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K9Owner 07-03-2012 02:22 AM

Slow Dancing With A Stranger {13} "Please, Save The Last Dance For Me"
Hi Everyone :wave:
Consider the following scenarios. If more than one apply to you, this just might be the thread you've been searching for:

:yes: This diet/lifestyle change is such a slow process for me, even losing 0.5 lbs or 1kg is a struggle.
:yes: I am frequently changing up different foods in my plan because what I ate worked last week, but it's not working this week.
:yes: One week, I ate everything on plan and gained weight, but another week I pigged out and LOST! WTH??
:yes: I've been at a plateau for so long, it's my new middle name!
:yes: I do ____ for exercise, but my body becomes used to the workout, and I am frequently having to switch up my routine to continue to see results.
:yes: I have been On Plan for so many days/weeks/months without seeing a downward scale movement, I'm ready to QUIT!

Well, before you rush right off and toss your stilettos, platforms, pumps, or boots in the closet, come have a "Slow Dance" with me! I often feel like I am a stranger in my own body, because I am constantly having to change up food and exercise and my scale still doesn't budge. This is not a challenge, but more of a daily accountability, support group, & learning experience all rolled up in one!

This will be the last thread I begin under this title!

The journey over the past year has been a very rewarding and educational one for me.
I have had the privilege of meeting so many different people through this thread with very similar struggles.
It has been a year of progression for so many of us.
I am glad to have been able to share a small glimpse into each of your lives.

So, without further adieu....
May I have this last dance with you?

K9Owner 07-03-2012 02:37 AM

Where to even begin?

The summer is going by so quickly. Winter seemed to creep by. I have been working so much lately, my days are running together. It is busier than usual for this time of year.

On the fitness front…
Last week, my 21 yr old niece wanted to workout with me, so I took her to the gym. We did a minor routine of mine, which involved stairs, arms, and legs--about an hour and 20 min worth. Each time we did a different exercise, she complained :lol:
I'll have to give her a little leeway; she has been in nursing school for 3 yrs…but still.
I thought I was easy on her & defo on myself, but the next few days after the workout, she complained of arm soreness. She said she couldn't even shake a ketchup bottle :lol:

My eating is about the same, I guess. I feel like I am doing an involuntary "reset", like you ((JO)).
I am maintaining my weight. So I guess I am doing enough physical activity to burn off the extra cals I'm eating.

I've been at the pool as much as possible over the past 2 weeks. It has been 100-110F here :sunny:
Not a cloud in sight!! Just my kind of weather ;)

Hope you all are having a great week.

Anyone have plans for the 4th?
I don't. I have to work Thurs, Fri, & Sun, which put me out for going camping or anything fun like that!
I am supposed to go to FL in a couple of weeks…we'll see how that goes. I certainly would love to go to the beach!! :beach:

ItsMyTurn 07-03-2012 02:31 PM

Krystal - I have been watching your MFP posts and it seems like work is taking up a ton of your time.
Plans for the 4th? Not here. We were going to go to the local park where they have a town BBQ and fireworks, but can't do that now

My DD is home from surgery, and we have implemented intensive in-home PT. She is still anemic and not supposed to leave the house for 2 wks unless to go to dr. appointment due to infection opportunities to her incision/new knee. So we are all hunkering down for a bit. Hoping after work today, to have my first workout since Wednesday night... almost a full week, so will give myself an "ease into it" allowance if I find I need it...if not - then full speed ahead :)

Kristiina, Alaskan, Jo - Hi :wave:

Sum38 07-04-2012 04:35 PM

:cry: Last one? :cry:

Sum38 07-04-2012 04:39 PM

We lost power for 24 hours. We had a wicked storm last night. No plans for the 4th besides chill out and try to stay cool. -- When it is 95 F outside and internet is down; life is good :) We actually played some board games :yikes:

Sending hugs to your DD, Star!!

I have worked out like a maniac. Scale shows numbers between 143-146...so ladies.... you won't be here for me when I hit 130 and start my metabolic reset? I am so bummed out :( :( :( J0 any big tips doing it?

alaskanlaughter 07-04-2012 08:57 PM

aww i wish it wasnt the last thread :( i quit posting for a very long time because of computer problems and only came back because i was invited to this thread

i was off-track with eating a little bit this weekend, friday night and saturday....got back on plan sunday and was doing well until last night...i knew it was coming, a big fourth of july fire and food and fireworks...i ate a ton of crappy foods last night and also this morning...FAR too much sugar in particular...i'm feeling it now...by the time i was home this afternoon, i felt physically ill and tired :( i laid down for a long time, slept a little, and need to get rid of the sugar in my system....i know it's NOT from lack of sleep or anything else, it's totally from eating crap food...

i took some Tums and am going to the gym next...not for a huge dose of cardio or anything, but i'm going to lift some weights on the machines and try to feel a little better...then i'm going to yet another cookout and pray to god i dont shove any more food in my stomach :( ughhhh

K9Owner 07-05-2012 10:09 AM

Kristiina: If we lost power for 24 hrs in our heat, people would seriously die! Even at night, it's very hot here.

Alaskan: Lucky you about going to cookouts! Do you know, I did not even manage ONE SINGLE BBQ! I basked in the pool for 3 days straight! It was too hot to do anything more :sunny:

I am working Thurs, Fri, Sun :carrot:
My time at the pool for this week is officially over.
DH joined me yesterday poolside. How about he looks like a lobster today and I look the same as I did at the beginning of the week!! :tantrum:
He stole all my sun!! :lol:

ItsMyTurn 07-05-2012 01:22 PM

Krystal - I am sure there was sun enough for both of you... just maybe you had a better base tan first? My father used to do that though, darken 10X more than me in the same dang amount of time and I would be all "what went wrong?" :lol:

Alaskan - Sorry you feel so crappy after eating the junk, but glad you had a great fireworks time! Isn't it amazing how now things make us feel icky and used to be normal part of our diet?

Kristiina - I think that is great that you are so unbelievably close to where you are going to do the metabolic reset :) You have worked so hard and deserve to just be plain ecstatic at what you see when you look in a mirror :)

jomatho 07-05-2012 03:26 PM

Hi girls, sorry I have been absent, just busy with life.

Alaskan, as far as lifting, you want to max out around 10, but you want to do a few sets probably, with a minute or so between sets. There are all kinds of ways to do reps/sets to maximize your time. Doing exercises in groups of 2-4, one set of each and then go back and do another set or two in the same order. Did that make sense? Lots of info online if you google it.

Sum, sounds like you have a good plan! No, our pool wasn't the problem, it was the hot water heater. They didn't come until the next morning because they forgot about us, grrrrr! Not sure I have any tips about a reset. Just make sure you are prepared mentally, it is definitely a metal battle. Physically, it is pretty easy to eat more and work out a little less, lol. I highly recommend the group on mfp, it has been a great source of information and inspiration for me. I can't believe how my thinking has completely turned around all due to that group. I am a changed person. I will be there for you when you reset!!!

Star, hope DD is doing well. It certainly is not easy watching your children go through things like that. Praying this gives her the relief she needs. Make sure you take care of yourself too. Congrats on your good grades so far!!!

K9, That is awesome that you are able to reset too! It is a liberating feeling, especially this time of year. Are you still running? That was funny about your niece and the ketchup bottle!

AFM, I am officially finished with 8 weeks of resetting, which is what is recommended. I will start my cut on Monday, but I am only going to cut by about 10%. I wanted to do 15%, but I also want to add back in a little bit of cardio and I don't want to do too much and shock my body into thinking it is going to starve again, so I will try 10% with the extra cardio first and see if I can lose at that. I am really interested to see what happens. I will keep you guys informed.

alaskanlaughter 07-05-2012 08:28 PM

thank you jo :) right now i'm doing 10 reps per set and i do feel pretty maxed out at the end of 10...i take a short breather, than do another set of 10...the most i do is 3 sets in a row on the same muscles, then i switch to a different machine for a few sets...and i'm also running still

ItsMyTurn 07-06-2012 12:41 PM

Jo - Look at you!!!! So happy you made it through it and so very glad you found a group with similar lines of thought to derive the determination with :) Did you stay away from a scale the whole time? Do you still workout as intensely as before? I know I ask a lot of questions, just my inquisitive mind gets the best of me and I am unfamiliar with it all

Alaskan - Glad to hear the lifting is going well. I love lifting as it makes me overall feel stronger :)

Serious ab work last night (forgot to log in MFP for it) but know I was within my caloric range at the end...so I'm good there. Looking forward to the weekend. My 2 new classes are starting Monday and I am not prepped as much as I would like to be, so going to organize this weekend and throw in some extra workouts for good measure too! Should be a good stress-relieving time by doing that. Already told DH that I am not using a program this weekend... going to just push myself and see where I am at. As tense as I have been, I am also feeling the need to just "go"... so going to run until I collapse, and lift the same way - it's almost the same effect on me as meditation is to others. Isn't it odd how the things we turn to in stress are so much different now then before we got serious about health? Makes me chuckle... in the old days, it would have been a pint of lactose-free ice cream and lots of chocolate.... now it's cardio and strength...say what? LOL

alaskanlaughter 07-09-2012 11:47 AM

same old same old here....working out...trying to eat on plan...had a good busy weekend

prayers please for my dear friend's husband who was in a bad wreck...i think he was on his motorcycle but i'm not sure...she said his injuries include
- shattered shoulder blade and collarbone
- multiple broken ribs right side punctured lung right
- 2 broken ribs left
- broken sternum
- several vertebrae broken

ItsMyTurn 07-09-2012 01:01 PM

Consider prayers being said Alaskan. So sorry to hear

K9Owner 07-10-2012 04:46 AM


Originally Posted by alaskanlaughter (Post 4398983)
same old same old here....working out...trying to eat on plan...had a good busy weekend

prayers please for my dear friend's husband who was in a bad wreck...i think he was on his motorcycle but i'm not sure...she said his injuries include
- shattered shoulder blade and collarbone
- multiple broken ribs right side punctured lung right
- 2 broken ribs left
- broken sternum
- several vertebrae broken

Praying for your friend and her spouse. Godspeed healing to him!

K9Owner 07-11-2012 01:29 PM

It's been a great week for me, although--I did skip my workout Monday.
I made up for it Tues, but I really need another day of legs this week.
I work Thurs, Sat, Sun.
So, I may have to squeeze it in late Friday night--we'll see.
Hope everyone is doing well and having a great week.

Where are you all?

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