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Good morning everyone! For us it is here this morning in the low 20's and only supposed to be in low 30's for highs today. I think we are going to have a cold winter everywhere this year.

Last night and this morning I tore out the sweater I made for the cruise that was too big. I going to reprint the pattern and start it over for next year. Hopefully I will have enough yarn for a smaller size.

I emailed the head of operations at the clinic because of questions I was asked on Friday. I believe all this is because of the new computers and program they have now. I was asked things like my sexual orientation, did we own guns, were we sexually active, did he wear a condom, how many partners have we had, etc. They had no prior information on me that would indicate any STD's or Aids or whatever to even ask some of the stuff and the others were plain none of their business. I was in pain so just answered them not even thinking about privacy, but got home and realized I think some of this is illegal to ask and if not the least they should do is say they are going to ask questions you have the right to refuse to answer. We shall see if I hear back from him. I am not even sure he is still the head over there.

Lots of cleaning to try and get done today since we have the holiday this week. We aren't having anyone here at our house, but I want to get some outside stuff done this weekend since Jack is off on Friday if the weather is nice. It is supposed to rain here today and tomorrow so the leaves may again be too wet to get blown out and things cleaned up. If not, it is shampooing carpets since we haven't shampooed since Fortune died.

Jean: They originally mentioned just oral, but when we went to the meeting she said they were going to put me on both. Yes, I can be taken off everything if I can show my blood sugar stays where it should be for a long period of time. I imagine it will be at least a year before that would occur, though yesterday and today I am already in a good blood sugar level and between yesterday and today it dropped some more. They say your blood sugar should be under 130 if you are fasting, ie overnight and you test in the morning before eating and 2 hours after eating it should be under 180. I only test once a day, first thing in morning before I eat. Yesterday it was 125 and this morning 116 so I believe the meds really were the issue. They are supposed to call and check on me today so we shall see what they have to say. Sounds like lunch was a winner. I have gone to a combo of the exchanges and WW. What I do is eat what my exchanges are, but count them within pts so I can make sure I don't eat too many calories. I hope the combo will help me start losing weight. For example, this morning I had half whole wheat eng muffin, 1 tbl jalepeno cr cheese, 1 serving grapefruit sections. That is 3 ww pts, which with ww pts being 50 cal for each pt I can know how many calories I am consuming. The three are 1starch, 1fat, 1 fruit, which is what I am allowed for breakfast exchanges. The reason is for example, you can have half eng muffin, any kind as 1 starch exchange, but you can also have 1 pancake which is one exchange. They don't necessarily have the same calorie or fat count so that may be why my weight is not moving. I am not gaining but not losing either.

Maggie: Fortune always wore sweaters in the winter, but he could easily work them off rolling around on the bed or stuff like that. He would stick his little neck out and lift his paw when I would go to put his sweater on. I sure do miss him when I think of things like that. I hope you have a lovely visit with your bil. I know he will enjoy it.

Gotta get going. I need to make some vinegar coleslaw this morning so it can "marinate" and be good for tonight's veg. Have a great start to the week. Faye
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This thread is closed. Please join us on Steel Magnolias #65.

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