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K9Owner 04-01-2012 08:48 AM

Slow Dancing With A Stranger {10} "A Month of Challenges"
Hi Everyone :wave:
After much consideration, I have decided to start a thread for a unique group of losers.
Consider the following scenarios. If more than one apply to you, this just might be the thread you've been searching for:

:yes: This diet/lifestyle change is such a slow process for me, even losing 0.5 lbs or 1kg is a struggle.
:yes: I am frequently changing up different foods in my plan because what I ate worked last week, but it's not working this week.
:yes: One week, I ate everything on plan and gained weight, but another week I pigged out and LOST! WTH??
:yes: I've been at a plateau for so long, it's my new middle name!
:yes: I do ____ for exercise, but my body becomes used to the workout, and I am frequently having to switch up my routine to continue to see results.
:yes: I have been On Plan for so many days/weeks/months without seeing a downward scale movement, I'm ready to QUIT!

Well, before you rush right off and toss your stilettos, platforms, pumps, or boots in the closet, come have a "Slow Dance" with me! I often feel like I am a stranger in my own body, because I am constantly having to change up food and exercise and my scale still doesn't budge. This is not a challenge, but more of a daily accountability, support group, & learning experience all rolled up in one!

I will start a new thread 2 times a month (around the 1st and 15th of the month) to reflect progress, accomplishments, and/or set backs! Feel free to post food choices, exercise routines, motivational words of wisdom, or anything else you feel lead to share.

Disclaimer: If you lose weight quickly and easily and have it all figured out, this is NOT the thread for you!

So, without further adieu....
May I have this dance?

K9Owner 04-01-2012 09:01 AM

As the name implies, this will be a month of challenges and everyone is invited to participate
and post your results on this thread if you like :)
The more the merrier!!

Day 1 "Arms" provided by Jo
Hopefully everyone has access to some dumbells?
Choose your weight of dumbells and place them on the floor just outside your feet which are hip width apart.
Squat to pick up the dumbells, stand tall (watch your back), do a biceps curl hammer style (palms facing in) and before lowering the weight, push up to do an overhead shoulder press, come back down to shoulders, finish lowering the biceps curl and then squat down again, almost put them back on the ground, next one.
Lets do at least 3 sets of 10.

Day 2 "Legs" provided by Kristiina
STAIRS! Find stadium (high school) and run 500 steps up and 500 down.

Day 3 "Core" provided by Me
PLANK: 75 seconds-90 seconds or as long as you can hold it!
Jump Rope w/HIGH KNEES: 100 reps (fast as you can)
Repeat 3 times

jomatho 04-01-2012 10:17 AM

Oh Krystal, sorry I wasn't around last night to give you a :hug:

I don't know what to tell you.

I am wondering, if I was you, if I would just give myself the authority to take a maintenance break until the race is over. Figure out what maintenance calories would be with 6-7 days of working out and eat at that until the race is over. Eat extra calories above maintenance when you have your long runs for the fuel. I think you are doing too much and your body is demanding fuel. You are trying not to give it, and when you do break down, it is junky stuff. If you concentrate on fueling with smart foods right now for the next 3 weeks, perhaps you won't feel the need for as much junk? Don't worry about fasting, don't worry about losing weight, don't even worry about trying to do certain workouts (except our challenges ;)), just concentrate on the running. It's only 3 weeks, and then after that, you can go full force again. I bet if you fuel for the next three weeks, your body will be ready to lose again when at a deficit. Maintenance breaks are good for the body, it's just hard to wrap our minds around.

Thanks for starting the new thread! I notice you had planks on the old thread, but not on the new one, did you mean to leave those out? I am going to do them either way. I think for the challenges, you just do them whatever days workout for you. We should all report back when they are done too.

ItsMyTurn 04-01-2012 12:48 PM

I was able to follow it this time! YAY!

Sorry ladies, but an actual "scheduled" challenge isn't going to work for days, but I am going to try to challenge myself. I have never done 60 miles in a month (I know that is a piece of cake for you all... for me, not so much). It's been so hard with scheduling, things popping up, plus putting my strength training in there... so... going to be tracking on my own to see if I can do it this month. I like the idea of challenging yourself to new heights for a month - this will be mine :P

Sum38 04-01-2012 12:59 PM

OMG, sounds like a psycho ward instead of cardio ward! I am sorry! That is rough.

I looked at your diary and I see you are kinda slipping :( -- I have sugar addiction. I went through h3ll when I went off sugar. I wish there was rehab for sugar addicts. I understand your frustration :hug: -- maybe try just doing detox? -- I am totally an emotional eater. -- We moved 11 times in 8 years and each move I gained anywhere from 5-30 pounds. I always managed to take it off right before new move). I wish I could be there for you!! All I can do is to tell you how much I understand, and try to keep you accountable.

jomatho 04-01-2012 01:29 PM

Challenge 1 complete! I went to grab my 10s and my youngest son had them in his room, so I used 12s for the first set, too light, so I ended up using 15s and then did an extra set so I would get 3 sets of 10 in with the 15s.
So in total,

40 squats
40 hammer curls
40 shoulder press ups

Felt pretty good, but I'll have to make it harder next time:devil:.

That was all AFTER I got in 55 minutes on the treadmill, HIIT and steady state jogging :D.

I feel pretty good today. I should feel good, I went waaaaaaaaay over on my calories yesterday for my spike day. I was shooting for about 3500 and ended up around 4700 :yikes: I was pretty carby and sugary yesterday too. Today is a new day.
I can never seem to spike within my calories, I am going to try harder next week. According to my calculations I should still have enough deficit for a pound, but who knows if that is right :dizzy:

ItsMyTurn, sounds like a good challenge! Good luck. If you feel like jumping in on any of our challenges, whatever day it is, feel free to. The point is that we just do something right?

Sum, hows it going? Are you spiking today?

K9, another :hug: for you

Sum38 04-01-2012 01:41 PM

ItsMyTurn Any challenge is good :) Glad you found us :hug:

Jo I don't feel like eating today; how funny is that?? I love this time right after TOM. So I am not going to spike today. I tend to save those up for pre-TOM days :lol: I am also being a poster child for IF :D

I walked 7.5 miles this morning with DH and puppy. Doggie is exhausted.
I had perfect 19/5 IF day yesterday, and I am planning on having 24 fast tomorrow. I have not completed Jo's challenge yet, but I will.

My :crazy: love sick (damn) husband needs attention...he is crowding me so I guess I need to cut this short.

:grouphug: Have a FAB day

Larry H 04-01-2012 02:05 PM

Hi Everyone :hug:

I am back!! February 5th was my last visit and I have been out of control in sort of a limited way. My scale says I gained 12 pounds since February 5th.
The strange thing was I had a routine three month followup Doctor visit with my primary care physician this past Friday. His scale says I lost 5 pounds since my last appointment on 12/26/2011.

Krystal: That is quite a workout plan. I will do the parts that I can. My Orthopedic Surgeon has instructed my to stay away from stairs. He says the part of my knees used for stair climbing is worn out from arthritis. I used to always choose the stairs when my destination was 10 stories or less. Both hips are arthritic, the right one severe so I may have to follow a different routine.

I have had cataract surgery on one eye 2/22/2012 and the other eye on 3/28/2012. I am typing this without glasses!! :D:D I have to concentrate to read and use the computer but my distance vision is great, I have worn glasses for 36 years and it seems strange without them. The day after my last surgery I asked the doctor when I could drive a car again. His answer "right now and without glasses" He says my vision will improve a lot in the next 30 days. I think it's great now!!

Now to stay on plan and start losing again.

Larry H

K9Owner 04-01-2012 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by K9Owner (Post 4275897)

Day 3 "Core" provided by Me
PLANK: 75 seconds-90 seconds or as long as you can hold it!
Jump Rope w/HIGH KNEES: 100 reps (fast as you can)
Repeat 3 times

JO: Did you not see this??

K9Owner 04-01-2012 03:21 PM

:yay: LARRY!!! :yay: I'm so glad to see you!! I'm happy you can finally see!! I remember when I first got contacts--I thought WOW, I've been missing so much!

Star & Larry: Just do what you can if you want on the challenges. Absolutely no pressure to join or commit. I know schedules are different, physical abilities are different, etc. We thought it would make for a fun April & give us something to look forward to each week.

AFM: 8 miles DONE! I got a later start than I was expecting, but I woke up at 2am, back to sleep @ 4am, then woke back up after hitting snooze @ 0730! I wanted to begin my run at 0730--oh well, 9ish it was!
I had my pre-run fuel and remembered my GU for after the 1st 45 min.
If you've never tried GU, I recommend it--especially the Roctane--2x Caffeine. Yeah--yeah I know not good to inhale a bunch of artificial Pump-Up while training, but the extra push sure is nice when you're legs are heavy!

After the run, I took my K9s for the Recovery Walk 1.28 miler.

My time sucks! I walked a total of 10 times for 1 min each. It was hot here, like mid 80s. I had a bandana and a running cap on, which held the heat in my body. I'm not too concerned with the time. Just to be able to run 8 miles at one time is pretty awesome for a gyal like me :)

Next week: 9 miles! :crossed:

I'll begin the challenges tomorrow. I am mentally tired atm :faint:
I just want to rest my eyes. I feel good. My legs aren't too achy & my back is not hurting at all! :yay: The only issue I have is with my 2nd toe on my right foot. I will probably end up losing the nail! Great! So much for cute feet!!

I hope each of you have a beautiful Sunday & thank you so much for all of the :hug: Gosh knows, I needed them. I will not allow myself to be defeated by emotions and TOM and hormones. They may win one day or one week out of the month, but I will not be defeated forever! I never desire to be 167 again--EVER!!

Sum38 04-01-2012 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by K9Owner (Post 4276310)

I'll begin the challenges tomorrow. I am mentally tired atm :faint:
I just want to rest my eyes. I feel good. My legs aren't too achy & my back is not hurting at all! :yay: The only issue I have is with my 2nd toe on my right foot. I will probably end up losing the nail! Great! So much for cute feet!!

Guess what, I just lost mine :D I kid you not!! Second toe on my right foot. -- I think it was my shoe getting old or something, or my feet changed in size, anycase it is completely gone now. It was sore for awhile, then turned blue and then just fell off :( I was thinking about getting a fake one, but it kinda scares me, there is really no nail and the fake one would not breathe.

Jo; you shedding any nails? :lol:

Sum38 04-01-2012 04:04 PM


We were worried!!! I am glad your surgery went well. Now you are back on track with us. Soon you will be riding your bike again with brand new eys to check FL girls out :) :)

I am glad you are back!

jomatho 04-01-2012 04:15 PM

LARRY!!! Welcome back! So glad things are going well for you, I sure have wondered. That's super about the cataract surgery, glad the outcome was more than you expected. Did you have to choose if you wanted to see better near or far? My mom needs cataract surgery and she is having a difficult time choosing which method she wants. She thinks she has her mind made up and then talks to someone else that talks her into the other method.
Hey, don't worry about the challenges, we are just trying to shake things up around here. Maybe just challenge yourself this month with something you feel you can accomplish.

Sum, sounds like you are back in the groove! I will be fasting with you tomorrow, if all goes well.

K9, a big :congrat: on your run today, well done! I am glad you are feeling better about things.

jomatho 04-01-2012 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by Sum38 (Post 4276350)
Jo; you shedding any nails? :lol:

Um, no.

jomatho 04-01-2012 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by K9Owner (Post 4276284)
JO: Did you not see this??

Oh my goodness, maybe I am the one who needs to get their eyes checked.

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