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happy2bme 11-01-2012 11:56 AM

The Worldlie Chicks Say "November is for New Beginnings"
For Michelle - and anyone else ready to jumpstart things before we close the year out.

Certainly could use a fresh start after picking up from Superstorm Sandy. It's good to know that Java Turtle had some slow going but didn't get stuck and made it home ok. TWO FEET OF SNOW! Geez Louise :yikes: I'm sure it was the heavy, wet stuff too. Glad to hear you are ok and thanks for checking in.

I have spent part of the morning reading about the devistation in Hoboken, New Jersey which is not all that far from Mel and her crew. It is really sad and I hope they pull together to get them back up and running quickly. Was ready to send her a care package but if the roads are flooded and they can't get deliveries through, what can you do?

Shad - to comment on your question about relief efforts - sometimes I would send money to the American Red Cross which is generally one of the first responders in a disaster situation but my own opinion in which I know people personally affected would be to send something directly to them and let them decide how to apply it best. Just my opinion... I do hope given the amount of elderly in Mel's building that they will be given priority in relief efforts.

Let me go finish setting this thread up. Back in a bit.

happy2bme 11-01-2012 12:38 PM

Michelle - good luck with your move. Hope you don't mess up your back. Are you taking furniture too? I certainly hope so. And I hope you took the good stuff ;) :lol:

Laura - glad the cough is manageble now but I would think with all the decomposing leaves and wood fires (fireplaces) that are starting, it might be a bit more irritating. So you worked up a sweat with "Classic Stretch"? Sounds like more that reaching and lifting :lol:

Annie - hang in there - only a day and a half until the weekend when you can relax with the family and get away from the work stuff. Hope your back is doing better.

Shad - it's about time you are relaxing. A glass of wine and a book sounds just like what you need after your hectic week. Enjoy! And I'd hate people who would call in a ticket just as they were about to leave work themselves and then when you call back either they are gone or the person you need to help them has left :mad:

It's snowing outside. Just barely cold enough to turn rain into snow so it's light but steady - the ground is still warm enough so it won't stick but it's dreary out. I'm off today and have a few things to do around the house including making some soups. Oh and yesterday the store owner said she will be cutting hours as we get dead slow now - ok by me although she still wants me to work 3 days a week it seems.

Gotta go - DH wants to go into town and I'm going with. Later chicks...

ceejay52 11-01-2012 03:31 PM

Like the title for the thread. Is today moving day? Wish I were there to help you.

Thanks for setting up the new thread. Think your new boss is letting the other employee down easy so to speak.

Java Turtle
Thank you for checking in. We've been concerned. Glad you made it safe and sound.

Hope you are feeling better.

I'm at work today. Co-worker wanted to go with her hubby to take his dad for a radiation treatment. I'm trying hard to do as little as possible. I did complete the reports. My eyes are glued to the t.v. watching the results of hurricane Sandy.
My neice's baby got to go home yesterday dressed in a Holloween outfit.
Didn't have any trick or treaters. Turned the lights off outside and only left the hallway light on for me. Watched t.v. and ate pizza. Did noticed some boy's around 10 years old outside. They may have been up to some mischief. But hey it was Holloween. They didn't come close to the car or I'd blew the horn.
It's time for me to get back on track for sure. This week (and I'm blaming it on the full moon) I can't get filled up.

diyana 11-01-2012 03:49 PM

Hi everyone -

Happy - Thanks for using my suggestion for the thread title. I'm excited about my new beginning. As rough as the past two months have been for me, and I know I've got a lot of emotional healing and growing to do going forward, I've decided that the REST of my life is going to be the BEST of my life. :D As for moving out and taking the good stuff...I am. But not all of it. I'm taking into consideration....is it something that's worth moving twice (once to my new place and then to CA later on).

Java - I'm glad you're doing okay.

Ceejay - I'll be praying for your great niece and co-worker's father in law. Moving day is actually Saturday. I got the keys last night though and took a load of odds and ends over, today will be another small load of odds and ends. Tomorrow I'll have my soon to be ex-husband's SUV, so I can transport more stuff with fewer trips. And Saturday will be when the furniture gets moved. I have 2 or 3 male friends coming to help me, and at least a couple female friends. So hopefully it won't take long.

Mel - I'm praying for you, Jen and Richie, and all those affected by Sandy. I've got lots of cousins in NJ...and some have been without power and heat for days and will likely be out for several more days. :( But at least they made it through.

Annie - Feel better sista. Sending you hugs. :hug:

Much love and many hugs to all,

ceejay52 11-02-2012 08:54 AM

Looks like every one is asleep.
Checking to see if Mel had posted.

happy2bme 11-02-2012 09:04 AM

Good morning to all.

Not much going on here. Ran some errands yesterday. Took a nap - it was lovely but it did disrupt my sleep last night. Now I'm tired and it's a work day. At least I will have the weekend off for a change. Brain is foggy so I will post this. Hope everyone is doing well and Mel is doing ok.

Have a good weekend ladies.

annie175 11-02-2012 09:17 AM

Happy Friday...

Got lil man's 1 year pix taken last night. He would barely smile, he wasn't in the mood. Nevermind the fact that Sam took him to the doc yesterday for his check up and he got 3 shots. Well no wonder he wouldn't smile, probably felt like crap. I told her she should of rescheduled. Anyway, got 3 pretty good shots of him smiling. We get them back next Friday, will try to post somehow. She and I and babe, of course, went to Chili's for dinner...needless to say that place is hit or miss and it was awful last night. What a bust. Only thing that looked good was the babe's mac n cheese. lol

Work still stinks. My big boss is coming on Monday and I am hoping to meet with her about this mess. I need to see the changes they preached were to happen, rather than just hear a lot of malarky. I know quit ranting and be happy I have a job.

This weekend is my future DILs bridal shower and the bach party downtown at a younger crowd night club. I am not going to that, I am attending the earlier part at another place for dinner with them. Then I am cutting out. I do not want to be at a 21-31 yr old club nor drinking.

Sunday is sissy's birthday dinner at 4 pm. She has requested fried chicken, potato cakes, green beans, mac n cheese, and for her cake she wants my homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream instead. Will be a busy Sunday morning for me.

Happy...thanks for starting the new thread. I guess I really should learn how to do that, but you are so good at it. ;)

CEEG...We only had about 25 trick or treaters and a few of them could drive a car. hmmm, oh well at least they were not out robbing a house or breaking laws.

CHELLE...if I lived closer I would certainly help you move. Or at least supervise...wink wink...lol. Be careful with your back and take it easy. Hugs

Prayers out there for Mellie and crew! and all the rest of the area.

Hello to everyone..

love and hugs.

Laura705 11-02-2012 10:48 AM

Morning all. TGIF!! :carrot: No special plans, but I'm ready for the weekend anyways.

Java - Glad you made it home safely the other night, and that your weren't without power for too long. Yes, these situations definitely remind us (1) we are so fortunate (2) we shouldn't take things for granted and (3) we shouldn't whine over the minor irritations in life. :yes:

Happy - Thanks for setting up our new thread. Yeh, you might imagine that a stretch workout is sort of calm and slow...nope, not this one. :D Hope your workday is quiet. Nice you have the weekend off.

Ceejay - How nice your grand-niece got to go home! :bb: Glad your Halloween was uneventful.

Michelle - Sounds like you've got a lot of help with the moving, so no overdoing it - your back will thank you. :):p

Annie - Yeh, timing of the photos was not ideal for the lil guy. :( The Chili's closest to us closed nearly a year ago - not really missing it, but I sure wish something else would open in its spot. I just hate seeing those empty buildings! I also hate when every new building in the area seems to be a bank - really?? Unless you need to visit a safe deposit box regularly, why do you need to physically go to a bank on a regular basis? Just my opinion. I know, many people don't like ATMs and businesses use banks a lot, yada yada, yada. Oops, sorry for going off on that tangent. An early happy b-day to sissy - her menu pick sounds delish, and with you preparing it, I'm sure it will be. :) :hun: :chef: I can see why the bachelorette party would not appeal - not fond of clubs where you can't even hear yourself think. If I'm in an environment like that where I can't hear conversation, I'd rather be listening to a live rock band, not DJ music.

:wave: to the rest of the Worldlies.

Nothing much going on with me. BF is off with friends today to spend the day at a friend's summer place before closing it up, and he'll be gone overnight tonight. I will leave work a wee bit early to go home and walk the dog before dark. Nothing special planned tonight, probably just watch some telly.

Have a great weekend everyone!

annie175 11-02-2012 12:26 PM

Laura...An evening at home alone with the pup sounds delightful. ABC has a couple of shows on tonight that I want to watch. Last Man Standing with Tim Allen and Malibu Country with Reba McIntire. They start at 8 pm EST and run back to back. Just in case you are interested. Have a great weekend!!

Shad 11-02-2012 07:16 PM

Morning all,
Saturday here and not before time. Yesterday was just plain silly. I got given a job to do - tart up the Roads Report Specification - by the project director. Okay - go see this person and ring this person and check out this person. So I did. From the ringing I got an earful of whinging and moaning. From the go see person I got, oh sh*t haven't read the spec. Will do and get back to you next week. From the check out person I got, (basically in Indian dialect amid much shaking of head) I know nothing about this. I just got to interface SAP with GIS and poke it into the website. Have you got the GIS spec? No and I don't want to, see so and so. Then he said you really should go and see the project director. Full circle. Round and round we go. You put your left leg in and take your left leg out. Put your leg in and shake it all about. Now I am going crazy doing the Hokey Tokey. It's lucky I get paid regularly and there isn't much work about at the moment and many of my friends are looking for work.

Happy - a weekend off. Yeehaa. Hope you get some stuff done around the place and some time off for good behaviour. Can't imagine there would be much call for popcorn in the winter.

Annie - well there was a step in the right direction. Not going to the nightclub and being tempted to drink. Well done. And think of the cash you saved. All waiting to be put into the travel fund.
Poor wee man all doped up and wanting to cry and having to have his photo taken.
Hope you get more sense out of your bosses than I got out of mine. Still I will probably sign up for another three months if offered.

Laura - at least you were doing some exercise. Some is better than none.

Michelle - Happy packing and moving for this weekend. It will be tough but you will come out of this stronger and more motivated. If I was closer I'd be there helping you pack and keeping track of your boxes and beds.

Ceejay - see below for Mel info.

Had an email from Mel. She is okay. Probably won't post here until the power is re-established properly. She is worried that the power surges may affect her computer and it would be devastating for her if that happened. She is seeking help from the powers that be because she and Jen and Richie can no longer cope with the demands from the seniors. So she has her priorities straight. She has food to last for a week or so. But the other building have not been so lucky and they have opened their building for day shelter and for recharging phones etc. Apparently all the local schools are camp grounds and there is a lot of damage. Things won't be back to normal for quite a while. Richie is almost out of gas so they can't go anywhere even if there was anywhere to go.

I would like to do something for them but have the problem of if sending money for example, do I put it directly in the bank - and what ramifications would that have with the government and taxes - seems every unproved penny causes trouble in that quarter. If I send it via money transfer like Western Union, how do they get to pick it up and is the places like that working at this time. Can I send a care parcel and will it get there. None of you lot are close enough to be able to sort anything either. Anyway, by next week we should have a clearer picture.

In the meantime, I need to go do some shopping (read retail therapy) and get some bits and pieces in. We had rain last night and it seems to have made the place somewhat more bearable out there. So look after yourselves, be kind to each other and look after the wildlife.

ceejay52 11-02-2012 10:05 PM

Thanks for the information on Mel. I'm with you but don't really know how to handle the situation.

Take it easy tomorrow and let those men friends do all the heavy lifting.

I'm with you with taking naps in the afternoon. It interferes with my sleep at night big time.

Enjoy your quiet time tonight.

Can't believe that the lil man is a year old. Is he walking yet?

I've had an eventful day. Raked the leaves to the curb, even washed the car. All in all I've had a good day. Will be going to Paragould tomorrow. Haven't been there in awhile.

[email protected] 11-03-2012 12:00 AM

I just lost my long post...
It's late, but thanks for the updates on Mel.

I too would like to do something. I know American Red Cross is an options, as this Monday Nov 5 is Day of Giving... Not sure what the news channels are doing but heard it will be all stations... Some type of fundraiser.

Waiting to see if Mel needs anything specific.

will post more tomorrow..

Shad 11-03-2012 05:07 AM

Yeah Patty and that is my problem.
If I give to the American Red Cross - and this is no reflection of the great work that they do - but it will not benefit Mel and her family both real and the extended community. They are 'safe' with odds bits of power.

happy2bme 11-03-2012 12:09 PM

Good morning ladies,

Got another email from Mel. She is very tired. They served 100 hot lunches and dinners to the seniors. She, Jen and Ritchie are doing the majority of work of course - volunteers are in short supply. She said the mayor is looking out for the folks in the building there. FEMA - the federal emergency management authority - has just arrived so they hope this will help get things in order also. They arranged for a bus to take them to a store that has groceries - too hard for Mel to manage so Jen and Ritchie are taking the trip. One of the politicians said he fears for the day when he and Mel are no longer around to look out for the seniors. She said that people have lost their homes and are starting to get panicky as the temperatures drop below freezing. There are problems with shortages of heating oil and gasoline for delivery trucks. A few people have collapsed into Mel's arms crying hysterically at the hopelessness of it all as she tries to comfort them. In addition to the building, she is also trying to get someone to address the homeless also. On the dark side she said looters are running all over and the police are stretched thin trying to deal with protecting the citizens. Scam artists too are trying to take advantage of people at their lowest point. How sad. She said her internet is sporatic so we will get our updates in bits which I told her we are grateful for any word.

Also said we'd love to do something for them but are at a loss as to how. With no access to cash machines and regular deliveries all but abandoned due to lack of people and gas, it really is pretty primative out there. I am glad that they are getting some attention from the town and are not completely left on their own. Although as you can imagine, most of this is falling on Mel to plan and execute. Told her we will pool our money and send her and Jen for a nice beach vacation in Shad's neck of the woods after this. :beach:

Nothing I have going on compares to what's happening to her. I have the weekend off which is nice - we might take a trip up north to look at generators - our house is totally dependent on electricity for water (well pump), heat and lights. I do worry what would happen if a winter storm hit. So we'll take road trip and get some info.

Annie - happy birthday to Lil Man. Sorry that the timing didn't work out with the pictures. I'd not be very happy after getting shots either. :cry:

Good luck with the move Michelle.

Shad - hope you have a relaxing shopping trip and a bit of downtime to recharge the batteries.

Ceejay - have a good trip. I'd rake up the leaves and then go jump in them :D

Laura - I agree with you with banks on every corner. That was 90 percent of the new construction down south. DH used to say that they'd build all these banks because the big churches needed someplace to store their money ;) I remember the days (when I was a kid) that there was a tavern on every corner. Up here that's how it is with all the lakes - at least 2 bars per lake shore and in some towns there isn't even a grocery store but there's at least 5 bars. :cheers:

Hi Patty, Ellen, Java :wave:

I need to go get something planned and executed before the day washes away from me. Have a good weekend chicks.

Shad 11-03-2012 05:37 PM

Morning all,
06.45 am I am awake and chatting to my sister on facebook. I think she has gone to get coffee or breakfast or both so I will make a start here.

Happy - thanks for the info on Mel. I knew she would be in the thick of it and she takes things so much to heart. I just hope she can pace herself out for the duration. I'm still trying to work out ways and means to get things to her. Carla49 emailed the other day. She is thinking that the price of things like gas and food will soar when they finally get back into the shops. It's not going to be easy to fix. And worse, they find that where the water has got in to sewerage, electricity, plumbing etc., will be worse than expected, cost more to fix than expected, and take longer than expected. Older type stuff will not have many spares for fixing, the plumbing and waste water systems will have to have complete overhauls. We went through a lot of this two years back and although the amenties have been repaired (at great cost) there is still stuff to be fixed permanently. Mostly non-government stuff where insurance companies are digging in heels and compensation is still coming and people are waiting for blame so they can dredge some money out of the government because of a perceived mistake. But I wax cynical here.
Better go get some breakfast. Back lated.

That's later. My typing is shot today.

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