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Good morning to you all. Nice and cool again this morning. Jack just left a few minutes ago for his class. Tomorrow is the last day and he may not be there all day. Last night it ran until near 5 o'clock. He found himself another cruising buddy. I guess the guy teaching the class is a big cruiser. He and his wife have been on like 18 so far.

Not much else going on around here today. I have the countertops and stove to clean and then it will start all over again. My steam mop bit the dust so I bought a swiffer wet jet type mop by Rubbermaid. I really like it as it has a very long mop and it swivels so I can get between the wall and toilet and under the cabinets and such.

Jean: She is taking me to a restaurant I have never been for fish tacos. I guess they have a bunch of other stuff too like pork tacos and some mexican stuff. My problem with pedicures is my knees. When I have to hold up my leg for her to work on my foot, it really pulls on the back of my knee and the place I use has massage chairs which I always have to turn off because instead of being comfortable, they really hurt my back with those rolly things. The snails you get on the ship aren't whole snails. You get this little tray almost like a paint pallette and each little hole, which is about the size of a penny holds a snail and they are all covered in lots of butter and garlic so I found they had no taste just sort of rubbery. Didn't taste bad at all, but not my thing and I don't like scallops so I will just eat my shrimp cocktail every night! I get one of those and then try another appetitzer each night, usually one of their soups. The best one is the Poblano pepper and corn soup. It is wonderful, but you do have to like mexican food I think to really like it. Jack says the garlic soup and the onion soups are good. I like the fruit soups too.

Maggie: I will not be fixing those things at home. First off, they are horribly expensive and secondly, Jack can just have them on the ship if he wants them! The hint about the brownies would pass right over me. I would probably pick up the boxes and put them in the pantry! Jack loves frosted sugar cookies and had an urging last weekend. He bought a box of plain sugar cookies that had sprinkles on them at the bakery at Walmart and went back to the cake aisle and bought a can of butter cream frosting. He was in hog heaven and I have to admit, they tasted pretty good. I had one.

Well, it is time to go. Have a great day. Faye
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Good Morning, Flowers! The wind is blowing and it's a cool sunny 61 degrees in my corner of the world. The volunteer director invited the auxiliary board to lunch before the annual meeting so I won't have to "cook" again today! After the meeting I have my monthly coffee date and a Cookie Lee "party" tonight. I'm not sure what that is but am guessing it is clothing and jewelry. The postcard said any purchases could be taken home the same night. The hostess loves to decorate, and has just moved into a new house so I'm anxious to see what she has done this time. She used to be in my card club and would redecorate on a regular basis.

"Gma" -- I wondered when you mentioned being treated to a pedicure since I knew it hurts your knees. Let us know how you like fish tacos. They were being promoted big time when we were in Maui a couple years ago. I notice they are on lots of menus state side now. Just the idea of eating snails sounds gross to me. I'm not too adventuresome when it comes to exotic (?) foods; pretty plain Midwestern describes me I guess. Our local resort has Poblano soup every day. The server always says it is pretty spicey. I've never tried a cold soup but think they sound interesting.

I need to figure out what I'm wearing and get my day going. I should have time to do some laundry and sort the paper pile before I leave. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday!
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This thread is closed. Please join us at Steel Magnolias #60

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Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
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