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QuilterInVA 11-14-2013 09:48 AM

Steel Magnolias #64
Good morning, ladies. A chilly 43 degrees right now and not getting out of the low 50s today. At least the sun is shining.

Faye, is your next appointment with the gyn or diabetic doc? I'm just so sorry you are having all these health problems. Keep on doing what you are doing and I'm sure the diabetes will improve. Are these military docs you are going to or dumb civilians? Whichever, unfortunately you must have gotten the ones who graduated at the bottom of their class. I'd be filing a lawsuit!

Jean and Maggie, looking forward to your posts later in the day. I have to be getting to work.

Have a wonderful day!

gma22 11-14-2013 10:13 AM

Good morning to you ladies. I have been furiously knitting on that second sock and am at the heel flap and onto the foot then.

I have the morning chores done, but have to tackle the rest downstairs today, the dreaded dusting that I hate and cleaning kitchen countertops and the stove, which has a ceramic top.

Can't say I am not madder than you know what because looking over my tests and such, it is obvious that long term taking of this med combined with her doubling the dosage is what shoved me into serious diabetes. As the old saying goes though I have to "let go and let God." I am just going to move forward, stay on my diet, take whatever meds they put me on and get better. I think the longer the hormone meds are out of my system, the better my blood sugar will get. I am not saying I will be back to normal, but not the horribly high numbers from Friday.

Susan: I have civilian drs. As for my appts, I go to the pharmacy appt first, a week from today, then my gyn appt is on Friday. He and I are going to go head to head as I am more than fed up with this. I have been trusting and really patient and doing that got me into the mess I am in now. Under no circumstances will I consider going back on this med and he is going to have to consider surgery, risky or not if he doesn't have a better idea to get me to stop bleeding and passing tissue and such. It is ridiculous for a 60 old woman to be bleeding all the time. We are waiting to join the Y until the end of the month so that the auto pay comes out the first of the month. It is the area in my budget where we have the most money. :lol: Since you are the queen of veggies, I have a question to ask. I have eaten fresh spinach in salads and spinach in dip, but never anything else. I bought a box of Green Giant creamed spinach and am not sure how I am going to like it. Do you have a suggestion to add anything to "spruce" it up and make it more palatable for me to eat until I get used to it???

Jean: Thanks for the info. I am not sure about the book at this time as I don't totally agree with the two guys who wrote the book (ie their website) but also before I do something more drastic, I want to get on a program and get my body adjusted to it and see if being off the med will change everything somewhat. We sure did skip right over fall and zoom into winter weather for sure. It is in the low 20's here today and I am sitting around in a hooded sweater and a blanket. :lol: Did finding the two bags of money mess anything up with regards to the church accounting?? Don't you wonder how long they had been there.

The application time has closed for the promotion Jack applied for and he said he has been studying up. From what I understand, you have to prove you have had supervisory experience, which Jack has about 10 years from the Navy, then you have to go through a question process about your knowledge of the job. Though Jack doesn't have welding experience and some heavy duty motors he has been studying up. It is not listed for outsiders nor can the people that are contract workers at the plant apply. It is currently only for employees at the south plant. Jack says not many would have the supervisory experience nor the knowledge but he says he doesn't know how many people have applied. Keep prayers coming that he would be given the position. It will be a mostly desk job, which will allow him to stay in for his 20 years, which gives us 50% of his pay as a pension instead of 35%. It is also a small pay raise, but most importantly he won't be climbing,etc putting stress on his knees.

Have a good day everyone. I have work to get done. Faye

QuilterInVA 11-14-2013 12:47 PM

Faye, I'll put Jack into our intention book at church and we will pray for his promotion at every mass until I take it out. Prayers are powerful!

Maggie 11-14-2013 01:14 PM

Titilating Thursday

It is currently 46°s and partly cloudy on this chill day here in the ♥-Land. Will has gone to his volunteer job at the museum and the animals are all inside snoozing. I have lots to do today so need to get to it after I finish posting here.

The citrus fruit in the markets here is looking sad and all I bought was a bag of Cuties. In the mail I received a fruit catalogue from Florida and I promptly placed an order for a fruit assortment of 6 Navel Oranges, 4 Tangelos, 2 jumbo Ruby Red Grapefruit, 2 Fuji Apples and 2 D’Anjou Pears all picked at the peak of perfection. I love fruit and since Will is going to be eating more fruit (he isn’t a big fruit eater) now that he is trying to eat a better balanced diet this catalogue came at a good time. We should have that order consumed in no time and make another order in the near future if we are pleased with their produce. :lol: There was a sticker on the front of the catalogue for some dollars off which covered the shipping. Life is good. Plus the fruit is guaranteed to be fresh and if there is any problem at all they will replace it or refund the money. Times like this I miss living on the coast where fresh fruit is so available.

I heard a conversation that a husband and wife were having standing in front of our Jeep. He said while pointing to the Jeep, “Look ~ that is exactly what I have been wanting.” She replied, “I want 4 doors.” He said, “But honey we don’t have any kids at home and don’t really need a 4 door Jeep, and besides a 2 door one has a better turning radius.” To which she replied, “I want 4 doors.” He said, “One day I will have a Jeep like this one .” And she replied, “I want 4 doors.” He then said, “Let’s go” and they climbed into their 4 door vehicle made by Jeep but it wasn’t a CJ model. I see a further discussion coming in that family and hope their marriage survives.

DONNA FAYE:hug: I sure hope the doctors you are seeing now are quality folks and get your system on a healing track better than it has been. Certainly it would seem you have some recourse with what happened with those meds. I certainly do hope that Jack gets that promotion. I don't imagine there are many others that have his qualifications that work there.

SUSAN Thank you for starting a new thread number. Hope your day continues to be a lovely one.

Have a great afternoon/evening my Magnolia friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

Jean 11-15-2013 09:32 AM

Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and NO wind so far this morning. It's supposed to be a nice day and into the 50s again. I hope so! Wind and rain for the weekend however. I started a grocery list and now can't find it. :tantrum: That's what I get for cleaning off the island in a hurry yesterday. I'm hoping it's in my purse and that's my last place to look. Also need to make a WM stop.

Susan -- Thanks for starting the new thread. My two cents from yesterday is on #63. ;)

"Gma" -- So, do you wear the hood on your sweatshirt? They say that's where your body heat exits the fastest and why it's important to wear a hat outside in the cold weather. :yes: I sure hope Jack gets the job and am sending positive vibes his way. When will he find out?

Maggie -- You have far more faith in the postal system than I do, to order fruit from Florida. I'm convinced our post office stores excess bags of mail and packages in the corner a few times a week. :hyper: Anything UPS delivers is so dirty/gritty I hate to pick it up. We certainly enjoyed the Florida fruit last January when we were there.

I need to keep moving or I won't get my errands done this morning. Hope you all enjoy a nice Friday! :wave:

gma22 11-15-2013 11:49 AM

Good morning gals. I have been online Christmas shopping for the little guy. I haven't gotten a list from the older one so no list, he gets money. Jackson loves shoes especially Vans so I am buying him 2 pairs, one is checkerboard tie up and the other is slip on and has flames on them. He is big into everything Leggo so I got him a Leggo Wii game, 3 Leggo sets, which were a bundle and pretty cheap, a Ninja turtle shirt, and several books and the dvd Turbo. I can buy a lot for him as his stuff isn't all that expensive, except the shoes were $40 apiece. The two of them have their Nonny's number for sure! :lol:

Susan: thank you for thinking of Jack and putting him on a prayer list. Sure hope they give him the job. I worry everyday about his knees.

Jean: Yes, I wear the hood on my sweater and at night I put up the blanket over my head as it is the only way I warm up when I get cold. I figure my hair has thinned and that is part of the reason I get so cold. Hope you have found your grocery list. In between commissary shopping days, Jack usually picks up stuff when we need it. I send him a list by text and that way he doesn't usually forget anything. I am still waiting for our photos from our cruise. I use shutterfly every year, but the UPS/Mail innovations is horrible, just like the Fedex postal combo. They don't update and so we have to unlock the gate everyday. The stuff was supposed to be delivered yesterday but I am still waiting for them.

Maggie: I get catalouges everday and got one from a place called Haskins or Hastings or something like that. I was going to order oranges from them, but when I divided it out, the oranges were about $4 apiece, which is ridiculous. Hope your fruit is great!

Gotta go gals. I have work to do and knitting to do. Faye

Jean 11-16-2013 02:45 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! The street has been wet all morning but no rain -- strange. The wind is blowing and it's that damp chilly feeling even though it's a "warm" 58 degrees. I braved the grocery store this morning. The coupon was for $.25 off a gallon of gas if you spent $100. I haven't been to the store for a couple weeks and walked out with $168 worth in just a few bags. Meat adds up pretty quickly and I bought jars of pickles and olives for relish trays that I'm/we're taking to two different Christmas get togethers. Now I need to change the sheets and do a couple loads of laundry this afternoon. Bob met Jason at the lake, this morning, to get the dead refrigerator out; I forgot ask about the smell.

I did a STUPID and am so mad at myself! The last time we were in Maui I bought a pair of earrings that I wear alot -- small Hawaiian flower studs. I took them off one evening and laid them on the counter, which I NEVER do. I forgot to pick them up and now can only find one. :cry: My counter is multiple colors and everything little blends right in. I've gone through the junk mail bag and the calendar that lays there, no luck. I need to check under the fridge in case a fur person found it on the floor and played hockey. Not holding my breath however.

"Gma" -- I found my grocery list in my purse. :o Guess I should have looked there first since my purse goes to the store with me. Beth uses Shutterfly to make calendars of the kids' pictures every year, and really likes them. Hope your pictures have arrived by now! Somehow I'm on their email list so get offers every once in awhile. I just found out my phone has a memory card with any pictures I might take with my phone; and it's a dumb phone. :lol: Are you doing anything special for your anniversary on Monday?

I need to get busy! Hope you all enjoy a nice Saturday! :wave:

Maggie 11-16-2013 04:03 PM

Simply Saturday

It is 65°s with a slight breeze and quite a lovely day here in the ♥-Land. We have been out and about and did a bit of grocery shopping but before we left I put a roast and some veggies in the crock pot and the wonderful smell of it cooking hit us as we walked into the house from the back door that opens to the little hall by the kitchen. So you will know what we will be having for dinner. :yes:

I have got to get some pictures made of the museum and get the glass ordered to make one so they can raffle it off this winter. That will be my project to get done in December. It isn’t like I have to do it but I want to do it which makes a big difference. But first things first is to get some photos of the building when the light is right this afternoon. The other ones that Will took were not quite what I needed. While I am waiting for my order to get here I can be working on the pattern. I have some orange glass but it is too orange to work for the building is old brick and more rosy. I may end up buying the glass in separate sheets where I usually buy it in 12 sheet bundles. That way I can more or less pick the shade I want. Costs more that way but I want it to look its best representation that I can.

Our friends from Texas may be coming for a couple days visit next week which will be a fun time. Then a couple of my brothers-in –law are going to make a visit sometime before the end of the year or soon in the new year. They will all let us know the final planned dates when they get it all figured out. They won’t be visiting at the same time together but not far apart. It will sure be fun to have them for we like them a lot and always have a great time being around them. The one is making a roundabout trip to Washington state to visit his oldest son and family for Christmas so we kind of know when he will be here. We love having company and are happy they want to visit when my sisters are no longer alive.

JEAN I sure hope you can find that earring. Tell your cat to bring it back. One time my crystal bodied and gold legged spider disappeared off a bathroom shelf and I looked Turn in the eyes and said "bring spidey back" and he did ~ dropped it at my feet. The legs were all bent out of shape but I was able to fix it back to exact. If you can't find yours maybe you would consider having another hole punched in one of your lobes and wear just the one since it is a special one. I have two holes in my left ear lobe and three in my right. I wear a nice diamond in the third hole in the right ear. I was in a jewelry store owned by a friends husband and he came up behind me and put the hole punch on my ear one day years ago and showed me that diamond and said he would punch a hole in my ear and I could have the diamond earring for he had just sold the other one. I let him do it and it is a very good stone. I wear gold cubes in the second holes all the time and change just the front earrings on occasion. I mainly wear a set of small hoops all the time that Will got me years ago. Some times I do change the diamond for another small earring.

DONNA FAYE The company I ordered from had good prices lower than what you said. Since it was a variety pack of different sizes and weights it all averaged out to be quite acceptable for us providing it is what it is advertised to be. We will see when we get the shipment and like I said they have a 100% refund if it isn't as advertised. Since the fruit in the stores here is pathetic looking we are willing to pay a bit more for it to have it shipped in from Florida. I would much rather eat fresh than canned.

Have a great afternoon/evening my Magnolia friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

gma22 11-17-2013 10:36 AM

Good morning ladies. Had a busy day yesterday and never did get in here. I took Kelly to lunch for her bday, which was yesterday. I bought her this beautiful handmade necklace in Jamaica, but it got twisted up somehow and I have to restring it before I can give it to her so I bought her a Macy's gift card. They go to a lot of charity events and such around this time of year so I thought she could buy a dress or at least it will contribute to a dress.

We then defrosted my chest freezer and messed with the dryer a bit. I think I am going to have to get Sears in here again and see if they can clean out the vent that goes outside. It must be getting plugged again. What a pain.

Today I am washing the shower curtains and doing up laundry and possibly getting upstairs and do some work, but I am feeling so crummy I don't know. The female stuff is really bad and I am in pain like menstrual cramps most of the time now and it makes my upper thighs ache too. We were going to clean the deck today but it rained hard last night so its a no go. We have to wait for everything to dry out.

Jean: Oh, I hope you find your earring. I have favorites too and would hate to lose them. I am missing a Pandora bracelet and I am not sure where the heck it is. I am going to go through my necklace bags and see if it got put in there when we were on the ship. I hope so as it is the one with all the animals on it. I was watching a diy program yesterday about people who buy houses at auctions then fix them up and flip them. These two best friends bought this house and when they went in they said the smell was so bad that something had died in there and called an exterminator. This guy just walzed in with gloves on and a black trash bag and found a dead raccoon where the heat registers were and just pulled it out and put it in a bag. Kind of made me gag. This particular house was totally stripped. The previous owners took everything from the appliances, sinks, toilets, pot lights, heat registers, pipes and even went into the attic and stripped all the electrical lines! It cost these guys $7000 just to put the electrical lines back in. When you buy at auction, you don't get to see anything but the outside of the property so you basically buy blind. They do end up with gorgeous homes when finished though.

Maggie: Glad you get decent prices on things. I have trouble even in summer finding good oranges. I hate when they are stringy with no flavor. It is a waste of money except to freshen the garbage disposal!

I guess I better get some work done. Have a lovely day. It is really warm here today in the 70's. Faye

Jean 11-17-2013 03:12 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and there is a breeze blowing. I drove to church in the dark and pouring rain this morning. The crazy weather continues! Bob left earlier as his group was singing and they practice before church. We had to serve coffee between services and will be greeters next week. The kids put on a baked potato dinner for a trip fund raiser; I didn't think very many people stayed to eat although a few from first service waited around through the coffee time. Now I should pick up the kitchen but may read the papers instead. I feel lazy after spending the whole morning plus at church. :dance:

Maggie -- The glass museum will be a nice project to do. How big will it be? I think it's nice when relatives stay in touch after a family member dies. I'm sure you look forward to having your friends and relatives visit. I only have one hole in each ear. :) I'm just hoping I can find another pair when we are in Maui. I was actually thinking of getting a silver pair since I don't have much silver jewelry.

"Gma" -- Bob cleans my dryer vent by tying a bath towel on a long rope. He takes the pipe off the dryer and starts at that end. I have a 90 degree turn in the crawl space so he tries to do it a couple times a year. Even though I clean the dryer vent every time, there still is quite a bit of lint that accumulates. I hope you are feeling better this afternoon. So far no sign of the lost earring. :( We watched HGTV yesterday; I can't help but wonder what these people do for jobs in order to afford $600,000+ homes. I'd be a wreck worrying about one of us losing our job and then the house.

I do have sheets ready for the dryer so better head downstairs and at least do that. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

gma22 11-18-2013 05:53 AM

Good morning girls! I went to bed early so am up bright and early. Things are definitely improving diabetic wise. My eyes seem to be back to normal I am not having thirst issues and am not urinating all the time and I noticed my urine doesn't have that sweet smell to it. Instead of being up 4-6 times at night I usually have to get up around 10 then I don't get up again until I wake up. At least I should be in a better range than I was when I went to the dr. I have been off those pills a month so maybe my blood sugar has come down significantly. I sure hope so because those numbers were frightening.

I am coming along on the last sock. I have about 25 rows to finish the foot then do the toe and I will have T's socks done. I am also working on a bright pink scarf and hat for my niece, who is a school teacher. She has playground duty this year and ask if I would make her a hat and scarf. I didn't order near enough yarn for the scarf though and will have to go and buy 4 more skeins at my online store. I am waiting for her to send my her head circumference so I can make sure the hat will fit. She has a lot of hair and wears it in a long bob.

I have gained a couple lbs, but seem to be going back and forth on the scale. I figure it is all this female stuff I am going through right now as I am staying on my program.

Jean: I also wonder where these people that buy houses get cash money to buy a house that costs hundreds of thousands. I understand once they get established that their bank would loan them the money then they flip the house and get their profit and pay the bank back, but at auction you have to have the cash to just pay for it. We watch a lot of the diy type shows and I have seen more than once a couple like on House Hunter find their home and get ready to buy it and one of them loses their job so they can't buy or worse the other day on Income Property this couple bought this house with an income suite for her mom and the ink hadn't dried on the documents and he was out of a job,but they had commited to it and the remodel. Hope you haven't been party to the tornados. Indiana got hit really badly I guess.

Lots of chores for me today. Have a great start to the week. Faye

Jean 11-18-2013 05:12 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining but it's cold even though the wind isn't blowing at the moment. We were a person short to count this morning and it took awhile with $78.08 in coins to count from the kids putting money in a piggy bank during the church services. We only count that every so often but it does add to the time element. I had to go back to the gift shop to put holiday cards in the rack and pay a bill so that was my afternoon excursion. I have card club tonight.

"Gma" -- Happy Anniversary to you and Jack! :cp: I'm so glad you are feeling better, and I hope that continues! You will have the small gain gone in no time. I do worry about running out of money when Bob finally retires! With all of our retirement accounts he has checked, checked again, and rechecked the figures. :hyper: With the economy what it is and the politicians in the mix, it's scary. I'm glad our house and cars are paid for at least. As hard as it will be, I wish the cabin were sold too. I keep thinking if something happens to Bob I don't know what will happen to it. The kids can't afford it and the market right now isn't the best.

I need to think about something for supper since I will be leaving shortly afterwards. Hope you all enjoy your evening! :wave:

Maggie 11-19-2013 12:33 AM

Weighday in the Evening

We had a good time this day doing some needed shopping and not much else. Did go to WW and I showed a loss of 2.8 and am happy for that for it has me at a total loss of 91.4. (Been there but had gained some back.) Ever closer to that 100 down once again.

DONNA FAYE I am so happy for you that you are feeling so much better. You weight loss efforts will pay off better when your female issues are resolved.

JEAN I do so hope you do find that missing earring. It is such a puzzle and agrivation when things disappear like that. I do so hope that you do find a buyer soon after you put the cabin on the for sale list. We keep a huge jar behind a seat in the Jeep and all our change goes into it. Last time we took it into the bank to be counted it was well over $100.

Have a great afternoon/evening my Magnolia friends. :wave:

Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

gma22 11-19-2013 09:18 AM

Good morning to you all. I got up at 4, but after Jack left for work I went back to sleep for an hour. I tend to have weird dreams when I sleep in the daytime even early in the morning. One recurring dream I have, which you all will get a big laugh out of is various situations where I am in a previous home we lived in or someone elses home and the house looks like a hoarders house. I am always the one starting to clean the house back up and usually if I am not woken up, the house is cleaned up by the time I am awake. :lol:

I started my niece's hat and it is going to be so cute. It is called going in circles. I also have a good bit of her scarf done too and am almost done with Thomas's sock. As soon as I finish her stuff and finish the scarf I am making for my best friend for her birthday next year to go with her hat, I am ripping out the sweater that was too big and making it smaller.

Jean: Jack and I started almost 8 years ago discussing what our retirement money will be like. We lived the poor life and I am not going back to that for sure. With his Navy retirement, his SS and his city pension we will be ok, not rolling in money, but not having to worry about bills either. Everything will be paid off except the new car and general expenses. We will have homeowners insurance, property taxes, and the maintenance fee here, but we will handle that ok too. Another 15% of his pension though would be nice. I think about being alone and not having him to do things for me like climbing up on ladders and such. I am sure Thomas would come over and help me out though if I ask him. I would find counting all that change irritating. I don't like what I consider busy work and I think that is why I hate to dust so much.

Maggie: We too have a change container and I imagine it is a hefty amount by now. We change it in and taking it on our vacations usually. I have to tell you Maggie, I am fed up with what is going on female wise. I am going to just tell him I want it taken out. There is nothing they can do to make it stop what it is doing, what they did for 18 months hasn't worked and I am never ever going back on that hormone. Anyway, like you, I feel they fix the female problem and my weight loss will be easier to do.

Well girls, I should go. I have upstairs bathrooms to clean today. It is pretty chilly here today so I turned the furnace up a bit. I will have to turn it down when I go upstairs or it will be too hot. Have a good Tuesday. Faye

Jean 11-19-2013 04:08 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and the never ending wind is blowing hard again today. I had my nails done this morning and made a new casserole for lunch. Not sure about it, maybe it will be better leftover. I need to clean up the cooking/baking dishes when I finish here. Cooking and clean up take too much time imo!

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another 2.8#s! :cp: :cp: You will be at the 100#s gone in no time! Bob keeps his change in a glass peanut butter jar shaped like a bear. I wouldn't even guess how old it is. He dumps that into an ice cream bucket and when that's full he heads to the bank. I took it one time and there was a washer in the mix; I was so embarassed.

"Gma" -- Did you and Jack do anything special for your anniversary? How many years have you been married? I really think I would move to Sioux City if anything would happen to Bob. I really like Sioux Falls, too, but know my way around Sioux City since we lived there. I would also be closer to friends from college and Bob's hometown. Then again, I might just stay put here. :dunno: I chuckle to myself when you talk about turning the furnace on or up. My furnace has been on for probably six weeks or better. :jig:

I have to get at the dishes so the kitchen is ready for the supper round, which will be sweet and simple. I never got in the habit of using paper plates but know some people do. Hmmmm ~~~~ Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

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