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Happy September
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Have a good & relaxing weekend everyone!
Yesterday was Africa hot
I ended up staying in my apartment almost all day.
Signs made & hung for "Excessive Heat" for the seniors.
I made them the night before. I also made more for the office.
But we all know the seniors will NOT use their A/C like they should.

I am waiting for the rug cleaner. He should be here soon.
A tenant had an "accident" all over her livingroom rug.
What a mess. I felt sorry for the homemaker.
She did her best cleaning up. Not a nice way for my weekend to begin.
And of course he needs the maintenance room sink, hoses, etc.

Not much else is new. Chatted with Jen and later a friend.
It felt good to let it all out. She came here with a paper for me to sign.
Trustee business. More govt money spent.
Maybe I should have just cried by myself and gotten it all over with

Hope you all have good weather for the weekend.

Ceejay....you were a very busy gal on your day off.
My friend likes to dream about retirement too.
Poor B and the lab stuff. Good luck to him.
Light duty would be nice if you can get it.
I bet when you leave, you won't miss all the work & chemicals.
How nice to see more family next week. Have a good time.

Laura....send the rabbit out to Happy's place.
I hear they like to feed animals
Sounds like you have a lot of work planned in the gardens.
I thought of Coal when I found this picture.
I forget what I googled now....maybe lazy weekend. ROFLMAO
Have fun out planting!! and hope the body feels better too.

Michelle.....very sorry to hear about the job.
something better will come along.
In the meantime I am glad you're saving money & can work in jammies!!
I can work in my jammies too
Hope Santa learns to come when called.
People who don't own an animal leave doors wide open
Good luck training everyone!!!!!!!!!

Happy.....I can just see the two of you in the netted clothing.
I thought of you when I saw the add for OFF.
They have something you clip on your clothes or put close to you.
It's SUPPOSED to stop mosquitos from feasting on your bod.
Wonder if it would work? Happy gardening to you.
May your garden be lush and fruitful.
This way if Shad has a problem with hers.....she can use yours!!

Annie....."BFE is Bum F*cked Egypt"
OMG...that is too frassing funny.
I should have guessed some of it at least
Thought about you & Dad last night.
Will just continue to send good thoughts out to both of you.
Told Jen about Sassy and the garden.
We could just see her woeful face looking at the dirt thru the fence!!
She would love a Rav like you & Ceejay have.
It's that most colorful time of the year!
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gettin' with the plan
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It looks like more rain this morning which may put a damper on my trip to Paragould. I'll wait and see what it's doing in a couple of hours.
I will definitely will not miss work when I retire. Some of the people yes. To be honest I will not miss this town at all either. I told my sister when I moved up there I'm becoming a hermit. I don't want to get involved with any of the neighbors.

Guess it's time for me to get dressed and started for the day.
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Choose your hard
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Morning all,

Got some rain yesterday. Cooled things off. Sunny now, hope it dries things up and warms up a bit before the next wave moves in later today. Yesterday we went to a new place for Friday Fish Fry. Passing by thought it was a bar but was actually a nice (but small) restaurant and bar. Good thing we went earlier as the place really filled up. With seniors too so it looked to be a local watering hole. The fish was excellent. Would definitely come back again. We raced past the black clouds on the way home but did not make it inside before the heavy rain hit. The clouds were so ugly I thought about the poor folks in Oklahoma with all those tornadoes. I'm working at the store this afternoon - with the woman I went to high school with. We'll see if we get along People are so strong in their opinions that I tend to agree with Ceejay - turning into a hermit and avoiding people is the "new social". At dinner yesterday 2 tables down from us were a group of 3 people. One guy was loudly proclaiming what an idiot Hillary Clinton and Obama were and how they have ruined this country. He wasn't talking quietly either - chair pushed back from the table, arms spread wide like he was Jesse Jackson pontificating and he was speaking to the open air as much as his companions. Like we were all interested in his opinion Lotta people like that up this way, though I'm sure it's like that all over.

So Ceejay - I agree with you. Being a hermit is probably the best way to go. Particularly if you have a kind heart and willing to be a nice person as you are. It's a shame the neighbors have tried so often to take advantage of you. As for work I often think back to what one of my friends said in regards to the office "the only thing you are missing is the aggravation" Retirement is a much better way to go. As long as you have things to keep you occupied. I have noticed that the thinking skills deteriorate, much like muscles so it's handy to have something other than reading or puzzles that will exercise the mind too. Probably a good thing to talk to the doctor about limiting your duties. Some of the stuff you describe doing is very physical. Got to be mindful when you get to the point that things take a long time to heal once we break them

Mel - love the pup picture today. Boy doesn't that look peaceful and refreshing. Sorry to hear the heat is on up your way. Are you getting ready for an onslaught of alarms for heat related problems? I imagine you might not get much of a breeze through the open windows. I was proud of my Mom and told her so last week when it got quite hot and she actually turned the a/c on. While I understand they don't like the chill, I think they also get ultra sensitive to the heat. Glad you were able to unload with the friend - just make sure the tears don't blur the signature on the paper - you have enough trouble with paperwork. Don't need to muck it up any more. As for the clip on OFF bug deterrent, I have not tried that myself - DH used it down south, said it worked good as long as there was not a strong breeze blowing. He had some yard fogger he used yesterday while working out back. Said he sprayed it and 2 minutes later the mosquitoes (which have been very bad) all took off for parts unknown. They are really bad in the garden, thank goodness I don't have to weed or spend alot of time in there. Oh and please don't send any bunnies up this way. I think Mr. Fox is doing a number on them. Haven't seen bunnies in several months. Not even now when they should be out courting.

Annie - good thoughts and prayers to you with your Dad's situation. Let us know what's going on when you can.

Laura - I guess you need to do some asking around if you are taking a south based bike ride. I know alot of people say Hyde Park is fine but I thought down by the museum of Sci and Industry - not such a great area. However, they are always changing things up. For a while Wrigleyville was awful, then the yuppies came in and revamped the neighborhood and now I understand it's a high end area I can imagine trying to bike between the walkers and the skaters (do people still rollerblade?) would be akin to driving LSD on a hot weekend day. Sorry to hear the bunny chewed up your garden. Did you plant green beans or sugar snap peas? I have Blue Lake bush beans this year - found the pole beans to be rather tough when my coworker planted them last year. My tomatoes are looking kind of spindly too. I think it's a matter of wanting hotter weather as the ones in the heated greenhouses were looking strong and full. But then again, you've been getting much warmer weather than we have. Did you put any fertilizer on them when you planted? Sometimes they get fussy about that. Happy planting - come finish mine when you're done

Michelle - sorry to hear you did not get the job. Probably for the best right now if you are doing alright in your living arrangements because having the extra cash to save and pay off the debt will give you a healthy leg up on the finances. Nothing worse than digging deeper into a hole with no way out. You sound as if you are doing ok for the moment - friends and sun and sand. I think getting Santa some training is a really good idea. Long time ago I was installing some computer equipment at a company executive's house. They had recently downsized from a big house to a much smaller but still cute townhouse. His beloved pug dog was feeling a bit cooped up I imagine and any time the front door opened, the dog would bolt out. As luck would have it when I was leaving, the exec went to let us out, the dog bolted out and ran right into the street when he was hit and killed by a UPS truck. It was really sad. We felt awful of course - I'm so glad I was not the one to open the door - but they said they were afraid it was only a matter of time before this happened and being a small dog, like Annie said Sassy flies around - they moved so fast you had no way of stopping them. So if Santa can be made to respond to a couple of basic commands, would be better off for his safety all around. I'm sure he just gets enthusiastic and forgets what's all around him

Well the sunny day did not last very long. Dark gray clouds have moved in. We have a 50 percent chance of rain, I think we'll be getting more. Too bad because it was chilly - needed the sun to warm things up. And more rain will only breed more mosquitoes. Might make for a busy afternoon at the thrift shop. People tend to come and roam around the shops when the weather is too glum to be out doing outdoorsy things. I will be the "lead" person today - sure hope I remember how to run the register and credit card machine Better get a move on.

Hello the rest of the Worldies. Have a good Sunday.

Oh and I just realized it's June. We should change the thread. I'll do it tonight if it still needs to be done.
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gettin' with the plan
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I've had a busy morning so far. I had to go to the grocery store for some milk. Was going to have milk and cereal but the phone rang and it was my sis that lives in Dallas. We had a nice long chat. Instead I had Aunt Jamima pancakes, prepackaged. I had called my aunt earlier and told her I might not come for lunch but if the rain ends later in the day I might make it around 4 p.m. The rain is really coming down right now.

Enjoy your work day. You are right that we need to keep busy as we age in both mind, body and spirit. I'm going to keep putting the do not disturb sign on the door but if they do knock I'm going to tell them that I've retired the taxi service.

Every one else have a good day.
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