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The weather bug says it is 98 degrees as I am typing right now. All I know it is HOT outside! I'm still waiting for some nice "calm" spring days, but I think we missed those somewhere along the line. I called the church office after my meeting this afternoon to see if the tech dude had been there. No answer so assumed the secretary was out of the office and I drove over to the church to check, which was closer than coming home. Well, the treasurer (or whatever she is) was on the computer. "They" are trying to talk her into learning a new accounting program that is much cheaper than the current one and she is having a fit about it. Anyhow, I asked if she had just gotten started or was about finished; she snipped at me that she was right in the middle! So I told the secretary I'd be back tomorrow afternoon and do my posting. We had 60 kids registered for VBS and 45 more just showed up! I have a feeling they're going to run out of snack food before the middle of the week!

Maggie -- You know what to do to get rid of that pesky pound in short order! I had to laugh and RM and B fighting over the dog toys. I need to clean out my kitchen cupboards and get rid of some dishes I never ever use.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you had a nice trip to Nashville! I hope Fortune is feeling better and his tummy has settled down. It's good that Jack got to see another doctor this time. Hopefully the light duty will let his foot heal properly.

Susan -- It's nice that you are getting a discount on your new furnace and air conditioner. Perhaps you should have given the electrician a "bill" for your valuable time spent waiting for him to show up! My dishwasher guy said they would call before they come out to see what might be the problem. I told him I would be in and out this week, home on Thursday and gone again on Friday. I hate waiting for a repairman to show up! I think the broken levee is south of us towards Hamburg, IA, which is on the NE, IA, MO border. (5+ ?? hours away from here) The news tonight said they expect Hamburg to be evacuated and some people would leave permanently. As far as I know the interstate is still open around Sioux City although they have shut one exit and entrance ramp on the west side. When they redid the main street there, they should have raised it but didn't so it will flood even with a heavy rain.

I just got a call to help register VBS kids tomorrow afternoon! I am off to read my book for awhile and take advantage of the peace and quiet. Bob had a meeting and went back to the office afterwards.
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As you can see it is 2 in the morning. I have been downstairs tonight because it is hot for one thing and cooler downstairs than up and secondly Fortune is really sick this time. We took him over to the vet this afternoon and they did a fecal test, gave him anti nausea and diahrrea meds and some antibiotics. She said if he wasn't eating by this morning to just bring him back and the doctor would run extensive blood tests and such. I have been really worried about him and had a devil of a time getting his antibiotic down him and wasted one putting it in food he wouldn't eat, which is what she suggested. I did get one in and down around midnight then decided I was going to start to give him stuff anything that wasn't harmful ie chocolate, etc to see if I could get him to eat. Well, I go thim to eat vanilla ice cream about a tablespoon, about 2 tsp of yogurt which will help with his tummy issues too, a small handful of cheerios and finally he ate 1 1/2 slice of some chicken bologna. None of it is the best, but I thought if I could get something anything down him that his stomach would tolerate than later on he would eat a better meal. I am thawing out hamburger which she said to make for him but to rinse it so later when I give him his second nausea pill I will make him some burger and see if he likes that. I explained what happened over the weekend and she said yorkies have the most sensitive of all dogs systems. She said it is because they keep trying to breed the perfect yorkie and it basically deteriorates their organs and such. Anyway, we shall see. I was going to keep the car and take him over later this morning, but since I got him to eat, I think I will hold off until Jack gets home and if he hasn't eaten any more by then we will head over. I think he will eat the hamburger though.

Susan: I hate waiting for service people. I understand when they get held up at a previous job, but Alexander Graham Bell invented this neat gadget that has come a long long ways and it actually works! I did have my ac guy call me when he was running late, which was nice though I didn't have plans like you did. Nice that the hvac people gave you a discount, which for that kind of money is quite abit.

Jean: Sounds like one grumpy lady. You seem to have gotten our heat wave too. It is totally miserable here and I am looking forward to putting in the portable units this weekend and getting my house cooled down. You are more busy since your retired then when you were at the school full time.

Well gals, I am going to get in the recliner with the dog and try to get a couple hours sleep, before Jack comes down to go to work. He said yesterday he thought it wasn't too bad going to work at 5 instead of 6 and wasn't as hard as he thought it would be. He will have a quiet week if he is desk bound until Friday. Have a good one, Faye
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Happy Tuesday everyone! I am sitting here debating whether or not to get my butt (more like my legs) in gear and go for a walk at the park before it gets hot. I NEED to walk in order to lose weight. Eating a healthy diet (WW style) is not enough for me. Even if I walk slowly it will help me to get on the losing path. I know one thing is for sure when my FIL comes to stay with us I will definitely start walking. Walking is therapeutic for me; however, it's the getting started that is the hardest for me to do because...I. Am. A. Lazy. Person. At. Heart.

Donna Faye, bless your heart. Up at 2am. I've started the habit of waking up at 3am and going downstairs and watching tv until I'm bleary eyed enough to go back to sleep in bed. And then I'm awake at 5:15 for a few minutes (alarm goes off for Wayne) then I'm awake for the day at 6:30am. I know also what you are going through because of the heat and the ac not running properly. I went through that last summer. Heat makes me one cranky lady. Just ask Wayne! I'm sorry about Fortune. I would be doing the same thing--feeding him anything (besides chocolate) to get that medicine down his throat. Wayne used to have that duty with our dog of a long time ago. We keep saying we're going to adopt a new dog but we haven't yet. I'm thinking of doing that AFTER my FIL is back home on his own.

Maggie, Wayne would love to have two dogs! He would get a kick out of watching your two go at it over a toy. He gets so much joy out of having a dog. I'm thinking about surprising him for his birthday in July. However, the one criteria I want in a dog is I want him to be a Virginia Beach puppy. I want a dog that barks with a Virginian accent! You're right...I can lose weight! I can do this! Goodness gracious I've lost enough pounds in my lifetime to know I can do this. BOTH of us can!

Jean, spring missed us this year. It's supposed to get up to 97 on Thursday. It will be in the low 90's today. Delaware's corn crop is starting to wilt according to the newspaper this morning. I'm the same way--there are moments for me when I feel confused or forgetful. I don't know how much my FIL's confusion is from being in the hospital since April 27 and how much is contributed to his age of 86. Wayne says that is just one thing we'll take a day at a time.

Susan, I have been maintaining this weight for too long now. I've maintained for so long I am now used to this body and feel fat. Yeah...I know at this weight I am...but you know that feeling when you've lost a chunk of weight and you "feel thin"? I miss that feeling now and I want to feel the thinness again. Does that make sense because it makes sense to me!

My FIL wants to go home so badly. He hasn't seen the inside of his home (or the outside for that matter) since April 27. If I were him I would want to go home also. He says his leg no longer hurts. And he doesn't understand why the doctor is not allowing him to put any weight on his leg now. I tell him the doctor is just being cautious so when he does give him the go-ahead to put weight on it he will be that much stronger. He does not want to come to Delaware. Not even viewing it as a visit...and truthfully that is all it is--a visit. I tell him its just a transition phase from the hospital to our house and then to his house. I tell him everyone needs a little help every now and then and that it has nothing to do with that he is not an independent person that can take care of himself. He can take care of himself. He just cannot keep his house clean...and I don't tell him this (but Wayne has) but he's just too tight with money (think Scrooge) to pay anyone to come in every now and then to do the heavy duty stuff to keep the house clean. Personally, I have my doubts whether or not I will be bringing him back to Delaware with him. He is a stubborn old goat (and I say that with love because I do care for him even if he annoys the heck out of me most of the time). Wayne thinks he'll come to Delaware but it's how long we can keep him here that he questions!

Okay...enough is enough. I need to stop typing. I need to drag on my walking clothes and hit the path at the park.

Everyone, try to stay cool. Donna Faye, stay downstairs where it's cool. Drink a lot of water!!!
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