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greeneggsandtam 07-10-2013 11:04 AM

Canadian Summer Chicks
I see the Canadian thread has been dormant for a few months! Let's revive this thing and share our summertime tales. :flow2:

On the flat ol prairie I being news of sun. Lots of it! I have been taking my dogs for bikerides in the morning and playing soccer once a week. I'm really limited for funds this summer, so some grid road running may be what I'll have to start.

I think I'm carrying about 15 extra lbs I need to shed and I would like some suggestions for books on diet, recipes and the like.

greeneggsandtam 07-12-2013 10:14 AM

Happy Friday!
I see I'm at the party alone. Lol! Just like in real life. I'm just going to assume people will eventually join me here.
We have company tonight, which is awesome! I think we'll barbeque. My partner lost his mind last fall and bought a HALF a bison. It's a lot of meat. So I guess when I say casually 'I think we'll barbeque' it's gotten to be a bit of a joke. What should we have tonight? Bison I guess. With a side of Bison?
How shall I work out today?

Tuscany 07-12-2013 10:23 AM

Hi There! I'm in Ontario. I like the Cooking Light cookbooks...not sure if they have any bison recipes though. :)

I'm off work for most of the summer, taking several months of accumulated vacation that I never got around to taking in prior years. I hope to spend my time getting in shape. Today, I'm going to drive about 45 minutes to a park that borders on Lake Ontario. I plan to walk/jog along the waterfront trail. At the end of the day, I plan to drop into one of my favourite restaurants to enjoy a Waldorf salad.

Enjoy your company and your BBQ!

greeneggsandtam 07-15-2013 04:39 PM

Monday!! and so humid here the dogs and I just about melted on our little bikeride this afternoon. Goodness. Thanks for the tip on the cooking light! I will check it out at the library this week! I love cooking! The family time has been great! My husband's family is hilarious and we all love good healthy food and the ladies love the wine. I'm right back on track this week, with my plan, and I think we only have one more glutton festival. Ahhh summer! I am playing soccer this summer for some exercise, but I think I may start running as well. What distance do you normally go for?

Tuscany 07-16-2013 08:10 AM

I think it's humid all over. It certainly is in Ontario. And I was speaking to my daughter yesterday (she lives in the U.K.) and she says they are also going through a heat wave.

I like going for walks along Lake Ontario, since there's always a nice breeze by the lake and if you stay in the shade as much as you can, it's not too bad. Today is supposed to be a scorcher. I will likely just go for a 5km walk around the neighborhood, wearing my bathing suit under shorts and a top...then ditch all but the bathing suit when I get home and jump in my pool to cool down.

As for distance, I try to stay in the 5km to 8km range. When I went out the other day, I ended up doing about 14km, which was too much. I needed a day of rest after that. That said, I'm 55, and I can't do as much as when I was younger...plus I mostly walk (power walk), since too much jogging or running results in my hips or knees complaining.

greeneggsandtam 07-16-2013 09:26 AM

I hear you on the hips and knees. I am 41 and one of the two youngest on my soccer team. We're all the walking wounded after each game. Lol. I can't run for any longer than 3k without my knees telling me to walk. So that's what I do. I like a good walk/run. I have never checked out the C25k program but maybe I will. My neighbor is looking to shed some pounds as well so we're going to meet this week and strategize. I've never had a partner for weight loss or fitness. I wonder if it's a good idea. We'll see.
Also -Lake Ontario and a pool? Sounds divine!! :) We live out on the prairie on a sand dune. Literally. *cough*dry*sputter* lol.

greeneggsandtam 07-18-2013 05:05 PM

Today's big compromise: carrots and cucumber and cheese for a snack rather than driving 20 min. to buy chips and dip. God I love chips and dip. I think I will learn to make hummus this summer.

Tuscany 07-18-2013 06:57 PM

I too love chips and dip, but that's something I must stay away from. I keep promising myself to try some veggies with one of those low-cal dip recipes using Greek yoghurt, but I haven't yet got around to doing that. One of these days.

Slow day for me today, since I had to work. Even though I'm effectively taking the summer off in accumulated vacation, there will still be the odd day here and there when I have to work. Today and tomorrow are two such days. I hope to get back to relaxing on Saturday. On the positive side, I will be wearing one of my favorite jackets tomorrow. It's a size 10 and it now fits....yeah...another good reason for me to stay away from the chips and dip.

Have a great evening!

greeneggsandtam 07-19-2013 10:57 AM

Yeah!!! Nice work on the size 10 jacket!! :)
I am taking the bull by the horns today and getting a leisure pass from the city. Hello old friend gym, I hope you'll take me back after I so brutally left you and cheated on you with my secret lovers: Couch and snacks.
Ha! I realized last night, again...I am eating as much as my husband at dinner!! What the deuce! Unbelievable. His job is physical. I am in front of a book all day. Anyways. This realization has spurred on my commitment to go back to the gym.

greeneggsandtam 07-22-2013 01:23 PM

1. Fancy schmancy smart phone!! I can see the C25K app on it. Do I dare? It seems like a real commitment.
2. I missed a soccer game on the weekend. Just didn't check the schedule. Damnit.
3.I went a week without a slice of bread. NSV! Mind you I did have a huge amount of junkfood yesterday, I could beat myself up for it, but I'm not going to.
4. Golfing today!

greeneggsandtam 07-23-2013 11:08 AM

1. Downloaded the C25K app. It's a start.
2. The golfing was AMAZING. We got clouds, no rain and it cost 9.00 for the round. :)
3. I think I might be the last person on earth to take a look at pinterest. Meh.
4. Going to read some posts and take a look at some goal pictures for inspiration.

Tuscany 07-23-2013 01:59 PM

Glad you enjoyed the golfing! I have too much respect for the greens to go on them...believe me, they're better off without me.

What the heck is pinterest? You needn't worry about answering...suffice it to say you're not the last person on earth to look at it.

I haven't eaten so much as one slice of bread since I began my diet on March 11. I simply cannot lose weight when I eat bread, so I just stay totally away from bread when I diet. It's the one thing I'm really looking forward to eating again when I start maintenance...although that will be a while yet.

I went to the zoo yesterday...it was fun!

mygirlvj 07-23-2013 03:37 PM

Hello ladies,

Northern Manitoba here... I am more of a lurker than a poster but after seeing the last few posts here I had to jump in :)

What the heck is pinterest? I about fell out of my chair when I saw this. :)

I am 39 and three places I am EVERYDAY..... 3FC, My fit pal, and Pinterest.

If you haven't checked out Pinterest I highly recommend it. The humor, the quotes, the motivation but beware 5 minutes can easily turn into an hour or two.

Matisse 07-24-2013 03:07 PM

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you.

And here is someone from Québec to make the Canadian thread a little more complete. I joined 3FC last Thursday. I am 46 but dare I say it, people are usually stunned when they hear my age. I have been always been obsessed about my weight. I have done the Scarsdale diet on several occasions but it is not healthy because it is so calorie restrictive. Never again.

I also often lost tremendous amounts of weight too because I was in love or was heartbroken. This time, I am doing it as a single lady thinking only of herself, a healthier way with my 3FC buddies.

155 lbs is a high point in my life and albeit this weight looks good on many people, it does not on me. First of all, I am 5'3" and to my complete horror, my bra is now in DDDD-land. :o I also have a lot of abdominal fat and no muscle tone.

Dietwise, I follow loosely a plan called Kilo Cardio to guide me. The idea of having delicious and colourful meals every dinner made from fresh produce pleases me. I would not want to buy prepackaged food.

I also plan to move every day. I started a spinning class on youtube and it's kicking my butt. Furthermore, I have seen my move improve since I have been physically active. I lost 3.6 lbs since last Thursday and that's a start.

Weatherwise, last week was awful. 70 % humidity and the temperature felt like 45 °C.

In the next weeks, I plan on going on a bike trip, and hike a mountain.

greeneggsandtam 07-30-2013 10:42 PM

Hi All!!
Tuscany how has the weather been in ON? We've had some super temperate days. Yay! Cool nights and kind of cloudy days. My kind of summer.
Mygirl nice to meet you! I love Manitoba! I've only ever been to Winnipeg, so maybe I should be saying I love Winnipeg, despite what the weakerthans have to say about it. Lol. Cute dog!
And Hello Matisse! Sounds hot in Quebec, mondieu! (There's that Saskatchewan grade six French class!) I hope it's gotten cooler for you. My goodness.
I started the C25K today. It's weird, playing soccer and not having a problem with the running but these little tiny intervals just about killed me today. I think it was my dogs. They started out super fast. I was powerless and had to follow. Blue heelers are strong willed. lol

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