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VermontMom 11-18-2011 07:18 AM

Hawt-est Biker Chicks (and Dudes)
We are motorcycle-lovin and ridin people who want to look our best on our bikes :D

I'm Holly, road name is Cupcake. Been riding my own for 10 years now! After my initial main weight loss, I go up and down in the 150 to 158 range. I feel my best at the lower end and feel ugh at the higher (which is where I am now). I can work out almost every day but I find it hard to control my eating. So that's my deal :cool:

VermontMom 11-18-2011 07:29 AM

good morning chicks and dudes :) We got a dusting of the white stuff overnight and it is cold, 28 degrees. Hard to believe I was on my bike just two days ago!

Yesterday I got at least a hundred more books out of the house (they're in the car, I'll go to the Re-Use station on my way to work) . That particular bookcase area finally looks better. Now onto the smaller 2 bookcases.

Got my car back from the bodywork guy, you can't even tell there was ever rust around that wheel well, or that work was done!! he did a great job.

Bought new wiper blades, I went for the pricier ones, I guess they're worth it. The sales guy even came out and put them on, that was nice of him.

Maybe today I'll keep my eating under control. Yesterday was relatively good, and I didn't have anything after dinner, which has become a bad habit.
have a great day!

VermontMom 11-20-2011 09:02 AM

good morning, Hey Reda I'm so sorry I realize I never said how tragic and terrible the loss of your young cousin...my sympathy and condolences to your family.

Have had 2 complete days on program...a little yogurt for breakfast; a tuna sandwich for lunch; yogurt and blackberries for snack; dinner at home, not too much; no eating after dinner. Two days in a row..didn't think I could even do one day. So I hope to continue.

Relatively mild here, 42 degrees, but cloudy, and maybe rain later, so I wont' chance riding the bike to work.

Had TWO jerky customers yesterday but they occurred within the last hour so they didn't ruin the whole day. One of them, he is a tenant above the store, so he thinks he doesn't need to play by the rules..I had closed, and locked the door, and was counting money..he BANGS on the plate glass window outside and threw his body against the window..I was startled out of my wits and then angry..so I flipped him the bird..maybe I'll tell him I carry and that he might regret stunts like that, lol.

ChopperChick355 11-20-2011 10:48 PM


Holly that is great that you had 2 days OP- Me well not so great :(
thanks for the condolences

Well we got our first little ice storm and of course people forget how to drive - lots of wrecks and people in the ditch- we are not even getting above freezing right now but come Thanksgiving day they are forcasting high 50's whoo hooo gonna get the bike out for a spin :)

Well still working on the bathroom hopefully get it completely finished this week- I did say hopefully :)

Well have a great night and week

Dawn how was your trip to Mexico, are you even back yet?

VermontMom 11-21-2011 07:58 AM

Reda, I sure hope you get to ride on Thanksgiving, that would be great!! and good deal on the bathroom reno progress.

It seems it doesn't even matter than I was on program for 2 days...I stupidly weighed myself and I am UP A POUND?? i hate that!! I have honestly had 1200 calories or less for 3 days, and I WAS eating 900 calorie inbetween snacks regularly before that..WTF.

I will grimly keep on :devil:

tymaboy 11-21-2011 11:31 AM

Hello everyone! The Mexico trip was AWSUME!! Did not want to come back. It was in the 80s the entire time we were there, even when it rained it was warm. It was breezey the entire time we were there but thats cuz we were by the ocean but it was still great, I just had to tie my hair all the way back so it was blowing in my face all the time. I hope the links from facebook work cuz I did not feel like uploading pictures to photobucket to post them, plus there are so many to choose from.

Here are pictures that were taken at the hotel https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...1&l=8072ed9be8

Pictures swimming with Stingrays

Swimming with Sharks



LEATHERMAN 11-21-2011 08:27 PM

Hi gals I am still here, I will have more time to talk later.

VermontMom 11-23-2011 05:37 PM

Dawn, thanks for the pics, Wow!! it looked beautiful and WARM :D glad you had such a good time!

Hey Aaron!! good to hear from you!

Tammy said hey to me on FB! :carrot:

We got about 10" of snow from last night through today. Hard to believe that one week ago, my older son and I went to lunch on our motorcycles! It was a sloppy mess this morning. I had an early appt. and fishtailed down a hill, that sucks! even with AWD. It wasn't just the case of "oh, first snowfall of the year, everyone forgets how to drive'. It was exceptionally awful. I spent about 2 hours shoveling, the driveway is cleared now.

We had our T-giving meal last night, it was the only time our sons and us could get together. The food didn't turn out that great which is good, cause I didn't overeat :devil:

I think the stupid scale was lying to me the other day, when I weighed and it showed pounds UP? its being more reasonable now :devil::devil:

ChopperChick355 11-23-2011 08:16 PM

Want to stop in and say Happy Thanksgiving all

Love the pics Dawn- just makes me more anxious to go on our trip in January :) Looks like you have a great time and you sure were rocking the bikini's girl you looked good!!!!! Boy does your son look like you :) good thing

Well Holly I am so glad we haven't had the snow yet and yes tomorrow now suppose to hit 60 :) whoo hoo hard to believe we only got a sheet of ice on Saturday but 120 miles away got over 6" of snow

Ok well I suppose I better get to work on bathroom - again have a great

ChopperChick355 11-25-2011 08:57 PM

So how was everyones Thanksgiving? It was great around here - yes we did get to go riding

then left about 7:30pm last night after supper and me and my sister got home about 11am today - got everything plus more on my list - it was great just like every year :) Downside didn't get to sleep till 330 this afternoon and woke up at 7pm - its all worth it

Well I guess I need to think about some supper tonight not sure what but something that does not take to much effort

VermontMom 11-25-2011 09:57 PM

Reda, I'm glad you had a great and successful time shopping! :carrot: and you got to ride on T-giving!! woohoo !!:D

I had a unsatisfactory time telling (asking?) my boss that I need 9 days off in January for our AZ trip. He kinda freaked out :rolleyes: He said he would need to close the store. His wife scolded him for saying that. Then he said "or work 24 hours a day." Come on, you big baby!! It is unfortunate it is the same week that his wife is going on one of her week-long vacations...so the store will be shorthanded, but there is a salaried guy who works barely 6 hours a day 5 days a week, he could work in the deli. And there is a woman who likes extra hours. So I really don't like the guilt trip he's trying to put on me.

Oh and then had unpleasant surprise, flat tire !! I put air in it on the way home twice, and got home OK, but will have to see what to do about it in the morning.

I've worked out each day, my usual step routines; plus today and yesterday I added some Winsor Pilates. weird stuff to me but I'll try most anything.

ChopperChick355 11-27-2011 11:13 AM

So officially you will be on vacation in January going somewhere warm to boot :) Yep your boss will just have to figure it out - and put his salaried worker to work - most salary people work 9+ hours a day wish mine was 6 hours a day :)

Well we have to get 9 sets of bean bag boards made of which we got 5 done yesterday and then onto 64 bean bags (this will be the chore itself)

Ok well not getting much done sitting here on computer

Oh and Holly hope your tire can be repaired instead of having to buy a new one.... Great Job staying on top of your exercise

VermontMom 11-27-2011 08:18 PM

Hey Reda :) Well the boss clumsily apologized for being such a putz.

thanks for the kudos on my exercise :D I've even been doing so much better with not eating sweets or junk and trying to make portions much smaller. A disappointment though - I had heard of Little In the Middle jeans from here (3FC) they're for when your waist is proportionately smaller than your bigger butt/thighs - like me :devil: But I was stupidly optimistic and ordered the size 10 hips/ size 8 waist combo - the legs were so tight and I couldn't button the waist!

So I dont' know if I should hang onto them for motivation or send them back for a size that I thought I was out of, but can wear :rolleyes: Eh, not a biggie I guess.

Hey I took my car to someone on Sat. morning, and they squeezed me in, and repaired the tire for only $12! :carrot:

Hey to Aaron, Dawn and Tammy! :wave:

VermontMom 11-27-2011 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by ChopperChick355 (Post 4120440)

Well we have to get 9 sets of bean bag boards made of which we got 5 done yesterday and then onto 64 bean bags (this will be the chore itself)

what are the boards and bean bags for? and you're making/sewing the bean bags yourself?

VermontMom 11-30-2011 12:37 PM

November 30, 2011 - I went for a ride!!! :carrot: We had rain last night, so the salt was washed away. No grit or sand that I could see. Just a short ride to Stowe, coffee and small breakfast wrap from DD, read the paper, then back here. Oh it was wonderful! :D

Tonight we ( the Fire dept. Aux.) will be making Christmas wreaths to sell. I've never made one before but the other ladies are pros.

I have been doing good!! Less calories each day; and pretty good choices on those calories. It always amazes me - if I eat sparingly of good lean protein, lots of green veggies, nonfat dairy, ... I lose weight . What a concept, lol.

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