfortable and not cool in the house so it must not have gotten too cold outside.

Jack took me out to our favorite italian restaurant last night and we had pasta. They have excellent sauce or gravy as the Italians like to call it. It is funny because Jack detests mushrooms and they put mushrooms in their sauce, but I have never found but one mushroom in my sauce each time we go. Last night I hit the jackpot and found two, but Jack said he found none so it balanced out. :lol: We left and ran to Krogers and it was a zoo because it was Friday night, but Jack self checked us out so it went a bit faster. We now don't have to leave the house this weekend.

Brother, I spent all morning on the phone with dr stuff. I was angry and upset by the time I was done. The clinic not only went behind my back and got a referral without talking to me first, they made the appt too and I knew nothing about it. I imagine I will get a letter from them a couple days before the appt. The woman at the clinic said they had made the appt four days ago!!! I couldn't see the same doctor because he only does afternoon appts so I had to change the appt, then call tricare and change the referral to this woman doctor at the same practice. I then had to call and leave a message about picking up my mammogram films so I have to keep the car next Friday so I can do that then my surgical consult for the biopsy is the
16th and we will go from there I guess. I have the gyn appt the 21st if the idiot referral office gets back with me. If they haven't called by Monday, Thursday they are going to get another call. You can't call the referral office, you have only one line into the clinic which is the appt line and they have to pass on the message. :mad: I also found out that even though the clinic said I needed no referral for the pharmacy or new gyn I did so I am stuck paying the bill for them both if UT Medical bills me, which they will. For out of network we have a $600 deductible and we never go out of network so I am on the hook for over $200.

Susan: Does Glory live too close to Langley to get regular doctor care instead of at the base? Our base doesn't provide for retirees so we have to see outside civilian drs. Luckily, our practice already takes Medicare patients and all Tricare so we don't have to switch practices. I am sorry she has so much trouble. Used to be a snap to get care, it isn't anymore for sure and like you said the more of the Obama crap we have to deal with the worse it is going to get. Pets are funny things and have different personalities just like people.

Jean: Hope you don't get too much snow. My friend from the first cruise lives in Kansas City, KS and she said over the holidays they got hit with snow and terrible ice. I guess the upper eastern seaboard is still without power from last weekend and the Pennsylvania turnpike had several pile ups. Jack used to travel that when he would come up to see me when we were dating and after we married when we would come to see our Indiana relatives when we lived in Va Beach. It could be awful in snowy weather. When we went to pick up our daughter in Lynchburg from college, we had the terror of our lives. We had rented a van to get all her stuff home and it was snowy and bad weather on the turnpike and it was late at night. Jack was driving at a good clip when all of a sudden in the left lane sat a car. It just sat there in the dark, no lights on. We barely missed it and I am sure someone down the line hit it. That was before cell phones and such so you couldn't call and tell someone. They had just left the car in the middle of the turnpike left lane. There were no people around at all. It was one of the scariest things we ever saw and even today talk about whether it was an hallucination but we both saw it! :lol:

Well girls, time to hit the bricks. Have a great day today. Faye

Maggie 12-28-2013 12:38 PM


Not much going on this day in the 60° day in the ♥-Land. I wish we had a chance of rain but no such thing is coming our way in the near future.

We had a nice long drive to a little town called Lucas that has 400 folks living there and lots of them are “artsie crafty” folks. That is where that butcher has his shop and makes outstanding jerky which we think is the best in the land. We got a couple pounds of it and a round of yummy Jack Cheese. I package the jerky in little plastic bags for it is 1P+ per ounce. It freezes well and when we want some we can get out a package and know the point cost. I love a piece of it with some orange or tangerine sections.

I have our weigh day cards made up to record our weight each Monday morning starting on Dec. 30th. I make them that hold the dates for 4 months which makes them a nice size. This month is just almost over and a new year will begin with renewed thoughts of doing the program better. I am going to use the nice booklets WW has to track what I eat. Since I will belong to the on line version I can still get products also and Will said he will go to the place locally to pick up “stuff.” His determination to do this is going to help me for we can do it as a team.

SUSAN How did your paper punching go? I just know you had a good time since you like it so much. Thankfully most of the food cards are for Applebee's and I can make good choice there for sure since they do have some WW items featured and the ones I have tried have been good.

JEAN I got a chuckle out of those folks who wanted to buy other items there weren't on the Christmas list. People are always looking for a "deal."

DONNA FAYE Since Jack detests mushrooms then he shouldn't ever be told the ingredients in a dish for there are probably other things he detests lurking in them. ;) Him being such a picky eater I just hope he gets all the vitamins and minerals he needs to stay healthy. After all, a person doesn't have to eat mushrooms to stay healthy. But come to think of it ~ if a person can eat snails you would think he would eat anything. Have you seen that TV program where that guy goes to different counties and eats some weird stuff? I mean he eats some gross things.

Have a great day my friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up.

Jean 12-28-2013 06:27 PM

Good Evening, Flowers! It was a beautiful day in my neighborhood with a high of 52 degrees! It's supposed to get colder and windier tonight with wind chill warnings. I counted gift shop money and made that deposit this morning, worked on laundry this afternoon. Bob took down our outside Christmas lights early this afternoon so as not to battle the weather later. I'm thinking maybe the tree will come down tomorrow.

"Gma" -- Good luck with the medical stuff! If it's their screw up, why should you have to pay for it? I feel for you! So far no snow. :cp: It felt like a spring day today, but it is supposed to get much colder again. Most of our snow disappeared yesterday and today.

Maggie -- Almost all of the gift shop Christmas items were gone by the time I left yesterday. There were some cute towels with spoon rests attached and they didn't sell at all. Not sure why except the towel was pretty thin. It's the kind for "looks" and not "use." :rolleyes: I was supposed to work Monday again, as backup, but since we are going to a funeral in Sioux City, I won't be here nor would I be needed.

In the newspaper, and online, I noticed the sun is setting a minute earlier but rising at the same time for the next few days! Spring is on the way!

I have sheets in the dryer to fold and put away, then need to think about something for supper. More leftovers! Hope you all enjoy your evening. :wave:

QuilterInVA 12-29-2013 10:46 AM

Good morning, ladies! Raining yet again but in the 50s now and headed for 63 this day.

Apparently my email got hacked. I got an email from Yahoo telling me to change my password for there had been "suspicious" activity on my account so if you got anything from me, just delete it.

Faye, Glory is 2 miles from Langley. It's probably good she doesn't get care there for that is where they diagnosed her husband with indigestion and an hour after she got him home he died of a massive heart attack. I love mushrooms, raw or cooked, and eat at least one box of them every week.

Maggie, you and Will have a great plan for the new year and WW. I go back to work there on Thursday and Saturday this week. I'll know it will be packed.

Jean, it's good you were able to sell off most of the Christmas items. No one likes to carry them over. I was at Walmart yesterday and they have the summer clothes out. I did pick up a pair of Lee Rider jeans in black for $5 from the clearance rack, but there wasn't anything like warm clothes left in the store.

Have a wonderful day.

gma22 12-29-2013 11:45 AM

Good morning to you all. We are just hanging out at the house this morning watching tv. I am knitting trying to get the scarf done and working on my sweater.

You are going to know where this is going, but the bead store online has a sale going for new year's. Yep, I put together a bracelet. The one color I don't have is orange and they had a bunch of orange beads and I bought a picture heart. You can have a picture inserted into the heart and I had a picture of Jack in his tux. I got two hanging hearts that are orange and black and then a couple spacers that are love inspired. Including shipping it was $38. I didn't buy a bracelet as I have one that is empty to use. I do need to get some extra things like lobster clasps and jump rings in case I ever need to fix them. I can get them at Amazon really cheap.

I knew I would get the thing from the dr about going to a surgeon. I got it yesterday and the dr's name was Fox. I haven't ever seen a dr named Fox at the clinic. It drives me nuts, but it would be a pain to change drs and this is a large clinic so there is more ability to have a dr than a one dr place. We are limited to few choices anyway. I just don't like being end runned on things. I thought I could make an appt for my dr and see her and discuss it not have them making the choice for me, which is what makes me mad. I would have liked my surgeon that did my other surgeries to do it as he was a general surgeon as are the surgeons I am going to see. I trust Dr Wheat, but I will go see this woman and if I don't like or trust her, then I am going to check and see if Dr Wheat could do it and get another referral. Right now all this stuff is pretty overwhelming to me to deal with.
I have the downstairs cleaned except for the dreaded dusting, which I will do for up and down tomorrow after Jack goes to work. The house is clean and am working on last load of laundry in the dryer. I have to get someone in here to clean out the vent again as I never did do it and it has to be done now. I will probably hire Sears as they did it last time. The vent is so thin in the wall that I am sure every year or so I am going to have to pay to have it cleaned out.

Jack is watching a history program about Alexander the Great. Not my thing particularly, but I don't care. I can knit or read I guess.

Susan: I guess I misunderstood. I thought you said Glory had to use the Langley base to be seen. I don't blame her for being leery of drs at the base if her husband died there from carelessness basically. What a terrible thing to happen. I am a mushroom lover too, all the different types. My dad used to hunt them in the woods and come home and fry them in butter, yum! He knew what to look for as we are all still alive I guess. :)

Maggie: Jack considers mushrooms a fungus, which they are and not a veg so he won't eat them. Mostly because some types are poisonous and doesn't trust that he won't get a "bad" one. He doesn't eat a big variety, but he gets veg because I give him stuff he will eat. I don't think most of us eat properly frankly.

Jean: Glad you cleaned out the holiday stuff. You won't have to put it away that way I guess. Sorry about having to go to a funeral. Seems like the older we get the more we have of those, huh? I just posted a condolence to a friend from school whose mom just died. She was in her 80's. My parents and in laws died so young that I don't think about friends my age still having parents living. Have you seen the commercial for the thing that lays on the floor and has a pretend mouse under this round thing and peeks out and the cats chase it around? Looks like a cat would love something like that, but they said it lasts a long time, but I could see a cat with claws tearing the heck out of it.

As of today we are down to 38 weeks until vacation! :lol: Gives me something to look forward to. We got a $100 gift certificate from the kids we put on our ship credit and $100 ship credit for booking on the ship this year's trip so we have a nice $200 to start with for ship credit and it can be spent anywhere on the ship, drinks, specialty restaurants, shops, etc. The big ship has a lot of shopping available so it should be fun! :D

Everyone have a lovely day. Faye

Maggie 12-29-2013 04:16 PM


It is a very cold day here in the ♥-Land for it is 21° now and when I went to walk over to the church this morning the wind chill was -4°. It isn’t going to get much warmer than 31° this day.

We went out for Chinese for lunch this day and I had some yummy food that I can eat with chop sticks. The owner sees us coming and has diet Pepsi already poured over ice sitting on our table. She is such a nice lady and says we are family.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow when our new program starts. We have bought lots of yummy looking fruit and veggies which I will have prepared and ready to have some when we want a “snack.” I am going to boil a few eggs to also have on hand. I have celery sticks which we can put a smear of WW cheese and some of those baby carrots in the drawer of the fridge.

Here is a yummy recipe for a nice healthy snack or a replacement a meal. You can figure the points+ by what type of yogurt you use:

Stir with a spoon & drink with a straw:
1½ cup low fat vanilla yogurt
1½ cup orange juice
3 packets Splenda®
½ tsp vanilla extract

DONNA FAYE I imagine all your different colored bracelets are lovely. I hope you can get your medical deals straightened out and the process you have to go through done quickly and in the past.

JEAN Sometimes decorations like the towel and spoon combo just don't sell as gifts but when folks want a decoration for their own kitchen they buy stuff like that.

SUSAN I believe that our helping each other down the road to thin will work for Will and I quite well at team thing. Since neither of us gets into the others "eating" then when questions are asked they can be answered pleasantly. We will be a help and not a hindrance to each other.

Have a great day my Magnolia friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up.

Jean 12-29-2013 05:13 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing hard, and the wind chill is -15 right now. :brr: It's supposed to be -5 tonight so hate to think what the wind chill will be then. We went to early church and not many there, so won't be much to count on Tuesday except we will have money from Christmas Eve services and the bags looked pretty full. I had planned to dismantle the tree this afternoon. However, even the best plans go by the wayside. After we ate lunch there was an interesting program on the history channel so I sat down to watch. Bob and Ernie were in the loveseat and Sonny was snoozing in my rocker so that left the recliner for me. Big mistake! :lol: I fell asleep and woke up an hour and a half later with Sonny snoozing on my lap, Bob and Ernie snoozing on the loveseat. Now I don't feel like starting on the tree. Maybe I'll do a load of laundry instead.

Susan -- Most of our snow is gone again and Bob mentioned there will be frozen pipes because there is no snow cover for insulation and it's so cold. Hopefully not our's! :crossed: So far I haven't gotten any emails from you, but I did get a strange one with a "download" button attached. The iPad shows the entire email as I scroll through the list. :( I didn't recognize the name so dumped it. I hope there are some summer clothes out in January as I need some new capris and shirts before we go to Maui. We don't have much storage space for the gift shop so end up selling some things at cost just to get rid of them. We do a seasonal sale after each holiday.

"Gma" -- :lol: As soon as I read "you know where this is going" I had to :D. It's nice you can make your bracelets to match outfits and enjoy doing so. It's too bad you have to have a different doctor but I hope you will like her. The waiting is the worst imo. I agree with Jack on NO mushrooms! I think they are rubbery and slimy! I don't know if you got it, but on FB there was a "364 days until Christmas" notice on the 26th!

Maggie -- Cold is cold! :brr: Our warning is through tonight; I can't help but think of my stray black cat and hope he can find shelter somewhere out of the wind. I ended up dumping some yogurt that was way past the date on the label and it was watery when I opened it. :( I do need to make myself get more and eat it. Thanks for sharing the recipe. The gift shop buyer ordered teeny tiny accent lights, not sure how many were on a string but would look cute on a mantle in greenery or wherever. Someone bought all 20 boxes at one time! Had she known we could have sold a truck load of those! Employees were really disappointed when they were gone. You just never know what will be a hit or a miss, that's for sure.

I need to clear off my kitchen island as I still have the gift shop books out. Hope you all enjoy a nice evening and stay warm! :wave:

gma22 12-30-2013 09:24 AM

Good morning everyone.
Today I will try and finish up my cleaning chores and knit, knit, knit or read.

We got a great deal on another bag for vacation. Jack wanted the same sized bag, a medium size, on rollers so he could roll the duffle instead of having to carry it on board with our Sunday evening dinner clothes and hygiene. I hate getting a bazillion emails everyday from companies I have ordered from, but let them continue because you do get deals from time to time and we did yesterday. I save $15 and got free shipping on this bag. So now Jack can drag it behind him instead of carrying it. :lol:

Maggie: Thanks for the recipe. I don't eat a lot of yogurt, but do from time to time and this sounds nice. I have used the cocoa mix a few times and like it a lot. Just 1 pt for 1/4 c and water so you can beat that for a nice cup of hot cocoa. Having a partner in weight loss is always great especially if it is the guy you live with! :)

Jean: I knew that nasty ole cold weather was going to sock it to you. We have a very cold day here today and tomorrow and on Friday. Temps seem to be all over the place with us. Jack falls asleep watching tv all the time. We have that double recliner and I will be sitting in it knitting and he will be watching something with the remote on his chest and pretty soon I hear ZZZZZZ. I just reach over and take the remote and turn it off and he rears up and says, "you didn't have to turn it off!" :lol:

Well girls, breakfast time. Have a great start to the week. Faye

Jean 12-30-2013 04:51 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is snowing and blowing in my corner of the world this afternoon. It didn't get as cold, last night, as predicted but the wind seems to make it seem colder. We hit snow just outside of Sioux City this morning so knew we'd have some at home this afternoon. The dermatologist said no make-up, lotion, shampoo, nail polish, etc., for a few days and then add things back one at a time with 4 or 5 days in between. My "sister" is allergic to nail polish so I'm wondering if that might be it. I also thought of laundry soap but he said no, since only my face is red, flaking, and itches. I have to count money tomorrow so hope I don't scare anybody! There were quite a few people, from here, at the funeral as well as some from Sioux City where the son lives; a good sized bunch for a 94 year old. With New Year's on Wednesday I will be mixed up thinking Thursday is Monday. :dizzy:

"Gma" -- Our luggage is older and has the wheels that go straight. I'd really like a new bag with the swivel wheels but will wait until the airlines finish these off. Wheels sure beat trying to carry them along with a jacket, purse, etc. Bob falls asleep with a death grip on the remote so I can't take it away from him. :lol: I usually ignore the tv because he plays musical channels unless it is football. He did happen to find a good channel over the weekend . . . . Bio something. The program was about how Canada processes different foods.

I need to do another load of laundry that didn't get done yesterday. Enjoy the rest of a marvelous Monday! :wave:

Maggie 12-30-2013 06:53 PM

Marvelous Monday

It warmed up considerable from yesterdays very low temperatures. We are up in the high 50°s and loving it. Both Will and I are very happy to start our new program today and so far it has gone great. We are going to be eating a lot more meals at home so I can then control what goes into the dishes. Both of us like to watch our sodium consumption so it will be easier when I do the cooking. I hardly ever use much salt for the spices I use spruce up the flavors of the dish.

We had a nice drive about the area this day and bought some bacon bits which are 1 point for a tablespoon. I don’t usually use that much when I sprinkle a little on a dish though. I am boiling some eggs today and a few of the little chunks of bacon bits go well with one of those. My breakfast (which is actually a “brunch”) tomorrow will be a boiled egg, some fruit and ½ of a toasted bagel. That will cost me a total of 5 points+. When I eat a late breakfast then one like this holds me till dinner so I only usually eat two meals a day.

Will is at a museum meeting right now and so I will time dinner for when he expects to be home. It is the time of the year when they elect new officers but Will was elected for 3 years in his position so he isn’t on the ballot. I think it is funny that he is a volunteer and only works there an afternoon a week and is a board member and signs their checks.

JEAN :o glad it is your area that is so cold and getting snow. We would sure like some rain here though. Isn't it funny that all of a sudden you have become allergic to something you have been using for awhile. Did they change where they get the polish where you get your nails done maybe. By adding things back in slowly maybe you can find the real reason for the rash. I would love to have a string or two of those teeny tinny lights myself and didn't see any for sale around these parts.

DONNA FAYE That yogurt & orange combination is good. The place in town, Frosty's, makes a good one like it and for a small it is 6 P+ and they use low fat yogurt. I like it for a breakfast replacement meal.

Have a great day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up (a saying by Winston Chruchill)

gma22 12-31-2013 07:35 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Good morning to you ladies. It is another cold morning here. Jack say they had snow flurries on and off out at the plant all day yesterday. I never stuck my nose out of the house so have no clue whether it did anything here or not. It is about 26 degrees at the moment, which is cold for our overnights. I look forward to spring that's for sure.

I have a hair appt on Saturday to get it cut and colored. It seemed to do better this time colorwise than last. It didn't fade as fast, but then I tried to wash it in lukewarm water if I showered then turned down the cold water some to wash. I always wash my hair in the sink in cool water to hold the color.

Packages, packages, packages! Looks like we are going to be unlocking the gate everyday after the holiday. Jack has meds coming, my bracelet, my yarn and the duffle bag. Everything but the duffle is coming postal and the duffle UPS. I ordered 4 more skeins of the yarn for my sweater just in case. It was on sale 50% off and I can always use it for something else or send it back, but I will more than likely keep it even if I don't need it. I definitely don't want to run out this time. Looks like though it will actually work this time. I have 10 rows then I start armhole decreases on the back and I am on my 4th skein. The front is always shorter than the back or almost always so I imagine it will be ok. I finished the scarf and hat for my girlfriend. I will probably get her a gift card to go with it this year. I have a bunch of points on my rewards credit card so I may use those or get her a Target gift card.

I have to keep the car on Friday and go to the women's center and get my mammogram films for my appt the 16th. It would sure be nice if she could do the procedure on the 20th, which is the following Monday as Jack has it off for MLK day. He also has off Feb 17th for president's day so it would be nice if we could schedule the hysterectomy for that day, but I have to get the darn referral people to get me a referral for him first.

Jean: I told Jack about your allergy issue last night and what you said and told him if it were me, I would add back in shampoo first. I am not sure I could stand days and days of having dirty hair. I could look like a hag and my skin could peel off, but dirty hair, no!!! :lol: Hope they can figure out what it is. I know I can't use the Oil of Olay stuff as it does that to my skin. I feel like I have gone through a chemical peel when I put on their products. Could be a medication too as I have itching on and off with my diabetic meds and it is just in one place on the left side of my abdomen, but it can itch so bad I want to claw my skin off.

Maggie: You could really slim the drink down by using ff yogurt and getting the Tropicana 50+ orange juice which is less calories and sugar. I will have to try that sometime and see how it tastes. Eating out a lot can be a killer on a diet. You think you are doing well with choices, but you just don't know what is going on back on the kitchens of restaurants. We stay home a lot more than we used to. Right now I am fighting to start losing again, probably because I am still trying to adjust to the diabetic meds and they make it harder to lose weight. The holidays didn't help either but they are behind us now so forward to weight loss for the year.

Everyone have a great day. I am going to sit and finish the scarf while I wait for the clothes to get dry. Faye

Jean 12-31-2013 02:02 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cloudy, windy, COLD day in my corner of the world today! Wind chill is -15. :brr: I went to church and counted money this morning then stopped for a few groceries on my way home. I plan to stay inside for the rest of the day! I'm going to start on the Christmas tree this afternoon and maybe even get it completely put away before dark.

When we were Christmas shopping Bob found a quilted lined fleece jacket like Jason likes to wear. He tried it on and decided the sleeves would be too short for Jason but Bob really, really liked it so I said to get it and Merry Christmas for himself. He was going to wear it to the office this morning, and it still had one of those plastic security thingys on it. :( He was going to pry it off but I knew it would leave an ink blob so talked him out of it. Fortunately, I still have the receipt so we will be making another trip to Sioux City. I'm surprised we got out the door with it.

Maggie -- I take my own polish to the salon, but the products they use look the same as they always have. It's anybody's guess. The OTC ointment has done wonders just since I took the makeup off yesterday and have been using it. No itching, redness, nor peeling today.

"Gma" -- I really like the hat and scarf! Such pretty yarn and pattern! I've used the same makeup, shamppo, etc., for years so have no clue what it might be. My sister is allergic to nail polish so I did take mine off. I still have the layer of "whatever" it is on the nails though. I feel so much better than yesterday it's unbelievable. I did use shampoo this morning as I wash my hair every day when I shower first thing in the morning. Not sure what I will do about makeup; I had been using Bare Minerals powder and thought maybe that might be even more drying to my skin. My dad had sensitive skin and so does Ian; Ian gets a rash on his body every winter and has since he was a baby.

I need to get busy before the afternoon gets away from me! Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May 2014 be the best year yet! :newyear:

Jean 01-01-2014 12:06 PM

Happy New Year, Flowers! It is -0.4 right now with a wind chill of -22, thanks to the strong wind. How weird is -0.4? I did manage to stay awake to see midnight last night because I took my nap early in the evening. That's a "first" in many, many years! (seeing midnight, not a nap) My accomplishment so far today is cleaning out the cat boxes, starting a load of laundry, and sweeping the laundry room floor. I think I will make a meat loaf dinner and eat around 1 or so. We got another inch plus of snow during the night so Bob has shoveled out both driveways and the deck. The squirrels were digging around for their breakfast and the birds were lined up on the rail. I do spoil my critters!

My first load of laundry should be ready for the dryer so I'm off. My house looks like the wind blew through open windows and messed with my "stuff." I'm embarrassed to say I still have Christmas bags and gifts to put away. Christmas will be gone by nightfall today! Enjoy the first day of the rest of your life! :newyear:

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