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QuilterInVA 10-26-2012 10:11 PM

Steel Magnolias #30
It's been a rainy day today. I had English Paper Piecing today and we had a lot of fun. I've got to run around tomorrow and stock up before Hurrican Sandy gets any closer. Until they say where it'll hit, I'm preparing for the worst. I'll leave my car on higher ground when I get home tomorrow.

Faye, I love those socks!

Jean, I've been really fortunate with the workers I've had for my house. They got it right the first time.

Maggie, Hungry to the Max is the next cookbook from Hungry Girl. It has over 600 recipes. I've maked at ton of them already to try.

Have a great evening.

Jean 10-26-2012 11:18 PM

Maggie -- I noticed your last post was just a few minutes before mine. ;) I didn't know there were so many different kinds of salt. Thanks for sharing the link; I've saved it so I can go back and browse. :D

Susan -- I am really surprised at how fast "Sandy" has appeared but then I really don't know much about hurricanes. The weatherman did say the season lasts through November. I hope she doesn't hit land. :nono: It's good that you are taking precautions just in case.

Ernie's little brother is coming into the garage now; I propped the door open a tiny bit in hopes nothing else will come in. He hightails it whenever the house door opens but then comes back. I have had a catnap in front of the tv tonight, :o so hope I can sleep when I go to bed. See you tomorrow!

Jean 10-27-2012 01:33 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, and the wind is blowing! It's cold outside but the sun sure makes it look better. I've been to the grocery store and now need to start making food for tomorrow when the kids will be here. It's going to be very simple: sloppy joes, a couple of salads, chips, veggies, and Beth is making a cake. I also need to vacuum later, and maybe swish a dustrag around. :dunno:

I hear the oven beeping so can put the chicken in. Enjoy the day today! :wave:

gma22 10-27-2012 04:11 PM

Afternoon girls. It has been chilly here today and it was cold overnight enough to run the furnace. It has finally cooled down for fall I think as we are going to have normal temps next week.

Jack is sitting watching the Boise State game at the moment. I have felt kind of ick today as for some reason the female stuff has been rearing it's ugly head for the last two weeks. I just have to take it easy when it is bad so I have just accepted that. I wanted to do some housework today, but it isn't going to happen except straightening up and doing regular chores. No big deal. We aren't expecting company or anything.

We decided to wait until tomorrow to grocery shop. We can go a bit later for one thing and neither of us wanted to get up early and get out this morning as we went to bed late, really late for us.

Susan: I truly hope it doesn't hit in your area. It is a pretty nasty storm. I know the ship website has shut down a lot of the caribbean excursions and such because of it. I was looking at the new hungry girl cookbook and it looks interesting. I may go to Barnes and Noble and see if they have it so I can peruse the actual recipes.

Jean: That was one of the reasons we kept such a close eye on the caribbean before our trip as the hurricane season goes well into November. Hope you have a good times with the kids. I was watching Trisha Yearwood's cooking show early this morning and she and her girls were all dressed up like Kiss for Halloween and she was making Halloween food, a chicken tortilla soup that Garth Brooks likes and a pumpkin roll. It all sounded really good.

I guess I should get started on Jackson's second sock as I have the first one done. I have enjoyed reading the last couple days though. There's a new Dick and Felix Francis book out and I bought it and am enjoying it. Have a great weekend everyone!!! Faye

Maggie 10-27-2012 04:43 PM

Simply Sunny Beautiful Saturday


It is said to get way up to 70ºs this day and hopefully that is true. I don’t have much on my list to do this day and am just going to laze around. Since yesterday we bought the birthday gift for that gal that is turning 3 and the party is after services in the morning that is off the list. It is a lovely dressy pant outfit. Gauzey white top with striped tights that will look great on her with a bow to match to go in her hair. The store wrapped it and I made a cute little card so it is ready to go. We love buying gifts at that store for it specializes in “nice” clothes for babies & kids. Her dad is providing the noon meal of pulled pork and BBQ beef and all the fixins for the guests. It should be a fun affair. The mom is a nurse who is PG once again and the dad is a music teacher.

As usual the animals are all napping ~ what a life. :lol: I made some awesome spaghetti last evening and I think we will be having leftovers this day. I put lots cut up onions, celery and mushrooms in the sauce and add as many of the 1 p+ meatballs we want. I like keeping a bag of those meatballs in the freezer. I was out and we went to the two main stores in town and they were out of them but found them in a market way across town. Wonder why there was a run on meatballs. :chin:

Will just came home and brought me half a roast beef French dip sandwich which I will go eat now. And, of course, he brought me a sf ff vanilla latte. :yes:

Much latter I am now back. I got busy doing some needed chores out at that end of the house and just got back in here.

DONNA FAYE Sorry you feeling under the weather. Won't you be glad when this is all overwith your femaile stuff. After hearing what you are going through I am so thankful I never even had monthly cramps. Guess those cruise folks have to watch the weather very closely.

JEAN You will have fun with that web site. So many things to look at. Are you going to end adopting that little cat that comes around to be fed? sounds like he is homeless.

SUSAN I have that book on order from the bookstore here. They have lots of her other cook books by Lisa Lillien but just not that one in yet. I have gotten good recipes out of all four of her cookbooks I do have. She sure know how to take some of the old favorites and revamp them.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

Jean 10-27-2012 10:38 PM

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better tonight! :yes: I had my flu shot on Thursday; I don't know if there is any correlation, or not, but my nose started running this afternoon and now I am stuffed up big time. :mad: Hope your shopping tomorrow is quick and easy!

Maggie -- You will have fun at the birthday party tomorrow. :D They sound like a nice family. I would like to adopt "Ernie's little brother." I can pick him up and scratch his ears. He eats all the time so I am betting he has worms. Bob has left the walk-in garage door open and he has come in to check it out. Even though Ernie has had all his shots I would take the orphan to the vet to be sure he is healthy, get his shots, and neutered. We'll see how it goes. :dunno:

I'm tired tonight but want to stay up and awake until at least 10:30 or 11 so I don't wake up in the middle of the night. I don't like it when the house is cold in the night. :nono:

gma22 10-28-2012 07:57 AM

Good morning to you all! It is chilly this morning, but the furnace hasn't kicked on and I have it set at 69 so the house hasn't cooled off too much I guess.

We have the ole commissary shopping to do this morning. I will be glad to just get it done. I hope the place isn't crowded today and we can zip right through and then they actually have cashiers so we don't have to wait in line. That irritates me the most, especially on weekends that are military active duty and retire paydays and then add in the social security people and they have two checkouts open and the line winds clear to the back of the store. That's ridiculous.

I didn't pick up needles at all yesterday. I just sat and read while Jack watched football games. I am not going to put up with this much longer before I tell her she is going to have to just take it out if it isn't going to correct itself. I am tired of all these lousy symptoms making me feel crummy most of the time.

Maggie: Hope you have a nice time at the birthday party. It would be fun to shop for little girls. I never get to. Boys clothing isn't fun to look around and decide what to get. My guys are basically jeans and tshirt kids so that makes it even more boring! :lol: Thomas is camping this weekend with the scouts and Kelly said it was supposed to be below freezing where they were at so I imagine that skinny little kid is gonna get cold. Hope he doesn't come home sick.

Jean: Fortune has shots in January. Last year I just had them give him his shots but this year I think I will have them do a regular workup just to make sure his heart and such are doing ok. It is a lot more expensive, but with his age, I think we should do it. I will be getting a flu shot as soon as I book at dr appt and go in. I usually get it much earlier, but I just haven't been to the dr's for anything.

Well, better hop to it and get cleaned up and such and chores done before we drive out to the commissary. Have a nice rest of the weekend! Faye

Maggie 10-28-2012 05:09 PM

Simply Sunny Beautiful Chilly Sunday


The party was fun and she got some good presents. It will be fun to see her in some of the outfits she got. It is currently in the 50º range and not expected to get higher than 60ºs this day. Right now I am sucking on a Butter Mint ~ they are 7 for 1p+ and I enjoy them sometimes but not often but when I want some they are delicious. I package the box of them in small bags and can take out just one packet when I get the notion. :yes: I don’t often eat candy and when I do it has to be of a good kind ~ not just any candy will do. :no: Not much out of the ordinary doing this afternoon ~ just trying to stay awake. The drowse’s hit me around this time each day it seem ~ the afternoon slump. :(

Last WW meeting we made a list of different exercises to do and out of the 12 I am able to do 3 of them without hurting myself. Three out of the twelve isn’t bad though for I can walk, lift weights (carefully), and exercise dance. My leg the way it is does limit what I do or should do for the doctor did give me some guidelines to what my back can handle. Like for example no jumping rope or hoola hooping, or stop-start sports for this gal. :p

DONNA FAYE Hope you found all you wanted to purchase at the commissary this day. :yikes: camping in cold weather like that for little kids isn't the best of times I would imagine. Hope he doesn't get sick from it.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

Jean 10-28-2012 10:34 PM

Good Evening, Flowers! It 's been a long day; chilly enough for a jacket but sunny and nice for the kids to be outside. They brought their bikes and went to a nearby park. This is the first time they have gone without an adult. We have the house pretty much put back together, the dishwasher is running, and bed is looking better by the minute.

"Gma" -- Our WM is terrible about having more than a couple check-outs. They try to get people to use the self check-outs, which I won't do. :noon: Bob is the one to stuff Ernie into the carrier for his trips to the vet. After getting bit by the stray, many years ago, I am spooky about that.

Maggie -- I commend you for exercising! I never did master the hula hoop. :o Glad you enjoyed the birthday party!

I am going to unload the dishwasher and get ready for bed. :yawn: See you tomorrow! :wave:

Jean 10-29-2012 12:28 PM

Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining but it is quite windy and feels much colder than the temperature says it is. :brr: We were missing a counter at church this morning but the two of us balanced on the first try. :cp: My gift shop deposit is ready to go to the bank after lunch and I need to make a WM run.

The kids (it was me!) forgot to take their share of leftovers home last night so I need to get theirs in the freezer. We will have ours for lunch today! Hope you all enjoy a great day today! :wave:

gma22 10-30-2012 09:09 AM

Good morning everyone. I guess fall is finally here as the temps during the day seem to be staying around the mid 60's. It gets chilly enough to kick on the furnace a couple times, but not excessively so.

I paid a few bills this morning and have lots of cleaning chores to catch up on. I also want to make progress on Jackson's other sock as I am almost done with the leg now. I should receive the last of his Christmas presents from Target today and this nitwit woman called 8 times yesterday and because it was a blocked number I wouldn't answer. She called at 9 PM and it made me mad so I went ahead and answered and come to find out it was the infommercial slippers that I ordered for Jackson. She wanted to add a $1 to my credit card to send me valuable discounts and I told her NO! They are cheapskates and ship by mail so I am going to have to leave the gate unlocked until the darn things come I guess. I ordered him this blanket puppet he wanted really badly too, but I hate ordering stuff that is on tv. Ahh well, hopefully they won't fall apart right away.

Jean: The fall is always fun for kids I think. I remember being a kid and riding my bike all over town and roller skating and such during the fall. Halloween was the best though. We could go all over town and trick or treat all evening and get the best stuff. We would get cupcakes and cotton candy and candy apples and all kinds of great stuff. Nowadays you have to be a doctor to let your kids eat the stuff and walk with them everywhere. It is sad.

Maggie: Jack loves the butter mints they have at one of the restaurants we like. He always stuffs his pockets when he goes in. :lol: When I was a kid, I was a hoola hoop queen. I can still "shake my bootie" if I need to. :lol:

Well girls lots to do so I better get started. Have a great Tuesday and stay warm and dry. Faye

Jean 10-30-2012 04:32 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another "no sun" day in my corner of the world. The wind is not blowing so that is a plus. I spent the morning at church getting the monthly newsletter ready to mail. I've got laundry going and need to do some picking up and putting away around here.

Gma" -- I hate it when the phone numbers are blocked! I have the hospital volunteer director's phone number in my phone book but it still comes up as "out of the area." :dunno: Some of our local numbers will come through with names and others won't. My biggest Halloween bi*ch is the adults that come along with their kids and shove a garbage bag at me for their treat. :tantrum: It isn't the white parents either. If the weather is cold we won't have many trick or treaters. Bob says they are too lazy to walk a half block for a piece of candy. :lol:

I have got to get busy and think about something for supper. I'm tired of Sundays leftovers! Enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are and whatever you are doing. :wave:

Maggie 10-30-2012 04:53 PM

Thankful Tuesday


It is in the 60º range this day and not expected to move up or down but stay somewhere in the 60ºs. I am making out an order for a few things for my village to decorate it. I found the cutest little glass Christmas tree that has round glass ornaments to hang on the branches. I used to have a glass tree but it got broken but still have the little ornaments that went on it. This new one has ball type ornaments where the other one had things like a :candy: and such like. I can use some of them with the balls. The balls are tiny since the tree is only 6 inches tall. These are made to set at a huge table at each place setting. I can order just one for my village.

Will is at the phone store to see if he can get a replacement glass for the front of his phone. Or a new phone. They will probably just give him a refurbished phone of the same model. He dropped it and it broke the glass on the front other day. I don’t know why they don’t make them out of some unbreakable material which is much stronger for folks do drop things.

Wow tomorrow is Halloween. :witch2: It seems to me like it got here faster than usual once we started Rocktober. :spid: We won’t be home to pass out treats for we will be at mid week services then out to dinner. So no tempting candy will be in this house this year.

My lunch consisted of a Panini of chicken, lettuce, onion, tomato and no sauce. I ate half of it and saved the rest for later. I will probably take the chicken & veggies off the bread and use them in a salad at dinner. The bread is good but I don’t need it this day.

DONNA FAYE I don't like dealing with those jokers on the phone. They block their numbers and you don't know who it is that is calling. I had one that said I owed a ton of money to a company I have NEVER even delt with and so after much discussion I just told them to send it to me in writing through the mail and I would send it along to my attourney to deal with them. I never heard from them again. Scammers are the bottom feeders of this universe in my opinion. Telemarketers are about the same. They block their numbers hoping to get a few hits anyway from those that answer their phones. Yep those butter mints are tasty. The Richardson company makes them in the good ole US of A. :cp: Only 1p+ for 7 of them.

JEAN Isn't it lovely when the wind doesn't blow. We are having just a slight breeze here this day. Halloween sure hasn't changed for the better through the years has it. Gone are the kinder gentler days of our lives being replaced by the fast moving "gimmie generation."

Have a wonderful afternoon Magnolias.:wave:

gma22 10-31-2012 11:09 AM

2 Attachment(s)
:haphal: Second day off those meds and here we go already! :lol: I don't go to the doctor until December so I am hoping it will eventually even all out. For now it is kind of crappy but I'll deal with it as it comes.

Kelly is dressed for Halloween at St Judes today and thought you would enjoy the photo. She wanted to be the Gone with the Wind character that Carol Burnett did on her show. I think it is priceless. You can't help but smile at her. Thomas got his eyeball truffles last night and Jackson should get his popcorn tin today so got the grandsons covered. We don't do candy handouts. Too dangerous where we live and we don't have many kids living here anyway. ( I added Carol Burnett's sketch dress so you would understand)

I am now on the heel of Jackson's sock so shouldn't be too long and they should be done. I can then start Thomas's socks and get them done. I am looking forward to starting my socks then.

Jean: You aren't going to believe this, but this stupid company called here again 5 times yesterday and everytime I would answer it would hang up. Finally around 4 PM someone answered and I got mad and told her off. She refused to apologize and kept saying she was calling to check my shipping address, which I told her was bologna. I said I had gone through all that the day before with someone and wasn't going through it again and didn't want to buy anything else so to quit calling me! I then emailed the company and let loose on them. I hope that is the end of that and I hope I actually get what I ordered. One of the reasons we don't hand out candy is because half the people are older teens or adult and if you refuse they damage your property, or shoot you!

Maggie: I get more spam with garbage threatening you so you will give them information online and they can steal your identity. One of the things I get over and over is supposedly from the FBI! :lol: I always get a kick out of that one. Oh, I am glad you found yourself a little glass tree for your village. You should take a picture and post it for us to see!

Well girls, I haven't gotten anything done but knitting so I better get going. Have a great Wednesday. Faye

Jean 10-31-2012 11:33 AM

Good Morning, Flowers! It's a bright sunny morning in my neighborhood this morning; it's 39 degrees with NO wind again today . . . so far anyway. I've been to get my nails done and now need to do some serious cleaning. Bob is bagging leaves, with the mower, to take to the landfill. He's hoping to get them all in three pickup loads. We have LOTS of leaves, and he even grinds them up first!

Maggie -- Your little Christmas tree will certainly brighten up your village. :yes: Does Will have a "smart" phone? Beth does and she had to take her phone back to the store because it developed a mind of its own! It would make calls or switch into different websites while on the table or in her purse. The phone person said that some setting was changed, somehow, and that was the problem. I found bite sized Rice Krispie treats to hand out tonight. Actually, I'm hoping we don't have anyone come to the door. I'm going to check the movie listings so we can be gone. :o We have several older neighbors who don't turn their lights on anymore so doubt if there will be many coming down our street. It's a dead end street to boot.

"Gma" -- Gee, I hope you get to feeling better! :crossed: Thanks for sharing Kelly's picture. I looked at it before reading and wondered who in the world it was. :lol: She is clever! I sure don't blame you for getting upset with the phone calls yesterday. I hate it when I forget to bring the cordless with me in the evening. I usually either have Ernie on my lap, a book, the afghan, etc., so hate getting up to answer the phone only to find out it's not anyone I wanted to talk to.

Susan -- I hope you are dry, safe, and warm! :hug:

Question of the day . . . does your WM still have greeters? Our's does not and we a lucky if there are any carts inside the door. :mad: There goes my post retirement job! :lol3:

I need to take laundry downstairs and get busy. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :ghost:

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